Raven ran away, and not everyone was flabbergasted... but he's not as good a face as he is today.

We decided to move the place first and discuss how the scheduling went today.

Leave Mr. Irene to Happiness, Cecilia and Duke, I'll form a circle for a reflection.

"In the first place, I think something went wrong today"

Cecilia and Duke's behavior was more unnatural than usual.

From there, I was wondering if I should reflect.

"What are you talking about? I was just wary of the captain."

"Sorry, me too"

"Why are you so wary of me?"

Today I must have been a normal young man in love by trying my best to seal the second cook.

I haven't acted weird since we got together.

"You ran into Irene before the rally, didn't you? Once done and excited, Captain, it's amazing. Something, I wasn't sure, but it looks cool. That's the way Mr. Duke calls you captain...... This, Captain, sucks today."

"So I'm going to stop Mr. Youki..."


Is it my fault that this situation has come to pass?

You two are on guard, but I was sealing Kitchen Two.

As it turns out, Cecilia always behaves with me, Duke turns too much attention to me and Mr. Irene, and Raven is more of a bare...

"Um, you didn't have Irene's little one in mind at all. The captain's daily routine has invited you."

"No, no, so why is it my fault!

"In the meantime, calm down!

"Yes, I'm sorry"


You were talking to me in Duke, but Cecilia stopped you, so you could calm down.

I can't help but dispute here, and I won't solve anything.

"It doesn't change that doubting Mr. Yowki on his own is one of the factors that is creating this situation now. Excuse me, Mr. Yowki."

I can keep my head down on Cecilia.

I don't care that much... because I had fun, alone with Cecilia.

"Captain, you're burning me in the face!

"Oops.... No, you don't have to apologize. More than that, the problem would be Raven."

"Right. We need to get Raven on the run."

"Oh. Grassroots. But I'll find you!

"Mr. Raven seems to be a criminal......"

Gentle Cecilia is sheltering, but putting her favorite child away and fleeing and other verbal preaching.

Even Happiness must have been damaged by putting him down.

But if you look in the direction of Happiness, there's Mr. Irene and I eating crepes friendly.

You usually eat crepes and you look delicious.

Are you creepier than Raven, Happiness?

"Well, I don't know. You got away with it, so I can't help but be treated like this. Captain, where is Raven?"

"I'm a dog.... Not yet, you're close. I'm not far away."

Exploring it with enhanced olfactory sense, it felt like it was going to chase me if I ran.

But now it's like, a police dog... even now because I'm always looking for people.

"That's right, Mr. Yowki. Come on, let's go after him."

"Oh, I'll be looking for people in the future"

I don't hate being praised, and it's one of my few stunts.

It's not like Cecilia praises me and makes me a heavenly dog.

"Nah, you look happy."

"Oh, you bet. I found Raven. Come on, capture, capture."

"... well, okay. All right, I'm ready to take you into custody."

Duke is willing to go anytime with a rope that looks sturdy and chains with padlocks to see where it was removed from.

I can't stop treating Raven like a criminal.

"But I like that kind of thing, Duke. Cooperate and start Operation Raven capture!

Roger that.

"... you end up like this"

Oh, boy. Itemy Cecilia.

I already have the look of giving up something.

Gradually, I think Cecilia's getting used to these happenings, too.

"It's all Raven, and because it's for Happiness. Yes, Cecilia's Minutes of Rope"

"I don't want to!

"Well, what about the collar"

"It's cool!

Both me and Duke were turned down.

Well, the way Cecilia ties Raven up with rope or collars and pulls him around is a bit...... and feels like she wants to see it......

"Mr. Yowki, you're not thinking weird, are you?"

"Yes, I haven't thought about it!

To Cecilia, who emits a cold voice that freezes my spine with no expression. I just, I could shake my neck vertically.

... Sometimes I wonder if Cecilia has a sharper feeling than me.

"Well, Raven, it's a capture operation, but Happiness and Irene are going to have you leave a message."

"I see. You're asking Happiness to amuse Mr. Irene."

If you leave me alone, there's a side to what I don't know, Mr. Irene.

Happiness is fit to be driven and alert around.

"I don't think so. Reverse, reverse!


"I'll have Happiness watched. It's more dangerous to make contact than you know what Raven's like right now."

"Uh, I see."

"That sounds better."

Both Cecilia and I follow Duke's plan.

... Mr. Irene, I'm sorry I doubted you, Happiness, please.

"Well, let's go."

"Oh, um... I went first, what shall we do?"



If you think Duke made the order, all of a sudden Mr. Irene is in for a conversation.

Besides, I seem to have brought unpleasant news.

"Did you go somewhere, Happiness?!?"

"Yes. I was talking while eating crepes, but Mr. Happiness was buying two crepes, so I asked him if he was going to eat two, and he said, together, he ran away..."

Together, I mean, you were buying Raven's share, too?

Good for you, Raven, and, Happiness, let's correct it.

You're not craping more than Raven, you're craping with Raven.

"Okay, it's neat!

"... maybe it doesn't really matter"

"No, it's kind of relevant"

"Is it a little... So it doesn't seem to matter in this situation. Let's go after Happiness."

"Cecilia is just through!?"

It's not bogus, but I thought you'd get a comment that included a little scratch.

"Mr. Yowki, please follow me. Because it's the only thing Mr. Yowki can do. Let's start with Happiness, because we have to rendezvous... I'm counting on you"

"Okay, I'll take care of it!

Where is the guy who doesn't work hard when he tells me he's counting on the kid he likes?

Let's try not to run wild.

"Mr. Duke, you're a captain and you're prone to change your expression. Speaking of which, it's not the same tone as when we met before we got together with you guys. It's not called multiple personality."

"In the meantime, Irene will arrive with a crepe."

"Ah, yes. So the captain..."

"Irene, I wanted to know so much about the world, but I knew it when I had to, and it didn't matter... Sometimes I regret it"

"Oh really?! Mr. Duke, I've learned."

"Okay, good for you."

He looks like a father who gets troublesome questions from his children and gets them across well.

Well, it doesn't matter what my cook two switches are on right now and my usual story.

"We're done talking nonsense, let's go, this way"

It's like I decided to move for Raven and Happiness today.

Shall we try our best not to empty it?