Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I took a look at my favorite kid's trajectory.

First of all, I took a trip to the museum reception... the admission fee needed to get in.

Well, you can't be free, and the price isn't as expensive as it sounds stupid.

I just have to pay to get into the place where something of my own is on display, how about Cecilia's mood.

I'll give you Cecilia's share.

Cecilia turns her eyes round, who was preparing a sneaky admission fee behind me for her sudden remarks.

"No, I'll pay for myself."

"For two."

"Mr. Yowki!?"

Cecilia's opinion is not to be heard, and the admission fee for both of them is to be paid.

It would be nice if the museum receptionist could pay the entrance fee as well, no touches for the guests' troubles.

If I paid, I went to the back one by one.

"… two"

You thought the same thing back there as me, and Happiness is trying to pay Raven's share of the admission fee.

Raven, who is more surprised than Cecilia, tries to stop, but the note writing doesn't chase him.

Happiness pays the admission fee for two people and enters the hotel amicably.

"Mr. Yowki, it's your admission fee."

"It's always a tea treat, and it won't be enough, but how about a cup of tea?"

"... ok. Well, hope for another delicious cup of tea"

"I'm hoping!

Me and Cecilia, who promise to meet nature.

What's going on with Raven and Happiness on the other hand......

Happiness is familiar, even though Raven tries to give you a note and an admission fee that says take it.

If you think it's right for you, he was writing a note, and he gave it back to Raven.

The note contained two unnecessary characters.

"... thanks"

A thank you... when is it?

Raven's leaning on his neck, too, so I don't think he knows.

"... someday"

Someday is when.

I'd love to go put in a scratch, but I don't want to disturb the two worlds.

I also feel like some strange space is forming around those two.

"What are you doing, both of you? If you stand near the entrance, it'll annoy the others. Look, let's move on."

Duke draws attention when he is caught ahead and takes Mr. Irene with him.

Raven was also reluctantly able to follow and rendezvous.

"Well, where do you see it from..."

"Mr. Yowki, let's go this way"

"Oh hey, another action from here!?"

I don't think it's a bad idea for Cecilia to grab me by the arm. I leave myself to the stream while I'm confused.

Raven also took Happiness's hand and started moving... which was quite aggressive behavior, unusual.

I think you were supposed to keep an eye on the Ravens, but, well, okay.

I shall normally enjoy my date.

"... excuse me. Suddenly."

"No, it's fine. … so what's around here?"

Looking around, swords, armor, shields, weapons, and protective equipment are on display.

"This is a compartment decorated with artifacts of martial arts used by the brave men and fellow men of history."

"Heh... history"

You mean the battle between the brave and the demon king has been going on for a long time?

I wonder what generation of brave Yuga is...... I guess I don't care.

Well, I think he's going to be told... in a way.

"What about Cecilia's wand?"

"I do. It's decorated if you go in the back."

"All right, let's go"

"Mr. Yowki, you've seen the wand I use, haven't you, the real one? What's the point of seeing a fake..."

"Huh, that's... how about that, huh?"

Kitchen II was sealed.

Cecilia's got a fit in her head, 'cause I'm not looking right.

But I'm not what I always am today.

"What's wrong?"

"No, it's okay.... I've seen the real thing though. I'd like to see it decorated straight away."


"'Cause this is where they're decorated. Not your own mansion or anything. Wouldn't that be amazing?"

Cecilia's name was passed on as part of a brave party, and this is the weapon she was using.

"Uh, the..."

Come on, let's go.

Something tells me Cecilia's having a subtle reaction, but she'll be about as good as a musket.

I'm not going to see a stone statue or anything.

Take him to the back and get closer to the brave armor of recent years.

And finally, we reached the corner where the Martial Arts of the Brave Party, led by the brave Yuga, were on display.

"... yeah, it was gear then"

The robe and wand I wore when I first met Cecilia at Demon King Castle.

I remember wonder and nostalgia, although I feel like quite a few years have passed since then.

"Look at the artifacts in my gear...... that's complicated. Why not?"

"Well, because there's also a proper name plate. It would seem complicated."

The showcase is decorated with robes and canes, and the name plate on the pedestal says Cecilia's name.

Of course, Yuga's, Mikana's, Raven's.

"I don't feel nostalgic."

Being here reminds me of fighting a brave party.

Well, didn't you just throw and fight for a month or so?

"Meet Mr. Yowki… I remember losing so badly that I made it an overwhelming force, I was ready to die"

"Memories of meeting, not heavy?"

I guess we had no choice because we were enemies.

Normally, it's supposed to be a memorable encounter, but I'm a little shocked...

"You didn't imagine seeing the museum with Mr. Yowki like this back then."

"Sure, I think so too"

First of all, I didn't even think about getting out of Demon King's Castle.

Back then, I pulled into Demon King's Castle and didn't feel like doing anything.

"... Shall we go"


Get away from the artifacts and go around where another object is on display.

Find a corner with a biography of the Brave Party and crush it.

I'm also concerned about the adventures of the Cecilians, and how they are written.

"Is it a biography... I was wondering if there is some part of what it says that is recorded in the Great Book. Next time, I'll tell you if you want, when I was traveling."

"Yeah, okay....... Hmm!?"

I tried to read the paralysis and stop it, but I was curious about the area at the end.

Let's read more, what... The journey went well and a brave party led by the brave Yuuga who reached Demon King's Castle.

In the final phase at Demon King Castle, a fierce battle was allegedly waged.

The Demon Clan in the executive class, and the Demon King who binds it, have no bottom line, and after a month of battle... seized victory.

"... what is this"

"So it's a little different from reality."

I'm the only one who actually struggled, and the executives and the Demon King were straight winners, weren't they?

Well, it's convenient to be told, it feels like a normal battle... but it isn't.

"... I thought you knew the circumstances, too, Mr. Yowki."

"You didn't snack on me, did you?"

Well, it wouldn't be convenient for a brave party or for me if I were to report it prominently.

A match of interest, rather as much as I appreciate it.

"This is going to pass on, isn't it?"

"I don't know about history. I don't know where or how it got screwed."

"... right. I can't tell if this is good or bad. I'm a twisted party."

"It's getting harder and harder. Next, next."

If we were discussing this any more, it wouldn't be a date, it would be a study group.

Originally, it wasn't even a date... so the original purpose was Raven and Happiness.