Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've talked to you about love, so I tried my best.

"Long time no see. I was surprised because they came all of a sudden"

"Sorry for not contacting you suddenly..."

"No, never mind, I didn't even have plans today"

Oh, this feels soothing, Mr. Cecilia. Seriously, angel.

Even though I don't usually think about this, I guess my carriage journey with Yuga is pretty good.

Originally, Cecilia was an angel to me.

"I went on a trip. Yes, this souvenir"

I gave him a bag containing a souvenir for Cecilia from my travel bag.

"Thank you. Tea and... wood-carved angels?"

"Something was unusual, and the locals suggested I buy this."

The Cupid Legend of Love permeated almost everyone who lived in Brying.

There was a wood-carved cupid on the souvenir.

The owner of the store said it was recommended, effective and definitely not to be bought... so I bought it.

"I've seen bears... wood-carved angels, I've never seen them before"

Cecilia looks at the wood-carved angel with wonder in her hand.

... I guess I made a souvenir choice-smith.

"Yes, you didn't?"

"Mr. Yowki. I don't mean to be rude when I get souvenirs."

Hmm, looks a little swollen and swollen on my cheeks.

If I pointed it out, how would I react?

Mean thoughts come to mind, and I accidentally do.

"What, are you doing it to?... maybe you're not tired? No, you'll be tired."

I assure you that Cecilia changed from doubt to certainty as to whether it was splattered with complexion.

"Heh, oh, no, I'm not. Travel Tired, Travel Tired"

"Look, you're tired. What's the difference?"

"Oh, shit."

I didn't tell you the truth, but the lies are out, too.

In the end, I'm gonna be tired, you can't.

"Herbal tea with the effect of restoring fatigue, let's put it in"


I wonder if this turns out okay.

Sit tight in a chair and watch Cecilia make tea.

Huh, I saw Happiness with a cuckoo and Seek running around fine, who would be at work when I glanced out the window.

"They're no different..."

"Happiness, are you really Seek?"

Looks like you've heard one of my words.

Cecilia talks to me as she prepares for tea time.

"I think we've both changed compared to when we got here."

"I guess so."

As far as I'm concerned, I don't think we're both the same as we were at Demon King's Castle.

You think Cecilia's more aware of the change between the two of us than I'm supposed to be in a deep relationship?

"Happiness has become more emotional. This way of saying it may be rude to Happiness, but I think we've got more to talk about. And then he's singing his nose as he looks out the window during the break. Happiness was looking in the right direction... Mr. Yowki would know."

"Seriously.... Well, Happiness has changed if you ask me. He's been through a lot, too. Most importantly, the biggest change is..."

Outside the window, what were you looking at, what were you thinking and singing your nose.

Maybe Happiness is already trying to come up with more answers than I am.

"... Whatever Happiness is, what about Seek?"

"Seek-kun is just not only playing, he's reading books to improve his knowledge, he's training fights alone. Seek-kun, don't you want to chase Mr. Yowki or Mr. Duke?"

"Was Seek such an uplifter...? Yeah, wait. Speaking of things that would change his mind."

That wasn't long before the three Dukes came to Minerva.

In meeting Guy and Teal, Miller, the demon-killing brave man I encountered.

Seek headed for Miller but had no teeth at all.

If it didn't help, it would be blocked, but Celia comforted me to this day.

I thought I'd gone back to my usual seek, but the person may still be dragging on regrets.

"Seek-kun wants to change, and he's trying to be strong."

"You just didn't see me.... What about me? I wonder if I've changed."

I don't really want to appeal to myself, but I'm wondering if I've changed from Cecilia.

"Mr. Yowki... I was wondering if he had changed much"

"... well"

I didn't even show them how to think, and they made it clear.

Should I be happy...... I don't know if I've changed much.

"You haven't changed, have you, since we met? It's strangely sweet, my men think, and it's a little rampant... and it hasn't changed."

"haha...... maybe so"

I think it's better to fix a little rampage.

You haven't changed since we met, there's more... how I feel.

"I'm embarrassed, this"

"... what did you imagine"

"Don't ask. Don't worry, it's not weird."

"Ah, if that's what Mr. Yowki says, I won't pry into it in detail. … go ahead, it's herbal tea"


"There are tea treats, too."

Cecilia brings me a basket with cookies along with herbal tea.

What a sweet scent... I am tired, so my hands reach out naturally.

"I'll take it. Delicious, brave fatigue seems to fly away.... but I'm here all of a sudden, and it happens all the time."

"Last time, we broke up again. I'm prepared for the day I thought you might come. If you don't come, it'll be Seek's snack."

"Last time...... Ha!

When I picked up Teal, I left without seeing Cecilia.

The day before, Cecilia said tomorrow.

"Oh, my God..."

"You don't have to think that far."

"Breaking a promise to a woman or something worth dying for."

Not to mention, I promise to meet the kid I like.

Besides, it was like an invitation from Cecilia.

I'm so unwell, what's wrong, it was me then!?

"No, no, even if it's that serious..."

"It's serious, for me! I look forward to it every time."

"... uh"


I'm gonna calm down after I tell you, I mean, time, already late.

If I were to be polite about what I just said, it would be like this.

It's critical to spend time with you, I look forward to it every time.

... Me, you're a little out of place, you're mostly rampant.

Cecilia can't seem to find a word to give back, either, and it's solidifying.

This place would be nice if I covered it with my usual cook two.

"Heh, heh! What's the word now...... that, that! It's fun or reassuring to be together... because I've been alone lately. Extra."

I missed you, what can I say, huh?

Turning on the Kitchen II switch made it feel like it was halfway through, and I couldn't hope to improve the air.

Subtle, fun to be with, and I dropped more bombs.

"Uh, the... thank you"

"Oh, heh... haha! I'm that one. I wonder what it was like."

In the meantime, I tried to break it.

Let's go on a route that won't make Cecilia or me awkward.

Let's keep kidding, as usual, whatever, some hands jump out the window.

But is that good?

Remember what Caius said, me.

As it is, nothing can change.

There are things that don't have to change, things I don't want you to change.

But not wanting a change from the status quo is stalemate.

I regret not moving on because it's good at all.

I need to show Caius the results of the romantic consultation now.

Stop breaking and go straight to Cecilia.

My heart beats badly because my face is close or because of my behavior.

"Mr. Yowki...?"


Say it.


Say it!

"Me, definitely one more time, because I confess to Cecilia!!

I said, confess. I'll make another statement.

I know what you're talking about right now.

I also know that this is half a confession already.

It's just, I don't feel like I've got anything missing right now.

One more thing, though, for a reason.

"... I am"

"Please, don't tell me back now!

I just said I'd confess, 'cause I'm not confessing.

"... hehe, Mr. Youki, after all, you're no different"


"Because I'll be waiting. Your reply is pending…"

"Ooh. That's it, please."

When I bowed to Pepper and begged him, Cecilia also returned it to me.

What kind of courtesy is this?

"Captain, I'm here because I smell sweet."

"... break"

Have you read the air or not?

The door to the room opened and Happiness and Seek came in.

"Yo, it's been a while. I went on a trip. A souvenir for you guys, too. Dried vegetables for Seek and knitting sets for Happiness"



Two people who bought it because of it but react subtly.

The dried vegetables are nutritious and I have bought something that is also used for medicines.

You can have it cooked and eaten, or you can make it into medicine.

I bought the knitting set because it was popular right now with a brilliant woman in love.

I think you should knit something and give it to Raven.

"... Captain"

"Mm-hmm. What?"

Happiness asked me as I jerked off the knitting set I had bought.

"... solo traveler?"

"Sometimes, I wonder if it's okay."

As it turned out, I'm not alone anymore.

"... Me"

"It's not like you didn't have someone to invite you!? If I were you, I wouldn't buy you a souvenir.

As much as I'm surrounded by souvenirs that I've bought alone, I won't.

Happiness and his usual offense were changing targets to cookies as soon as he lost interest in dried vegetables.

"I eat cookies."

"This is mine!

"... very unpopular"

"Uuch, I'm sorry"

Even I have something I want to protect.

Something wrong with using this dialogue?

"Um, Mr. Yowki. Shall we all enjoy tea time?"

"Yes, excuse me"

I am alive and well in Cecilia.

In the end, half of Cecilia's cookies fit in Seek's stomach.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Yowki, earlier, it sounded like a brave man tired"

"It's all about Yuga or grabbing it at the destination..."

"So, were you okay? You don't have to be annoyed or hurt."

"How discredited is he?"

What did you do when you were on a serious journey?

Based on Cecilia's worries, it seems considerable.

"Don't worry, I held it all in. Rather, it was on my way home that I was tough. A ride carriage journey with a brave man…"

Please, I was hoping you wouldn't cause disturbances in the village where I would stay at the rest point.

At camp, I thought I was having problems at camp... I'm tired, I don't want to talk about it.

"... herbal tea, would you like a change?"

"Thanks, that helps"

I didn't hesitate to get a replacement and rest my body.