"Oh, are you going home now?"

"It doesn't look like it's malicious. I got a romantic consultation, and I'm going home."

"Really? It's been a long time since I've been able to expose myself and talk to someone. I enjoyed it inside, thank you.

They thank the vampires, but they're not doing anything big.

I just exposed my identity and talked.

Good if you enjoyed it for vampires.

"Ooh. See you later."

"Farewell, fellow countrymen. I hope your love comes true. [M] … even if that's love for humans"

"... thanks"

"Ha ha. It is only natural to pray for the counselor's romantic achievement. I'm a love cupid."

As I leave the room, the vampire rings his fingers and drops me off.

I think I feel comfortable with vampires.

"Well, I've accomplished my purpose, and what will I do?"

Exit the abandoned castle and stretch gently.

I traveled solo to a distant town.

I'll buy Cecilia and the Dukes some souvenirs.

I saw a few good souvenir shops earlier when I went around town.

The stars are on, all you have to do is go.

The plan is also set to go.

It should have been the start of an easy trip...... but.

"You just broke up! Why are we seeing you again?"

"You don't have to say that..."

Going for a souvenir shop, walking all over town, I ran into Yuga once again.

I don't have the usual refreshment and momentum because of the results of the earlier romantic consultations.

Don't give a shit about this guy.

"Well, that... that's too much. Sorry."

Is it tough to hit such a grumpy guy cold?

But shortly afterwards I regret showing kindness.

"Ugh... nothing good. I'll do my best."

"Well, then, good luck"

"Yeah. I'll do my best. So, Youki-kun. I was wondering if you could come with me to my friend."

"What a story!

I have no idea why this conversation led me to that conclusion.

There's something wrong with the connection, as if you've spoiled the conversation.

"With what he told me, I looked back. And I noticed something. I've lived all my life alone."


I didn't expect you to notice there. I think Yuga has grown too.

He said he didn't listen to people, he ran off on his own, and he had a life where he could run through.

But if that's what you came up with, I don't know why you did what you asked me to do.

"I want to live from this with respect for someone's words, thoughts. I don't want to end up thinking I saved it myself. Has the other person really been saved? Solitary salvation is just self-satisfaction. I'll be a true brave man."

"I think it's a fine determination. I can't do that."

In the meantime, let's get out of here with praise.

... I'm not complimenting you at all because you want to run away.

It's a good thing you realize your mistake and declare you'll fix it

So I never praised you just for wanting to escape.

"Thank you. I'll change, I'll change. So, Youki-kun. You've made up your mind to change. I want you to see me."

But Yuga doesn't seem to allow me to escape.

Soon, the right arm being gripped.

Did you just declare that this guy listens to people?

Come on, I'm not listening.

I admitted that I had figured it out.

"Oh, the souvenirs are tomorrow."

Try to be dragged, as you walk.

I glanced at Yuga and whined with a sigh.

"Shot, it's your favor, but it looks like something went wrong. There were no vampires in that abandoned castle."

"Yuga, what are you talking about? It's the vampires over there. My girlfriends have been attacked."

"Then I want them to meet that attacked. I want to know if you're the young man I met in Abandoned Castle."

"Oh, all the attacked girls are in shock and are being rehabilitated in distant monasteries."

When will this push question end?

Under Yuga, what a house of lords this area was guided by.

I am used to big mansions because I normally go to Cecilia mansions.

But I didn't know Yuga's friend was a nobleman's son.

That's right, you don't have to listen to people. You're a brave man.

Just a friend of Yuga's... was it Shot?

I think I knew him when he was traveling with three boys, but how frigid are you?

Two, we were both talking about them earlier, but what do you mean?

"Yuga, what are these guys talking about?"

"Yeah? Oh, Shot has a bunch of candidates for his daughter-in-law. I'm sure it's about those kids."

"Ha, what is it, it"

Kinds say they call friends, but are these Harlem friends?

Damn, he sounds like a nobleman's son, but don't want to punch him in the fist.

"Hey, Yuga. I've been wondering about you since earlier, but who's the man next to you?"

"Uh, he's a yogi. He's a friend who can help us with this favor."

"Hey, I didn't say a word about cooperating!

And I don't even remember being your friend... yeah, you don't.

"Well, hey, excuse me for this. My name is Shot Heimdar. I'm sorry I'm so far away for my personal business."

Shot-kun coughs up once and gets his breath ready. I've apologized for treating you like anything, and you seem like a normal person.

"I'm a yogi. Just an adventurer, you don't have to be so fearless because you just got caught up in Yuga."

"... well. Was he an adventurer?"

Suddenly my eyes changed.

It's like knowing I'm an adventurer and looking down at people all at once, like that.

Well, is this the kind of aristocracy you often have?

I want to fry and drink Cecilia's claw acorn to this guy, no, I won't let him drink it.

"Youki-kun went to Abandoned Castle with me, so you know what I mean. He said he wasn't a vampire."

"Uh, yeah."

Normally, that man is a vampire.

But I don't really trust this guy.

That's why you can't possibly not investigate.

"I'm not convinced. Yuga, I'm sorry. I thought you, my friend, would believe my words."

"I'm not suspicious of Shot. It's just... he's not from Abandoned Castle!

We can't end up bumping each other's opinions like this without confirmation.

I'll put it back out once, or it'll only be a waste of time any longer.

"Hey, for once, we're going home."

"Well, I'm not done talking to Shot yet."

"I can't seem to finish that story, so we're going home. We're gonna find evidence to convince him."

I don't know if there is such a thing.

Because he's a vampire.

Rather, it's going to be easier to get proof that the identity is a vampire.

"Yuga, I'm waiting for you. He said he'd put a stop to that hateful vampire."

It wasn't in my heart - I was evil enough to wait on my own and got out of the mansion.


I only get this one word out.

Shot, well, that was Yuga's friend.

Was there a horse among the like, or what?

Make a harem and don't listen to people.

I just don't hate it, Yuga was just a few more minutes.

"Well, I guess I've changed."

"People don't change that easily."

"Oh, no..."

Ignore the depressed Yuga and think seriously about what to do.

From me, I was totally involved.

There's almost no doubt that Shot is lying.

But how could I know the Cupid of Love, Caius, was a vampire?

And then I didn't ask Caius, but that abandoned castle still seemed like something hidden.

"I'm going to change. I will definitely end this request. Find the truth."

"I think it's a good idea. And there's something I'm worried about, and I'm officially working with you."


Where is the expression that should have been depressing?

I got a full smile.

Do that to a woman in love.

This is what I said I would do to help with a habit that I was forced to get involved in.

"If Youki-kun was here, it would be a hundred manpower."

"The rationale is"

"Because you're counting on Raven, too, about Youki-kun. Cecilia seems to be acting like a lot of people."

That's because I have a thing for Cecilia and I invite her to a lot of places.

Well, battles are inevitable when you tell the truth, so let's talk about it.

"Mar, Sekai Sukta, Yushasamaniha, Makerkedner"

"Eh, I feel like it's an awesome bar read..."

"Leave the joke... it's too late today, and it's dissolved. Meet me at noon tomorrow at the entrance to town."

"What, yeah. Okay."

You said you got it, but you didn't disband.

Come behind me, same inn.

None of it makes sense to decide where to meet.

This guy, you think he's staying in a common inn?

I thought we were staying in a luxurious inn.

It's better to assemble immediately and be efficient, though.

"Aside from the room, please"

Tell the innkeeper.

"Oh, why..."

Yuga on the side seems dissatisfied.

Why not, guess.

"Are you sure?"

"In two rooms"

"Yes, I did."

This is all I didn't give in.