Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been thinking about my favorite kids and friends.

"I think we should leave it alone"

"No, no, no..."

It was Promise Day and I walked to the Aquarain family for fifty percent for Raven and ten percent for wanting to see Cecilia.

I don't care if the percentage is strange.

I told Cecilia I should tell her what's going on in Raven and work out what to do.

Shouldn't we give him a hand here?

"Firstly, I wonder if I need to worry that much about the position of the Knights Commander, as Mr Yowki put it. Because the achievements are enormous, and Mr Raven is committed to the good of the citizens, even where he cannot see them. If you're dismissed, you won't be spared the noise."


My posture is right now.

Looks like a student taking classes from a teacher.

... Were you seated when you took the class?

"Certainly some knights may not think well of Mr. Raven... but I was wondering if he was a minority. I can't be sure, though, because I don't have any clear information about Mr. Duke. Still, it's more of a disadvantage that Mr. Raven is no longer the Knight Commander."

"I see, I see. Cecilia, question! Why don't the Knights decide on their own?"

"For once, it seems we can make a recommendation, but it will be prudent if we become the chief executives of the country, especially the Knights, who will make the final decision"

"Heh, can't you change that on your own?... That's right."

You can't change the heads of the Knights defending the King's capital that easily.

Then is the story of the Knights okay?

"So with Happiness... what's that?"

"I was wondering how we might do that."


"Looking at the two of you, it's already over when the outfield does this. Too much burning is a problem."

"Is that what this is about? I can't believe Cecilia said that."

"Yoki, do women have a world of women?"

Is that an area I can't step into?

Micana, Happiness, and Teal have all the faces to fall in love with.

I feel somewhat guessy about that aspect, so it's out to imagine.

"Okay. I didn't hear anything, I didn't hear anything."

"Yes.... but when Mr. Duke is here to talk to me, I'm worried. Mr. Raven, I thought you should leave him alone... maybe you should give him some support until he gets back to Mr. Raven as usual..."

Cecilia sits in bed and thinks.

It may seem like a concierge, but for me, I'm the first friend in the other world.

For Cecilia, she's one of those people who partied and had a hard time together.

"In summary, I wonder if it's good in the direction of moving for Raven"

"Right.... Just refrain from acting sooner, Mr. Yowki. I can't say much because I just listened to you, but given Mr. Raven's mental state, it's excessively irritating."

"Hey, hey, not so much!?"

Raven, in Cecilia, you look like a total wreck.

Well, I've been thinking about being careful what you say and do, too, but I didn't expect Cecilia to stab me in the nail.

"Maybe you're under a lot of stress. We need to take care of it gradually... because Mr. Raven has some delicacies."

"Uh, I kinda get that"

I've seen that side of me so many times that I feel depressed right away.

Sure, it's going to be hard if the stress that Raven is having is released all at once.

"So I thought I'd start by looking at Mr. Raven himself, listening to him, and then making a decision about how to deal with him."


Does the monk also have the treatment of his heart?

If my heart gets sick too, I'll have Cecilia take care of it.

Although it would be unlikely that I would ever see Cecilia this way and get sick while we were talking.

"... Mr. Yowki, it looks like you're staring at my face, did you listen properly?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm not going to act any faster. It's okay, it's okay. I think I've been watching you that much."

"Yes, at first I thought you were listening seriously, because there was no connection and my gaze wasn't moving with me staring"

Why can Cecilia analyze so calmly?

You were staring at me, no shyness, I didn't know you could say.

I was some kind of unconscious actress, so hot in the face, hot.

"Uh, the... it's a little bit to put the reason into words"


Why do you hesitate?

Funny, how did you end up in a situation like this when you said you were just here today to talk to me about Raven.

Or, Cecilia, guess what.

You were talking about Happiness and Raven earlier!

As I was spinning my thoughts fully about what to do, the noise of a knock echoed in the room.

Is this a third-party intervention pattern that helps or interferes with the protagonist?

"... excuse me"

It was Happiness who opened the door and came in, but I left a word and immediately pulled into the hallway.

And what I hear is a distant footstep… I wasted time reading the air, the Happiness one.

"Happiness, didn't you have something to do? But you left right away."

"Oh, yeah."

However, this level of intervention is sufficient to cut the conversation.

Cecilia is also leaning her neck strangely, and Happiness should have cautioned her......

"I guess I forgot something and went to get it.... So, may I ask why? No way, there was something on my face..."

I didn't get off topic, I went back.

Do I have to answer this honestly already?

I thought she was cute and stared unconsciously... I can't tell you.

But I was reborn on the advice of my love cupid.

I'm not gonna flirt with you like I always do.

"I thought you were cute."


Instead of scratching, straight in the middle of nowhere.

It's a consolidation Cecilia has never seen before.

My face feels red too.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Ma, see you later at the ops conference!

I couldn't stand being alone in this air.

I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm leaving the room with a quick throwaway dialogue.

"... Phew"

I lean against the hallway wall and take a deep breath.

To calm the feeling of being high.

"... escape"

"Wow!? What, Happiness was there? That, but..."

Surely you should have heard footsteps that kept you away.

"… colleagues"

"Oh, you happen to have a different maid walking through the neighborhood and you got it wrong"

"... wait"

Apparently, Happiness waited in front of the room without walking away.

"I knew you had business with Cecilia. I'm going home now. It's all right. See you later."

"... Captain"

"Yeah, what?"

"... Meet me next time"

"Meet me... me or something?"

It was stared at with a tremendous shape.

No, it's not like Happiness and I don't have a chance to meet or anything.

Well, I heard you know I'm not gonna do anything about it, but I didn't expect you to stare at me.

"... Swordsman!


Well, I know who you're talking about.

Raven, Happiness never called you by name.

"In front of him, call him by name."

"... batch here"

"So where did you learn that word!

Happiness is absorbing all sorts of things, and I'm scared.

What are the servants of this mansion teaching Happiness?

"... don't tell"

"Uh, yes, yes. So, I'll meet Raven. What?"

"... escort"

He told me to come too.

"... and the lady"


"... Duke did"

"What's he thinking?"

I was hoping to go out in large numbers and become a distraction to Raven.

Well, I'm good.

"That's good. Call me when you have an appointment."

"… acceptance of points"

"So what is it, at all"

I thought it would be a hassle to go in, too, but I'll stay.

I know it's wild, but let's ask Happiness a question.

"Hey, Happiness. What do you think of Raven?"

This is like a little confirmation.

Happiness and Raven, which will probably be settled already.

I would like to hear from the person's mouth how Happiness feels now.

"... I don't hate it"


I don't know, a Happiness answer.

The expression is as usual, no sign of upset.

That position must belong to Happiness, which I know.

"Well, normal, then"

"... not even normal"

"Well, you like it"

"... silent"

Leaving it at that, Happiness entered Cecilia's room early.

On the contrary, I think it would be like saying an answer if I ran away so openly.

"Will it ever be"

I don't know what I'm going to do, but this time let's keep quiet and watch what happens.

On my way home, I told myself over and over again that I weighed myself, that I weighed myself and that I was in my heart.