Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to finish the brave man's favor.

"Oh, Yoki, you're leaving!?"

The disturbance at Shot-kun's mansion is over.

I'm packing in the inn room to relax and return to Minerva.

As usual, the disrespectful brave man who doesn't knock comes in and sees how I am. No, it's this at the aperture.

"You bet. Caius will fix Shot's problem. I've already run my own errands, and I've had enough sightseeing."

"I don't care what happens to Shot!

"Hey. I've already solved Caius's misunderstanding. And then you're gonna make it."

Bicentennial career is not Dada.

Shot-kun, I don't think it's that hard as what you do with a single relationship.

"Well, I guess so."

"You're busy, too. Shouldn't we do what we're going to do home soon? Even if you have too much time off. Learn common sense and talk to someone."

This time, Cecilia and the others' struggles stained themselves. Okay.

This guy, once, better bump into a convent or something.

Give up a hundred steps and put on a tutor.

Perhaps it would be appropriate around Mr. Sophia.

Set aside whether the person agrees.

"Yes, I did, even though I was asked to, I might have just followed Yoki's instructions..."

"As it were, well, we were able to gather information properly. Don't be depressed."

Me comforting depressing yuga.

With a gentle slap on the back, I wonder if this guy is really a brave guy.

I'm such a common sense man and a demon.

... Now I feel a double scratch flying in from Cecilia and Duke.

"Ugh, thanks.... I've made up my mind, I'll be back tomorrow. Reflect on what was likely to be used"

"Well, it's up to me to make the most of my free time."

"Yeah. I'll pack up, too."

It's a whim to come and a whim to leave.

Yuga seems to be the type to do what she decides to do right away.

Thanks to this, the room is quieter, so I can concentrate on the work.

Speaking of which, you didn't show your face to Mr. Gramm.

They told me where the house was, and it's the edge I could blame.

Let's say hello before we go back to Minerva.

I interrupted my packing and headed home remembering the path I had been taught.

"Here, I guess."

A house a short distance from town.

There is a field, and hunting tools are set up whether they are also hunting.

I heard in the carriage that it was Mr. Orier's home.

Was the business run by your sons?

They were smiling and saying that they were enjoying their hiding life amicably and casually.

Seriously, it's the ideal old age.

"Shh, sorry."

Knock on the door and wait for a response.

Then suddenly the door opened and Mr. Gramm came out with a crease.

"Wow, you have to give us our lovely grandchildren... hmm?"

"Aha, haha"

I'm a little upset by the power.

I hear Mr. Gramm has no idea what's going on with me.

I don't know more about visiting and suddenly being welcomed by a landlord with wax.

"If you glam, don't even check with the people you've visited... oh, not Youki-kun. Look, Gram. Yogi-kun's here."

"Oh, Yoki. I'm sorry, I surprised you. Come on, get up."

"Oh, excuse me."

The old couple showed me around and I walked into the house.

Passed through the room, sitting in a chair asks about the reasons for the earlier action.

"Um, why are you waxing?"

"I'm sorry. As a matter of fact, yesterday, the lord's fool... well, nooo. There's a bad guy trying to expose our lovely granddaughter."

"It's too late to stop there."

"My granddaughter is a little, I don't know your lord's son. Glam worked in the lord's garden for a time."

"You said the complete answer"

I listen to the two of you over a cup of tea that Mr. Orier let me in.

Shot has no connections between nobles.

You think Mr. Gramm was playing with you when he was a lord's gardener?

"I was just taking my granddaughter, who likes to mess with dirt."

As for Mr. Gramm, he said he didn't even think of him as a shot-kun player or anything like that.

"Considering my granddaughter's happiness, hey. Because we had a hard time, but we could be with our loved ones. I want my granddaughter to be with someone I love. Your son is surrounding a pretty girl, because Gram has seen it many times."

They seem to see a rather lethal and futile part of it.

Shot, it feels hopeless... but will it be okay?

Worried, he heard one of Mr. Gramm's and Mr. Orier's granddaughter's pride and decided to go home.

"If you come near me, you haven't come anytime. I can't offer you much hospitality."

"Yes. Um, don't worry..."

"Well, then, be careful and go home."

The sweet old couple dropped me off until the end, and I went back to the inn and resumed packing.

"Ah, souvenirs..."

It's also a good memory to remember in the middle of packing and running around town souvenir shops in a hurry.

Now you can rest assured, all you have to do is catch tomorrow's ride back to Minerva.

"... until last night I thought so!

"What's wrong?"

"Why are you sitting next to me?"

In the seat next to me is Yuga with the luggage.

"You couldn't? If it's empty next to me, I'll put it down."

"That's not what this is about, why are you with me!?"

Why is this guy in the same carriage as me?

You're a brave man, and you didn't come here with a dedicated carriage or something.

"Uh... the truth is, Shot invited me, so I was planning on getting him picked up by carriage. I came home to say no. Because of that, you're gonna have to travel till you get home."


Me covering my face with both hands and despair as opposed to a refreshingly smiling yuga.

It was me dating a positive, energy-ridden Yuga for a few days until I got to Minerva.

"I'm tired..."

Finally got to Minerva. A ride carriage.

He came down and immediately said goodbye to Yuga and fled.

He's not disguised because Brying is the countryside there.

His troublemakers and the charm of attracting people for nothing are alive and well.

Leaving before being surrounded by men, but auspicious.

"Oh, I'm tired...... but I'd love to see you"

This trip that kept me surrounded by men, what I'm looking for is not the healing I can sleep and get.

I grabbed a souvenir and headed to the Aqualein family mansion.

"Mr. Sophia, it's been a long time"

As I approached the gate, I ran into Mr. Sophia, who was just cleaning near the entrance.

"Long time no see, Master Youki"

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to visit all of a sudden, but will Cecilia be there"

"Yes, if you are a lady, we enjoy your holiday at the Mansion"

"Um... can I see you?"

I understand you are behaving so disrespectfully, such as suddenly seeing each other without making any promises.

But the feeling of wanting to see me alone is what drives me.

"… please wait while I get confirmation from the lady"

I will wait as long as Sophia says.

I always take care of you, Mr. Sophia came back to chat with the gatekeeper.

"It's okay if the lady comes through."

"Oh, I'll be grandpa"

"It's a lot of baggage, but are you going somewhere?"

"The other way around. I'm home."

"Are you asking for an Alliance?"

Mr. Sophia tells me, I think about it a little bit.

It's not a request, but I don't even want to say that I went far, far away for love counseling.

I was on a comfort trip.

I thought I pulled out the best answer.

"... for what it's worth, you look very tired"


It was me who couldn't respond to Mr. Sophia.