"That's a rare invitation from Duke."

In the boarding room, I groan alone as I get familiar.

I wanted to talk to you, so it was a few days ago that I left a letter saying, "Let's get together."

Meet me at the cake shop, man to man.

When it comes to not being happy, it's a lie, but it's a shame that Duke talked to you.

I don't know what happened, but there's some parts of Duke that I can't help but rely on.

It doesn't mean that I owe you anything, but if you're in trouble, you can't talk to me about it.

I left the inn after getting ready and also checking the door tightness.

"... so I came to the usual cake shop"

"Who are you talking to, Captain?"

"One word. By the way, its bright white, no light in my eyes, and my hair is blurred. At the earliest, I don't know if I can work as a knight. What happened to Raven?"

When I got to the cake shop, the first thing I saw was a full-body fully equipped Duke.

There was a raven on the brink of ash next to it.

"Didn't I tell you? Before this, I went crazy with the captain and Happiness."

You reacted to Happiness's name, Raven's body moved for a moment.

This guy... that's pretty serious.

"No, you're not looking normal, and you obviously look like something's happened. But I don't know what happened. Happiness kicked your ass."

Again, you reacted to Happiness's name.

It's kinda funny... but if I say it, Duke's going to piss me off, and let's go through.

"He said he was busted..."

"It means exactly what you say. He slammed his jaw and knocked himself straight. My neck was forced to bend ninety degrees!?"

"Hmm. Let's leave out how the captain's neck bent. Because if you fall, you're just gonna be with me."

"Just bending over makes me happy. I'm sorry."

Some people in the world have their necks removed.

Plus, close to the crack, everything's right in front of you.

"The derailment of the story is wasted. So, until I busted the captain, Happiness said I didn't want to be seen."

"Oh. I guess so. Happiness won't answer what happened then, and Raven..."

When I turned my gaze on him, the condition just now remained the same.

Well, that's the thing.

"Hmm. You know what?"

"You figured something out"

"No, I won't at all. You don't know who the captain was at the scene, but you didn't just listen to me, do you?"

I don't know what you're talking about, they're gonna say it like I made an asshole statement.

Wait a minute, this guy, you look like you figured it out.

"So that's what he said on the verge?"

"Oh. In the meantime, I just thought Happiness acted open-minded to some extent. I don't know what it is... it's wild to explore. It's the kindness of the people around us who make it a memory of just the two of us."

We tried to ask back if we were human, but there were Ravens, and I stopped thinking that race differences had nothing to do with caring.

"Should I stop being so bad?"

"I'll watch you. I don't know if I'd like to talk about this with dignity in front of him."

That's it now.

I hear laughter from inside my helmet.

You didn't even call me to talk to the public.

"Duke, you're not on the right track. What happened?"

"You look sharp today, Captain. Actually, it's because Raven's doing so well. It's like the deputy commander is after the captain's seat for this period."

"What, what's that development? Which KingsRoad fantasy?"

It feels like this is going to be a duel or something, and it's going to be a hot battle or it's going to end in an instant.

In the first place, Raven has merit as a brave party, and he's not easily demoted from the position of chief of the knighthood.

I think so.

"I don't really know what Kings Road is. I know the captain thinks so, but if you think about Raven's achievements so far, it doesn't seem like a realistic story."


"But there are a few people who don't really think about Raven. You call me a deputy chief? Faction or something."

I think it's tough on organized objects, but Duke has a cheeky look on his face.

People and demons aren't the same around when they say they're in the same organization.

"In the meantime, he said he was tired of following Raven in this state"

"I will!

"... because. Any objections?"

Speak to Raven, who is taking off his shell, but he won't get back.

Shake your shoulders and tell them to get back to reality, but no response.

I don't know what happened seriously, I think it's a strange level to get this far.

"Hey, isn't this some kind of poison or something?"

"Or maybe it's dark attribute-related magic."

The two of us start making whatever speculation we want.

If you say this so far and nothing responds, all you have to do is say that you are genuinely hit by drugs and magic...

"... don't worry. Always, awake."

"Oh, it was okay"

"... just because I don't respond, at all. Don't worry, Yoki. I'm normal."

"I can't trust you because there are so many patterns I can't only do that kind of thing"

I don't think you should worry about magic or medicine, but you're definitely sick.

And somehow I know why.

"I will. Don't worry, it's been empty lately."

You can't get away with this because you have some decent witnesses.

"... damn. What am I doing? I'm like this..."

"I don't know. Is something wrong? If you're stupid, I'll ask. If you have any problems, I'll talk to you. You're gonna be a distraction."

"Look, usually a worthless captain tells me so much, so I should be sweet with your words."

"Sorry, without merit!

"... hey, sorry. You got me worried. It's okay now."

I don't care if they say it with a smile I couldn't make it okay or something.

None of it is convincing and reassuring.

"There's no way! Duke wouldn't call me if I just saw one of these comic talent-like interactions and it would cheer me up. Happiness."

"... what!?"

Raven turning around at tremendous speed.

There's no Happiness there, because it's a lie I told you.

But now you can be sure of what caused Raven to be in this condition, yeah.

"Captain... you can't do that to Raven right now. Here."

Take Duke's pointer and watch Raven.

There was Raven covering his face with both hands and poking at the table.

It's unexpected how much damage we've done so far.

All right, for once, let's get off topic.

"Les, Raven, I'm sorry. I've been feeling empty lately and wondering what to do."

"... Really? And yolks."

"Oh, before this, I believed in urban legends and traveled to the Cupid of Love for a romantic consultation."

"... hey, is there a town with such legends"

Let's take it to a topic that won't give us Happiness's name like this. Let's do it.

Raven has also eaten up for romantic counseling, and in a direction where landmines don't tread on stories of interest.

"In a town called Brying. It was tough running into Yuga."

"... you and Yuga. Were you okay?"

Did Raven worry you too?

If Micah is worried about you now, Yuga can win a dishonorable title too.

One is a worried brave man...... that's not cool.

"Sort of. So there was a lot going on, and when I got back to Minerva, I went to see Cecilia in a quick hurry... Ah"

Then, I don't even want to remember, I told him that I went through memorabilia with Yuga to see Cecilia.

"... well, Youki, to Cecilia, to meet"

Captain, Raven's depressed.

"It's my fault, Raven. It's me and Cecilia's freedom to tee time with Cecilia. So it's Raven's freedom to go see Happiness."

So I'm talking about not being jealous as much as I've seen you.

That's not good, Happiness hates you.

I don't know if he cares about that.

"... right. Sorry, Youki."

"I hope you understand. So, to sum up, if you want to see him, you should meet him."

"How did it all come to that!?"

Duke's loud, but that's the view he'll end up with.

If you meet Happiness, everything will be resolved, I promise.

"All right, let's go now"

"... that's just it. And it will be convenient. Whoa, it's time for practice. Duke, let's go."

"Ha!? Didn't you hear? Hey, seriously. Ah."

Duke's voice getting smaller.

No way, I didn't think you'd get away.

Not at all. I knew it.

"Does this require some rough treatment...?"

I have already experienced many times the schematic of running and softening by myself.

Talk to someone solid this time, then let's move on to action.

That's why I contacted Cecilia to schedule an operational meeting.