"Wake up ya!!

My anger echoes in the room.

To wake up a relentless beating of Yuga sleeping happily.

This guy, he went with the rendezvous at noon, and you think he won't be here forever?

When I left the inn, I didn't hear back from knocking on the room, so I thought I'd gone out.

I went back to the inn because even if I waited, I wouldn't come, and this is it when I walked into my room.

You won't even be able to rough up your voice.

"Ugh, hmm. Oh, Youki, good morning..."

"Good morning. It's time to say hello."

"Oh, my God, I'm sorry. I'll be ready soon."

"Why do I have to come all the way out here to wake you?"

I don't remember being your prick.

That would be... Mikana's job.

Angry, but delightful inside.

... Why am I imagining this guy and Mikana's morning thing?

I'm in front of you, and I'm about to fall in a hurry to get my pants on, but I'm waiting for a brave man to rebuild his position in the air and do his pants and stuff like that.

"If you have time to make acrobatic dresses like that, get ready!

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

I think it's amazing because it's not on purpose.

If you observe Yuga's day, it looks interesting.

Well, I wouldn't do it if I had the time to snuggle with the bastard for a day.

"Okay, you can go!

"Okay.... So why did you sleep?"

"Eh, I went to a liquor store nearby for dinner, and I went into arbitration because the drunks were making a scene. Then the master of the tavern thanked me so much for talking to him."

"So... why don't you leave the tavern?"

"It was bright out there."

I don't suppose I should snap this guy's face.

I'm helping you out here, so keep up the rally time.

"So you were okay when you were traveling"

"If it's going to be late, Mikana picks you up or something"

"Be sure!

You really are a brave man, aren't you, this guy?

You saved the world, you must be a great brave man.

"I'm fine, because I've been trying to be decent lately"

"Tell me what. You must be sleeping early today."

You can say anything with just your mouth.

That kind of thing shows in action, in action.

Believe me when I do it, do I have to investigate?

"Okay, it's an investigation. I'll prove Caius' innocence."

"Yeah. We need to find the truth."

When we find the truth, Caius means vampire, which ends in a different way.

Instead of Caius, you should look around your boy, like that shot.

If I slapped it like that, the dust was going to come out.

"Well, shall we ask the people in town soon?"

"Ah, Youki-kun. I heard a lot about Shot yesterday at the tavern."

"Seriously. Tell me."

Didn't we just talk in the tavern?

Your reputation for Yuga has increased.

"Shot, you seem to be refraining from playing with girls."

"How should I use that information?"

I don't care if that boy plays with women.

But it's also going to be important information.

"Hmm. Is it also a grudge that I'm turning Caius into a vampire for you?"

Or did you really know Caius was a vampire and make a request?

Leave the ones Caius put his hands on Shot's girlfriend.

"Right. I'm not gonna tell you to crusade me about Mr. Caius without any reason."

"That's right. All right, let's do something else. I'm going to ask Caius if he's doing anything with his shot cancer."

"Well, I'll ask the people in town. Have you ever changed anything around Shot?"

The listening is going to be done well with raven planting.

... No, Raven wasn't good at listening.

In the meantime, let's leave it to Yuga.

If you want to make a scene without me, no problem.

Except when you do something beyond moderation.

When we get back, we'll submit reports to Micana and Cecilia.

"Let's hope for good news for each other"

"If you're Yoki, I think you're going to do it. I gather a lot of information, too."

Break up with Yuga and I'll take myself to the abandoned castle.

Sometimes I think I'm walking around town.

If we do it, it seems like there are many couples...... is this also the influence of the Cupid of Love, Caius?

Maybe I should have taken Raven to Brying, too.

If I show you this sight and talk to Caius, I think the distance between Happiness and him will shrink a lot.

"Sorry to bother you."

Greet and enter the Abandoned Castle of the One Lord.

Beautiful hallway as always, conditioning.

... I don't know if Caius is cleaning.

Like when I came in yesterday, not even alert, but straight to the top floor.

I knocked tight, waited for a response, and then went inside.

"You've come a long way, lost boy.... Yesterday's Demon Clan."

"No, Demon Clan...... please in Youki"

"Okay. Let me call you the Demon Boy."

"I'm not as old as a boy."

"From me, it's a boy."

Hahaha laughing Caius, you still don't have a grasp.

"So what can I do for you?"

"I'm currently investigating the guy who treated you like a vampire and sent you a crusade request."

"I'm not wrong. I'm a vampire, that's the truth."

"That's true, though. Do you remember buying grudges from nobles?"

"No. I am the one who leads the astray. I will not cause harm or call you unhappy."

I guess the Cupid legend of love goes on because this guy has never bent his beliefs before.

Otherwise, there must be about one of those black rumors of some sort.

Without it, it's unlikely that Caius did anything.... You seemed like a female tease to see how Shot reacted.

"Well, don't you hang out with the women in town?"

"... Impossible"

"It can't be, it won't be"

It's a man, and sometimes just in case.

There will be no such thing as no interest in women at all. Instead, I don't think I'd even talk to you about romance if you weren't interested.

And yet you totally deny women's issues... no way.

"Demon boy, I have an approximate idea of what you're thinking. I don't have those hobbies."

"Oh well."

"You would be good. You have to come."

Caius, standing out of his seat, leaves the room.

Where are we going?

I dare you to shut up and get behind me.

It was the dining room in the abandoned castle that was guided.

Long table, like you saw in Cecilia's mansion.

Twenty people will be able to sit at their leisure, making me want to go in and say how many people are family.

"This way."

I'm wrapping up the tablecloth for some reason.

I peeked in and there was a hidden door.

I wonder why there's a hidden door under the dining room table, and I get there.

The suspicion continues, and the candle lights are relied upon and dim inside.

What is underneath this?

"Hey, you, you wouldn't be doing shit research or anything"

I'm in the mood for an atmospherically suspicious laboratory.

There's a heavy iron door, and all I can imagine is...

"Nothing suspicious."

"You want me to show you around and not be suspicious?"

"Ha ha."

I laughed and deceived.

Am I glad I made it to Caius?

That didn't taste good to hear anything.

Now, we can still make it. Let's hear where you're headed.

"What lies ahead?"

Then the salute popped up.

Caius' expression gets a little darker.

From nervousness, I drank your eyebrow spit.

"Ahead, my lover is asleep."