"Waiting...? I wonder if that's what she was like. Ha ha ha... did you have a side you wouldn't show me?"

He opens the glass lid and speaks to the woman as she strokes her cheeks and stays asleep.

That's what I'm doing, so I think you're not gonna wake up.

I'm talking about how much I'll drown when I wake up.

"... now I know I won't touch another woman to see what I just heard and how it went"

I've been waiting for more than two hundred years.

Now you're not switching to another woman.

"Yes, I love her, I like her, I love her"

"I'll ask for that when I get home."

"My wish is just one. It's about spending time with her until this moment of decay."

"That's a heavy love."

If that's what they think, I don't think she's all right either.

"No matter what they say, this is my love for her. You'll find out someday too.... No, I can find it. Your only love for the one you love."

"I don't know yet."

Is love something you can talk about right away?

I can tell you I like Cecilia with my chest on, but I feel fast loving her.

"As of yesterday, my words to you are over. I wonder if any more realms are fast."

"Don't treat people like you're a child."

If this is still your mental age there......

"Excuse me for this. But it doesn't matter if you're in love. Even your child, for example, may be immersed in love."

"Soak in love, little girl."

Doesn't that mean it doesn't?

"For the most part, you missed the point. At the end of the day, I was suspicious. Why don't you tell me? [M] When I cheat, I love her so much."

It's amazing how I can call out to you when I love you without being shy... all the time, the story goes out of line.

Well, it doesn't seem like Caius did anything directly to Shot.

Watching you stroke a glass lid like you love me makes me want to sigh though.

This is the type of race I've never met.

Caius is a vampire, though.

"It sounds good to say that there is almost zero chance of a woman teasing. Then I'll let you go home."

"If anything happens, come back. I don't refuse to come. Love Cupid's alias isn't Dade."

"Around me, the one who's worried about love...... yeah, I'm here. Looks like they're moving on better than me, but a very worrying pair."

We're both similar types, so I'm worried about progress since then.

Happiness wasn't particularly upset, it was normal, but what about Raven?

I haven't seen her lately, so I don't know.

"I welcome everyone. Leading those who get lost in love is mine... no, it's nothing. Anyway, I take your word for it and sincerely apologize to her!

"Oh, that's okay."

If it's a story or something, it's a prince's kiss or something.

A sincere apology from your lover?

Leave it alone if it's romantic.

"Then I wonder if the disturbing bugs will disperse. Take your time and be happy."

"Even if you don't tell me, I'm going to make her happy. Well, we have a lot to talk about today. Hehe... I'm looking forward to it."

When I see a suspicious grin, I recognize once again that Caius is a vampire.

Well, I don't have the right to stop, so I clapped gently with her and left the room and gently closed the door.

Considering the suspicion you felt in your last laugh, it doesn't seem like you're going to give the nobility a little bit of a fling for no reason.

"But even Shot won't run to Caius all of a sudden to hit eight. Go out of your way, call Yuga."



I said one bump, and when I gave Yuga's name, the person showed up.

It feels a brave man's privilege to show up in good or bad ways at the right time.

"Suddenly, you don't show up. Don't peek in from behind, do that to a woman. Don't do it to me."

I'm not thrilled, and my face doesn't turn red.

Problem if I do... I don't have that hobby in the first place.

"Haha, I'm sorry. Speaking of which, I cautioned Mikana the other day. I thought my heart would pop out."

"No, that's..."

I said it was a big deal, and I couldn't help but laugh at Yuga.

Isn't that what Caius told you to fix?

Freedom in potent weather, I guess it's peaceful in this guy's head, I envy him.

"Don't waste Caius' words..."

"Oh, what do you mean"

"Notice for yourself. And now you're not talking about you, you're talking about Shot."

"Oh, right. It's a request I took, and I've been listening to it responsibly. Actually, Shot, I think he was lying. I didn't want to believe it."

Yuga with a dark look.

Well, this guy's also the protagonist type of person.

I didn't think my friend would lie to me. It would be a long mouth.

"I think Shot has a reason, too. But until you lied to me."

"Wait, wait, first of all, what kind of lie is a lie? You can't keep up with the story."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Lies are the stories of the girls Shot was close to. I asked the people in town that I hadn't been to the monastery."

"Not gone?"

"Yeah, they all live happily ever after."


You told me you lied about what the girls were doing.

What's the point of lying about that?

"With your boyfriend."


"Yeah. Everyone was with their boyfriends. Some kids liked Shot."


Maybe, maybe, but I figured out what Shot-kun intended to do.

If it's what I imagine it is, it's an endless reason to be selfish and crap.

I am attacked by the feeling of frustration and fright mixing together.

"Youki-kun, the look on your face... you've got a mystery."

"You're a detective's assistant! Well, bummer...... I imagine it all."

If that shot doesn't like civilians, and you seem to think that anything you do is allowed in aristocracy, I'm sure.

"Okay, well, let's get to Shot. Mistakes must be corrected immediately."

"Hey, wait"

I want to confirm something, so it's too early to get to Shot.

Sneak up on your flesh and fight Yuga so you don't get dragged like you did last time.

"Oh, that? Why?"

"It's too soon to go into action. He said to listen to people until the end.... If you want to correct it, I'll do it thoroughly. Let go of the arm you're grabbing first."

I don't have a hobby of getting along with guys.

"What do you mean?"

You let go of your arms lighter than I thought.

Did you eat the story about making it correct?

Even if they lie, my friend... No, Yuga is going to be in action for others if it's to make people right, even if they're not friends.

You're exactly the hero of King's Road.

"Well, blah blah. Things aren't much different now that we're on board."

"Why, Yoki, why did Shot lie to me? You know you tried to crusade Mr. Caius by treating him like a vampire."

I told you to imagine.

I'd almost certainly be hitting it though.

"Then you can solve it right away. Me and Yogi-kun."

"Since when can we solve anything?"

And the way you say it, it looks like me and Yuga are combing, so stop it.

So, what are we gonna do?

Is it because you're talking about a friend, or can't you be cool?

I don't like this kind of serial vibe.

Yuga will also be confused after a long explanation, let's just tell him the requirements.

"Call Caius and get him to talk to Shot about his love affair"