Look for Raven and Happiness while forgetting their original purpose and reflecting a little on the fact that they were going around the museum in a dating mood with Cecilia.

Of course I'm going to do something extra, no.

Today we seal Kitchen II, and the rest is a matter for each other.

Instead, I think it's okay to have fun with Cecilia as it is.

"What's wrong?"

Next door is Cecilia, who thinks and worries about me who was stopping.

Wouldn't it be better to be like this all the time today?

"... ah!

Discover Raven and Happiness where I was wondering if it would be good.

Something seems to be happening, but is something wrong?

"... over there"

"... wait, you can't have that floor. Never."

"... Interests"

"... don't hold me. I really can't."

"... Breakthrough!

"... Huh!

Happiness passes and runs through the magnificent spinning out next to Raven.

Knights Commander, what are you doing?

You saw a rush on Raven chasing Happiness for something he didn't want to be seen that far.

"All right, let's go too"

"No, let's not."

I tried to take a big step with Yuka and I was stopped.

Is this the idea of leaving the two of us alone, not getting in the way as far as possible?

"That corner over there... hey, no"

Is there something wrong with saying it out of sight?

But this feels... Raven and Happiness have nothing to do with it.

All I can think of is a pattern with something about Cecilia......

"Come on!

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. Wait..."

"Of course, I won't leave you"

Grab Cecilia's hand and go to the corner where the Ravens headed.

But as soon as I get in, I'm gonna find out why Cecilia, Raven refused.

"... there's a stone statue. Besides, it's quite exquisite."

It's on display in the center of the room, so you have a pretty good presence.

The more I see it, the more accurate it is, and yet it is made to look beautiful and Rin.


Cecilia seems embarrassed and unable to look directly at it.

Well, if you had your own equally sized stone statue, you would.

"So you led me here when you came"

So he took my arm so I wouldn't go in this room and he was circling with me... and Raven.

I can't believe how many times Happiness compares stone statues to ravens......

Because if Raven gets hit like that, he can't hide his face, which is why he's so tense, go back to normal, normal.

"Yes. I don't know about my stone statue... it's a bit harsh to see and be seen"

"Not to mention, I wish the plate said something about a brave party, the Virgin Mary, Cecilia"

I came to a place where I was exposed to my complex. I can't believe it.

"Yes. I really already wanted to say no. Since the brave man was in the throne..."

"The final decision rested with Yuga."

"... Yes"

I guess everyone disagreed except Yuga.

I know you don't like being left with this, but I don't think you want it anywhere near where you live.

... it's just my values though.

"Well, it's well done and it's fine..."

I feel an aura from Cecilia just saying it's not good.

This is not a laugh and deception.

As soon as possible, getting out of this room would be the shortest way to cure Cecilia's mood.

"Okay. Then let's get this place over with and get moving..."

I suggested to Cecilia, why is there a note in front of me that says oh?

And why, is Happiness sticking notes all over my back?

"Cecilia, tell me what it says on the note Happiness is putting on my back"

"Yes. Uh, dull, over-conscious, lowest, livestock, outbound..."

"That's not the bad word you've ever said to me!

Don't put a note on it that says that.

I'm the one with the crumbs. It sounds like I'm making an appeal.

"... Facts!

"Don't say it with firm intent. It's not true!

Neither Raven nor Cecilia are laughing, do something about this flirtatious favorite.

"I'm sorry, sir. Please be quiet in the building."

"Oh, excuse me..."

Because of the noise, the janitor caught my attention.

No, it's manners to be quiet in these facilities, I can't help it.

But why am I the one to be noticed?

"Hmmm... Me or now!?"

"Right...... but I'm glad I didn't lose my identity or that of Mr. Raven. Thanks to Mr. Yowki for drawing your attention."

"I'm not even attracted to it. He's the one who created the beginning to get attention."

I point to Happiness.

Ever since this guy messed with me, it's become my usual comic talent pattern.

"... transfer of responsibilities"

"What's wrong with me?"

Where the battle is about to begin again, Raven enters between.

I'll show you a note, but I guess it says calm down or something.

Calm down.

"When you leave the museum, we'll put on a sledge."

"... I got it"

"Also, you're going to learn some of those words..."

"I was wondering if Teal was the one getting along at the mansion. I'm talking to other servants."

"... do you have a fellow servant who seems to be giving Happiness wisdom?"

She said she was talking about herself, but she didn't seem interested.

This, as one of the Seven Wonders of the Aqualein family, will be told on......

"Don't say ominous things"

"Oh, were you speaking up?"

"Yes, Seven Wonders! There's nothing like that in the mansion I live in."

"No, well, it's a joke."

I had this exchange, and if I was making a scene, they're going to pay attention again.

It feels like we're rendezvous with the two of us, and we're either going around the museum like this... or we're going to read the air and break up.

It would be better if we left each other alone, but what would we do?

As a result, the beginning and end of being around together if you realize it while you're not making up your mind.

Is this okay or bad......

"... was it a bad pattern"

In the distance are Duke and Mr. Irene.

Looks like he's making some kind of argument.

Duke grabbed his arm where Mr. Irene was about to run away.

I'm holding back.

What, are those two young? In public.

"Eh, is something wrong?"

"... an insane fight"

"Is Duke here? I don't want to think about it... no way"

Raven shows me a note asking if those two were like having a crazy talk fight.

Didn't you notice, or did you hide it within the Knights?

Or if Raven is just blunt...... maybe the latter.

"That's right. I don't want to eavesdrop on a crazy fight."

"You can't eavesdrop if you're not in a crazy fight."

"Depends on the time and the circumstances. Gathering information is important. Hey, Raven."

I got a note back in big letters telling me not to shake it on me.

"Oh, Mr. Irene noticed this way."

Something's pointing at me.

I'm shaking my fingers very vertically.

It's like I did something and I finally found it... it's a reaction.

And Mr. Irene coming this way, Duke chasing.

It's like you're telling me not to go, reaching out to Mr. Irene.

Seriously, isn't this a shoot of youth drama?

"Cecilia, I have a bad feeling"

"Me, too."

"... think about each other"

"Don't make new words on your own"

I can't afford to be a comic genius, and in a way, Mr. Irene came in front of us as expected.

I'm going to dive in, Mr. Irene.

I should have taken it if I had, but when I realized I had Cecilia's hand, and I had myself covered.

No, I'm really surprised,

If it was Cecilia, you could handle enough to jump into the clap Mr. Irene gave you.

In the end, there was nothing like Mr. Irene getting hurt because Duke chased him.

"Totally, so I told you to wait."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine......"

"Oh, me too..."

I don't know how long you're holding hands.

The moment Cecilia and I had eyes, we let them go.

Seriously, embarrassing...... you think I'm going to snuggle around and shelter you about this?

"... what, this situation... is"


I can't believe you speak in front of Cecilia and Mr. Irene.

Mr. Irene didn't know whose voice, I don't care, he's looking around.

"Hey, Raven. Wait."

And as it were, Raven left us and ran away.

No, I'm trying to say, what, this situation.