"Well, what is it..."

According to a call from Duke, this is just a triple date operation to be decided......

I thought Raven, Happiness dating would be supported by me, Cecilia and Duke.

For some reason I even had Mr. Irene in my membership.

No, I don't think so... did she have the Dodge daughter attribute?

"End of hanging around appropriately because I'm endlessly worried I can't stay in my room and I can afford the rendezvous time"

I wonder how walking alone with my hand in my pocket is reflected from the rear filling.

"Ah, captain, right"


When you hear voices, turn around. There's Mr. Irene in armor.

You're coming today, aren't you at work, this?

I don't know, why about me, Captain.

"After all, you're the captain. Mr. Duke's."

"Oh, well. Captain. Mr. Irene, are you working today?"

"No, you don't. I've got this all wrong."

"I wonder what a mistake means"

"Hear Mr. Duke say it's going to be a tough fight in his room, or if the timing of his support is wrong, he's going to take his life, or the day of the showdown is close. I said I'd work with you."

Mr. Irene, you've taken things the wrong way.

I'm sorry Duke was whining about one misleading word, but I can't even tell you how fast I kept pushing.

"Because I thought it was something to go on a crusade of troublesome demons. Mr. Duke stopped me from leaving for the rendezvous point when I was ready to fight. I just found out you're all going out today."

"Well, I think we'll run into a training ground in a different way."

"What, oh, really? I figured we'd better get geared up."

"No, you're usually fashionable."

Whatever Duke is, he's a girl, so it's usually as good in personal clothes as when he goes out.

I don't think it's a good idea to feel tough.

"Oh, are you fashionable...... but I'll try!

'Cause we still have time to meet up.

"Oh, thank you. Captain!"

"Heh, I did what I deserved as a gentleman... no thanks or anything!

It's the man's gender that keeps me on track when a girl tells me to thank you.

I'm the one who can't turn it on.

"Oh yeah! Captain, the vessel is huge!

"Ha ha, I guess so, I guess so! If it's on my hands, let's move on without delay."

"Well, that's even possible. Amazing, Captain."

"Ha ha. My operation is perfect. Even if we had some trouble, we'd land where we were eventually going. Leave it to me!

"Sa, that's Mr. Duke's captain. Me too...... good luck. I would never fail or anything. I won't even step on Doji!

"That's good! Come on, good to go, isn't that outfit suitable for where you're going to go?"

"Yes. I'll hurry up and finish the schedule."

For some reason, I salute you, and then I run away with my backhand, Mr. Irene.

And you got a little kitchen two switch on, I need to reflect.

Well, I wouldn't go in there with my head full about Raven and Happiness while we're all gathered and acting.

If Kitchen Two switches on and one of me gets noticeable, I can't even open my eyes.

At the earliest, that's a runaway level.

Cecilia, Duke will preach to me if I'm willing to stick around.

Mr. Irene said he'd be careful not to step on the dodge, too, 'cause Duke's here.

Don't worry, Mr. Irene's follow-ups will be used to it.

If it came from Cecilia and Duke, I might be concerned about it.

I want to believe that the area is trusted.

"No more Kitchen II today. Raven and Happiness are the ones to focus on."

I made a vow, not a goal. I headed to the rendezvous point.

"So, I got together long enough, and Billickett was like me."

The inn said he left early and was hanging out near the rendezvous point.

Othi that they had all come earlier.

"I got there early because Happiness had a proper carriage."

"I always try not to act critical. Raven just missed time, didn't he? I was going to come with you, but if I went to my room, I wouldn't be there."

Next to Duke, who spills stupidity, I got out an hour early, and I see Raven showing a note saying I'm sorry.

You look a lot more pale than when I saw you before.

Thanks to Happiness, absolutely.

"... Late, Expect"

"Why not!?"

Well, Raven's soothing Happiness is playing with me.

I just met him, and once I was back in the knight's dorm, I wonder where Mr. Irene is.

"Yes, sir. We're leaving where we always do things."

"Is this going to be the usual thing? I'm so tired, I need you to take turns."

"Then I'll take your place."

"You don't have to be, Irene. You can go through."

"Hey, wait a minute"

Since when do I have to be treated like that?

Raven to Cecilia, please don't laugh.

He's suing me with his eyes to give up on Happiness.

"Eh, if Mr. Duke says... ok"

"Don't know, please!

My grieving mourning echoes at the meeting point of Minerva.

There aren't that many people out there, and they won't have a problem because they whisper.

"Okay, neighborhood annoyance confirmation. The captain decided to shut his mouth for a while. Let's go."

Apparently, some of Duke's interfering with me is over.

I was told I would show you around and start moving around... can you convince me!

"Hey, you're being overly unreasonable...... what?!?"

"No, you can't. You have to keep your mouth shut."

I even tried to complain to Duke walking the lead...... Cecilia puts her index finger on my mouth.

Is this behavior in the sense of not talking?

Nothing. I think there was a way, other than blocking my mouth with my index finger.

More than that, why is this... upbeat and usually thrilled.

"Shall we go? If we don't hurry, we'll be out of line with you."

It will be a small run to chase the Dukes away.

No, because you don't have to grab a wrist like that to pull it.

I can't keep my heart elevation down with what I just did, so could you let me go for once?

"Oh, something... this"

"Mr. Yowki, your mouth is open."

Cecilia takes note of me and immediately stops me from saying what I almost said.

No way, seriously. What is Chuck in the mouth for a while?

Well, since the real thing was about to pop up at stake, was it good to have it stopped?

"Sorry, I'm about to fall off"

"It's okay. Because Mr. Duke said the captain would try his best if he got away."

You said you knew it was because of the magic of my physical strengthening.

Well, I certainly don't have to worry, because this member can chase them all around.

If Raven can't open his mouth, I'll give him a pen and paper along with a note that says I'll lend it to him.

"No, I'm not... you know?"

"Right. Because that's what Mr. Raven needs. Mr. Yowki must be joking about shutting his mouth."


"Right. Forgive me if I don't make too much noise."

"Hey, hey, hey!

You're not what you were both saying.

It's a level that also makes me wonder what the tangle with Cecilia really was.

No way, are these two unwell?

If so, I don't know what will happen today......

The dark clouds I found in the fun atmosphere made me feel a little nervous.