"If I go ahead, my lover is asleep?"

In such a suspicious place?

There's plenty of room upstairs, so I wish I could let him sleep there.

Sleep in the dim basement...... no way.

I heard you said something.

"Why, I just thought it was a basement. There was plenty of room."

"... what if I said it was because I didn't want anyone to see her"

"You, Jandelle."

Lovers don't want anyone to see them, they don't even let their hands touch them.

I'm in time for Teal.

"Ha ha, it's a joke. It's just... not in the upstairs room. She's not human."


Well, me and Happiness are the exception, so the basics are tied together. No wonder Caius' lover is a vampire.

I'm just having a love cupid, and I guess I could have dated him right away.

Caius looks good and speaks well.

I think I'm good at putting it on my own pace.

"First of all, welcome the servants."

If you think you finally see the door, a meaningful statement.

Was it because of the servants ahead that it was so beautiful even though it was an abandoned castle?

Caius followed by the door opened.

It had a large basement there, lined with many stone coffins.

Even though I am confused by the unusual atmosphere, I suddenly calm down when I realize that the dresser has a tan.

"Everyone is asleep at this hour. It's not a good idea to just meet visitors."

"Be there first... I imagined. All servants, vampires?"

"It's my precious family. I wonder if some of them were lovers."

"Is there no lover in this?"

"She's over here."

Pass the casket lined up and proceed to the door that leads to the back.

The door seemed locked.

After all, isn't it Caius Yandere?

"That's tough."

"It's important... because you're my lover"

I don't feel any falsehood in Caius' words.

I thought this meant loving someone.

Once inside the room, first, it was the coffin placed in the center that caught my eye.

It was a glazed lid, and inside there was a woman sleeping with her hands together with her chest.

Flowers are scattered all around... so if you look closely, it's made.

If you think about it, you can put flowers in a basement where there's no sunshine like this.

"It would be adorable. A proud lover."

"Curse me."

"Yes. You'll know when you have a lover too. I don't care how much you talk about your loved ones."

"Am I..."

My diagram of me talking extensively about Cecilia to Duke.

I don't think it's the same as it is now.

"By the way, is this girl asleep too?"

I should have asked casual, ordinary questions.

But the look on Caius's face grew.

For Caius, I hear the question I just asked was heavy.

"I won't wake up, she will. Because she doesn't want it herself."

"What does that mean?"

"Because she is originally a human being.... You lied, I was shaken eventually."

A drop of tears was spilling from Caius' eyes.

"Can I ask you something?"

"I don't mind, oh, you can laugh if you want.... There used to be a stupid, self-respecting vampire. The vampire can make all the noise in his people. Taking a woman upside down, she had a party every day and lived one life free of luxury and luxury."

Sounds like Caius' past story.

Is it good to grow up not only looking?

Anyway, you seemed to have a day where you could do whatever you wanted.

"No, one day. Vampires got tired of women. Because if I asked him out, he'd stop by right away, or he had a thought."

You don't like yourself back then. Caius is blurry, you suck.

"So what the vampires came up with was the rows they shouldn't have done. I thought I'd hang out with a girl who looked negligent in love, dye her own color, etc. It was like playing a game."

The barbarity of the Cupid of Love's past, which leads the lost into romantic counseling, becomes dewy.

"It was the human girl, not her own, who became the target of vampires. If I happened to be taking a walk, it just caught my eye. That's all the reason the girl got caught up in vampire play"

We meet under the guise of coincidence and speak sweet and gentle words. She had never been told by a man, and it seems that it was only at first that she was confused by suspicion.

But the woman didn't seem to beat the vampire arm she was used to.

"How do you get rid of her suspicions, communicate favors in an understandable way, make yourself like it? I attacked her as if to solve the puzzle."

I didn't feel any guilt when I saw her smile. Instead, Caius says he may have been laughing inside, teething.

"When she started dyeing her colors, vampires were trying to end the play. I didn't really like it. Just because it was a sense of play."

They actually brought in the breakup.

She said she couldn't see you anymore, that she had someone she liked.

"She looked so sad and cried. But soon he wiped his tears with his clothes sleeves and stopped forcefully, thanking the vampire. I told her I was glad my first love was you. That would be hilarious. They're not gentlemen, they're not good men, they're vampires who just play."

"You were a geezy vampire back then."

"I told you, you can laugh. Well, I hugged her and whispered gently in her ear that you lied about us. I was soon presented with an intense binta. It was my first experience."

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's weird if you're stabbed from behind."

"Ha ha, you're right. I was too late to see her. It's probably because of the stupidity we've been through."

Stop laughing. Patience.

I can see tears in my eyes.

"She was attacked, by one of my players. They thought they'd monopolize me."

The world of women is scary.

"She suffered from a dying illness. And I was supposedly a vampire. I couldn't contain myself with anger. Still, she... she told me she liked me."

"... right"

I turn to the woman in the coffin.

I can't forget her, and Caius...

"Hey, wait. Doesn't that mean she's dead?"

"Oh, because you were dying badly. But I didn't want him to die. This is the first woman I've ever been serious about. I can't believe I'm losing it."

"No, but you can't"

Caius doesn't seem to be able to use healing magic.

"Vampires have the ability to be family members. I used it on her."

"A relative... from a human to a demon!?

I never knew I could do that.

Accidentally, a person's body can become a demon, but you think you can demonize your favorite opponent at will?

"Oh, it's forbidden among demons. The demon who took over people's memories is half man. I can't be a demon, I can't go back to people. I only call you unhappy."

"Even though you knew it, you made it a family member"

"Family... well, to vampires. I ignored my intentions."

"No questions asked."

"... I wonder if that's what caused it. Families should have succeeded, but she won't wake up. I wonder if you're mad about me for acting unsolicited."

Leaning to loneliness, Caius.

I think you deserve it.

... Nevertheless, was what this guy did, happy for her?

I am not allowed to die as a person, and I am made a demon regardless of my will.

"Did you apologize to her?"

"No, because you won't wake up. Every night, I stroke my face, whispering words of love."

"Asshole, apologize first. against the actions you take at will."

Go through the muscles, then dictate.

"Am I such a selfish man?"

"Enough, on your own. I don't know why you're doing Cupid of Love."

She said that the romantic consultation with me and Yuga was perfect.

"Numerous women's experiences, the knowledge they lived and accumulated over the years, the observational eyes they changed their appearance and went to various areas and trained by encounters. That's my weapon."

"Apply it to yourself.... Maybe she's just pretending to be asleep"

"Such an idiot! It's been like this for over 200 years."

"I don't decorate, I might be waiting for a candid word."

I don't know what women think.

Be patient, you might be waiting for me.