Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to work with brave men and vampires.

"Love counseling?"

"Oh, Shot, you're probably worried about love"

"What do you mean, Shot didn't swing like that?"

"All the girls who were around Shot had boyfriends, didn't they? Pomp and harem are so easy, they don't go away. This, common sense in the world"

I was there in my last life, the one surrounding the girl.

Something tells me you can't leave him as much as you think a special force is working.

If it's me without her, I'm already... just jealous.

"I'm not sure what Yoki's talking about."

"I mean, finally, what made the girls around Shot have boyfriends?"


There won't be room for trouble.

Is this guy not good at reasoning or something?

"It's a love consultation for Caius. Maybe, but you had the one who liked the girl who was around Shot. So I went to a romantic consultation, and I confessed and it was like a success."

So, the girls around us are gone.

The same goes for the men who confessed, but resented Caius for pushing his back on romantic counseling.

I don't know about the vampire treatment.

It's hard to think who you are because of Caius, who has been deceiving you for over two hundred years.

Probably, make it up.

I can only speculate that this is the truth of this request disturbance.

"Shot did that...? But if you do that to Mr. Caius, it will be a problem. Shot is noble, too. If Mr. Caius wasn't a vampire, he'd be in big trouble. In fact, he was human."

No, he was actually a vampire.

Well, he was definitely human, wrong - sorry about that.

"I guess I made it a personal request to you so it wouldn't be a big deal. When I pass the request to the Alliance, the Alliance side sends out a lie request, which makes it out of the question. If it's a personal request to you, it's over if you keep quiet."

"Oh, no. I can't believe I almost got used to Shot..."

You're pretty discouraged, your hands are shaking.

I think you're about to be taken advantage of because you're being watched by an idiot, hang on.

"Good thing I happen to be in this town."

"Yeah, really"

"Shouldn't you have said you could have solved it by yourself?"

Don't worry, you're not about to smile.

If you weren't with me, would you have truncated Caius without question?

I want to believe it's not that much of an idiot.

"I don't even know if I can defeat Mr. Caius without checking the facts."

"The moment we met, you were pointing your sword at me."


It's too soon to say anything.

When I was traveling, the hardships of three people other than this guy were immeasurable.

We should be growing.

Come on, I'm just a little behind you.

"If it's over, it's all good. I'm going to put a bullet on it. If you have time to regret it, look forward."

"Yeah...... thanks. You're so sweet."

It turned from a depressed face to a soft smile.

Sometimes this kind of flow was the moment when love sprouted...

"Stop it. That's, no!

"Oh, hey, what..."

"Nothing. No, it's nothing."

"Doh, which one!?"

Don't you know that kind of world, or don't you know this kind of flow?

They say we're in a hurry with each other but for completely different reasons.

You're panicking on the same subject, but it's a strange story.

"Yeah, it's a pain in the ass! For now, tomorrow, tomorrow. We'll finish it all tomorrow."

"Okay, I got it."

"Okay, that's settled. Okay, dissolve."

I unilaterally terminated my activities, and I went back to the inn to sleep.

Ma, it'll all be over by tomorrow.

Either that or I'm done with my errands and I want to go home to Minerva.

The next day, I quickly boarded Shot-kun's mansion.

Leave it to Yuga. I was going to have some fun.

"Yuga, you didn't get my word."

"Chi, no, Shot, eh"

"I can't believe you not only have that vampire shoulder, but you doubt me. I'm so sorry."


It has been rhetorical and is on the verge of gibberish as soon as possible.

He's gonna look at me diagonally behind the left, like he's asking for help.

I can see what it would be like if I opened my mouth.

"I'm sorry, but this one, even though it's not a formal request from the guild, is the result of taking the time to find out. Leave me alone, it's not true that Caius attacked a woman with a vampire."

"Hmm. I'm talking to Yuga. Besides, isn't that an official request of the Alliance? Then it wouldn't matter to you, the adventurer, about this one. My personal request to Yuga. I mean, it's like a favor to a friend."

"... ha"

Is it over when they say something that feels like ricochet?

To sum it up briefly, the outsiders are told to stay calm.

For this matter, you won't listen to me no matter what I say.

Yuga has to hunt down Shotkun in his own words.

Originally, Yuga briefly asked for a favor.

Although it is only natural to solve it yourself.

"Hey, we had a meeting yesterday"

Put out a help ship to Yuga in a low voice.

"Hey, what can I say"


This guy forgot what he was talking about.

Can you afford a shot, you have a lowly grin, and what's wrong with it?

Suddenly, Yuga cut it out, wondering if there was a way to open it.

"Shot. This is the result of the investigation. If you are trying to go the wrong way... I want to stop you. I'm a brave man."

"Huh, can I do anything just because I'm a brave man? I think I'm right."

Inside, you're ruthless and cranky.

... And it's too late, it's time, but it should come.

If I thought so, the door to the room opened up in momentum.

"So, who is it!?"

"Haha, I'm here for a business trip service, boys in love!

I don't know. The only thing that showed up with the line was the Cupid of Love thing, Caius.

Before I got here, I asked you to come to the mansion.

"Hey, Yuga! What's this all about?"

"No, I'm refreshed too... No way, Yogi-kun called."

"I told you yesterday you were going to talk to me about romance."

"Yes, but all of a sudden without any explanation to Shot..."

"Fuck, don't come, you vampire! Because of what you've done to everyone, I..."

Shot with a strong rejection reaction to Caius.

After all, did I hit my imagination?

"I have an approximate idea. I just gave them a push. The kids who were around you chose to be themselves."

"Ugh... why, no"

"The love you were pouring failed them. That's all."

Caius can shower relentless words at depressed shots.

Shot, where did the vanity just go, you're getting grumpy.

"I don't care what you say. By the time this guy came out..."


"... Everyone thought you liked me. One day, someone told me they liked me. I liked the person too, and said so and walked away from me. And then you keep walking away, and when you realize it, you're alone."

"Ho. … so?"

"I was researching the men who confessed to them, and I learned that they all relied on the legend that remained in the abandoned castle. I knew the Cupid legend of love, too, but I thought it was a rumor someone had circulated. I can't believe it was real."

"Ha ha."

Even though it's a local legend, didn't you know if it was true or a lie?

Equivalent, raised in boxes, or because you were surrounded by women and didn't have to worry about love?

"I learned that the legend has been around for 200 years as I looked into it. So I sent Yuga a favor on the stomach."

"Don't recognise it's selfish and disjointed again when you hear it from your own mouth"

"Well, if you want to laugh, laugh, but good. Either way, I'm done. Whatever you want."

There is no disobedience or excuse, and it seems that Shot feels like if you boil it, bake it and like it.

I thought nobility would scratch my feet more softly, so I'm a little clapped out.

If you like, you can also stick to the Knights because you lied to Yuga to kill Caius with personal grievances.

"... fu"

"What's going on? You were laughing more earlier. You can laugh more, take me!

"Boy, you just regretted it. I liked them. They left. And didn't you envy me? To love one woman!

"... what? What are you saying? I am."

"I should be in your heart. There's a being who thinks he's adorable!

Caius sucks, the momentum is amazing.

Shot-kun is pushed too far, and he's still sitting in the chair.

"Youki-kun, don't you have to stop it"

"I'm fine as it is. I think I'll work it out..."

It was becoming air and we decided to keep an eye on the end of it.

"If you were really desperate for love, would you use people to avenge me or something? You'd be here yourself if you were coming! You must have been scared to meet me."

"Yes, suddenly what do you say..."

"How many people do you think I've ever seen in love! My eyes won't deceive you."

Stuck in a shot, peeking into his eyes.

Keep it around, it's gonna be a weird trauma.

"... ku"

"You can't talk until you're alone. It is also what those who suffer from love possess. It's embarrassing to have kids you like, it's embarrassing to say their names."

"Well, that's not it!

"Then why don't we have a full talk at our castle? That's where so many people uncovered their love troubles. So to speak, the sanctuary of those who suffer from love! Let's go."

"Wow. Come on, get off me!

Goodbye, then.

Caius, holding Shot-kun aside, ran away from the room.

Yuga, who opened his mouth and solidified, I happen to be left waving the handkerchief he had.

"Mr. Caius, am I glad you didn't stop...?"

"I don't."

This solved the vampire commotion.

... Are you mad that Yuga and I don't feel that useful?