We walk without being informed where Duke is headed.

Perhaps Cecilia has been informed of the destination.

I'm supposed to be on the organizer's side one way or another.

This gathering is a follow-up to Raven and Happiness, because that's the goal.

And for some reason, I haven't been informed of anything, what do you mean?

Absolutely crazy.

"No way, you two have a little surprise for me too... I'm not ready. That means maybe..."

It could be a daily thing.

Not as good as Yuga, but I'm also rampant a lot.

This is a fact to admit.

But you can't just run wild this time.

Raven is emotionally unstable, but Happiness usually looks like driving.

Yes, I just see it.

You must be thrilled in your heart.

We have to seal Kitchen Two to support the two of us!

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Yowki!

"... Ha!? What?"

"No, because it was like I was walking up in the sky from earlier. Are you okay?"

"Sorry, I was just thinking"

You were thinking too deeply, or he looked like he was walking in a blur.

I'm glad you're worried, but now I need Raven and Happiness......

"Really? Thinking… Trouble or something? It's dangerous when you're walking. Mind, in a state where you're not here, you hit someone."

"Oh, my God, I'm sorry. I'll be careful."


I received the attention from Cecilia, so I followed Duke without thinking deeply.

Everybody, walking strides and speeds are supposed to be variable, why me and Cecilia are walking pretty and with each other.

I'm not walking at the speed of anything else.

Next door when you notice, together from there, like that.

"I hear there's a shop around here for Mr. Sophia."

"Uh, yeah. What store?"

"They say it's a store that deals with shoes. He said he was asking for special orders."

"Uh, I see. Mr. Sophia, the battle is primarily a kick."

I'm not flirting, I'm just talking normally.

So, Raven, stop asking about me and Cecilia.

Don't look at me out of my face at the habit of walking in front of us.

Look at Happiness, have Happiness!

I'm a little ahead of you, next door, next door.

Now that he yawns and stretches, he can go naturally.

"Yes, because regular shoes are not suitable for combat. Speaking of special orders, it seems that Mr. Clayman also asked for something special.... Sure."

"You don't have to remember."

The conversation is very ordinary.

But for Raven, he even seems to envy a normal conversation.

I feel the gaze from Raven all the time and enjoy the conversation with Cecilia even more.

Then came a contact from Raven.

Come here, he's signaling with his hands.

"Raven's calling... hey, I'm coming"

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. Um..."

"Hmm... hey, mah..."

I'm stopped because I've been called.

I didn't know it could be stopped at this time...... caution or something.

But without having to be sure, Raven grabbed my arm and took me there, which I couldn't wait to do.

Do you want to lay low on the content of the story, or go out of your way to get a little away from the group?

Well, it's not as far away as it gets.

Cecilia and the others are staring at me and Raven in wonder.

"... you're totally suspicious"

"You bet! You pulled it all the way out of the way."

"... sorry"

"No, it's nothing good. What's more important than that?"

"... if I was watching Yoki and Cecilia... I would have thought so. I'm sorry to interrogate you, but you two are already...?"

Did Raven think me and Cecilia might be dating?

Well, I decided to ban Kitchen II today.

Usually, I turn on the cook two switch with deception... shall we go with a beefy tone this time?

"No, me and Cecilia are not dating"

"... right"

"Just raven. It's time for me to stop nagging."

"... what?"

"They noticed I was traveling alone the other day. So many things happened... It's not because someone told you, really. It's just a trigger, because I'm the one who decided to do this."

"... well, Youki has already thought that far..."

"Raven, you can't say anything more from me. I don't know what happened at the request of the sea."

At that time, I couldn't see a thing by taking a relentless straight right.

However, Happiness does not act solely by willingness or willingness.

So I guess that behavior was some sort of answer for Happiness.

"... sorry. And thank you."

That's all Raven said and ran next to Happiness.

... Yeah, maybe, but I think I could send you some advice that sounds good.

I'm home.

I don't run, I walk back to Cecilia early.

I came back cheerful just for yolks.

"... Mr. Yowki, something for Mr. Raven..."

"Hmm, well. We were just talking the way we always do."

The story and my mode were not always the same.

More than that, it's Cecilia that's not always the way it is.

Sounds like you're thinking of something... and you care so much about my conversation with Raven.

Unfortunately, Raven can't talk in front of Cecilia, so it takes the form of a brush talk.

If that's still good, I'll have as much conversation with Raven in front of Cecilia as I can.

"Look, you two. You've reached your destination."

Duke told me to look up at the building in front of me.

The large sign above the entrance says souvenir, excavation exhibition hall.

"This is..."

"They have all sorts of rare things here. They have artifacts from the ruins, artifacts from weapons used by old braves and heroes."

The point is, is it a museum?

Something intelligent, somewhere that doesn't seem to fit with me.

Mysteriously, what brings you here?

"This place is full of things about the brave, isn't it? And Cecilia's things to the Knights Commander!

"... Interests"

Happiness is showing some interest.

Do you want to know about Raven, or...

"… information, collection, qualification and use"

What's Happiness up to?

Who, seriously, is teaching Happiness weird things?

I'm glad you're no longer faceless as a captain, but I didn't want to see such a black grin.

I'm suing Duke with a note asking if Raven really is the destination.

Based on the size of the letters, I can see you're somewhat in a hurry.

Is it also something that is not convenient for me?

"Oh, Cecilia's fine."

"Yes, because I'm new here. This building was built recently, too. Just..."

Cecilia slowly shifts her gaze from me.

After all, there seems to be something inconvenient for Cecilia as well.

"... no way, bills and little dolls for all the brave parties, the portable food I was eating when I was traveling..."



I thought you might have bills.

Based on how Cecilia and Raven are doing, I'm pretty sure there's something there.