"By the way, Happiness and Raven. Which way do we meet?"

Now I'm using my sense of smell to track you both down.

Which one should I merge with first, considering later?

"Oh, you know. Does the captain know where they are?"

"Irene, do you have the candy I just bought here"

"Oh, I'll take it. That sounds like some kind of delusion..."

"Mr. Irene, please, it's a cookie I've been baking at the mansion"

"Wow... can I eat Cecilia's own baked cookies?"

I'm grateful that you two are in there to stop Mr. Irene and work on making things worse, or hiding who I am.

But I can't talk to you about this.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make my own decision.

The usual me would be running in Kitchen Two, but not today.

"Let's split up second-hand. Happiness should chase him if he goes straight down this alley. Because Raven is a little farther away. Stop Happiness and go after Raven."

Roger that.


"Uh. Wow, okay."

One, there are people who have no idea what the situation is, but it's a waste of time explaining it.

Mr. Irene, you need to get here somehow.

"Okay, I think same-sex is preferable here. Cecilia and Mr. Irene are Happiness. Me and Duke are gonna go after Raven."

All three seemed alike and shook my neck vertically.

Mr. Irene was completely untouched and looked like he was swinging.

Well, I don't care about the details.

Me and Duke went into the sidewalk to go after Raven.



"Will you leave Irene and Happiness alone, Cecilia?"

"... you'll be fine"

How dare you maneuver me, Cecilia?

As much as Happiness and Mr. Irene, I can afford it.

"Something seems to have an unintelligible basis"

It's either a prospect for Duke, or we've known each other for a long time, and we might not have a choice.

"Hmm, but I trust you. Cecilia said she could do it. The rationale is... you don't have to tell me."

"Uh, yes, yes. Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about the wildness."

"No, I didn't mean to..."

"Look, I'm gonna chase you to Raven soon."

I rushed to where Raven was while Duke gave me a cold look.

I was running and I noticed that the Raven one, seems to be aiming for an unpopular place to avoid the crowd.

"Where is Raven headed? You're going out of town like this."

I thought you were looking for a place to be alone.

"For the most part, you're thinking..."

What caused you to hunt down Raven so far?

It's not just one thing at sea, I think there's something.

"Um, I feel like I saw it, I thought it was normal tension today. So when we were to break up and act, we didn't say anything."

"Right... no, wait"

Speaking of which, on the move, you talked to Raven.

She asked me if Cecilia and I were already dating, and I...


"... do you have any idea?"

"Oh, maybe not. Raven, I was wondering about my relationship with Cecilia. I thought you were dating already."

"Wow... if you're in Raven's mental state right now, you're going to get it wrong in the wrong direction"

I was convinced then, but I don't know when I covered Cecilia, how did it explode?

I also watched about Duke and Mr. Irene, and maybe I think I am.

"... I'm starting to feel the opposite of going to see him"

"I can't leave you alone any more. Don't you think it's better to do it and then regret it than to regret it?"

"… is the use of that word appropriate to the current situation"

Even though it's a running conversation, I think we can calmly analyze it inside.

Well, I ran into Raven while we were having this exchange.

Look at our faces, they look so bad.

"Yes, it's over."

"... you've been following me"

"Well, I guess so."

You shouldn't be breaking up like that and going to the next spot.

"Well, I'll come back after I hear you talk. I haven't digested my plans yet."

"... what happens when I get back like this? I ran away without saying anything."

"Isn't that what you did at Raven's convenience? Neither I nor the captain can take responsibility for that. But what are we gonna do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? It would be foolish to act without thinking about the rest."

Duke preaching long, pale and pale is when you're seriously angry or you want to get your opponent back to sanity.

Let's leave it to Duke.

Looking aside, Raven began to look away to see if Duke's words worked.

Duke doesn't miss that action.

"Why are you turning away from me? Was it something backwards? Oh, now you've been talking.... Happiness is like my sister from me. When I first met her, I was disappointed if Happiness could make me happy."

You can say whatever you want, even though Raven won't say it back.

Well, I'm not a human resource person because I'm hiding something hectic, too.

"You're running away, aren't you? No way, because the captain and Cecilia were flirting, and you thought you were. Isn't that just jealousy? If you regret it, you don't want to do your best, or even think about making a fool of yourself. If you don't do that, I've been a fool to believe and support Raven."

Indeed, the hard work of those who have supported it when it ends here will also be in vain.

Duke was struggling with Raven and Happiness in person.

... I'm going into one of those hard-won things, too.

"... not much to say so far. Then you have no choice. Captain, I'll take care of the rest."

"Hey, you're taking turns here!?"

I'm refreshed to just say it, so I'm going home.

That's how Duke tries to get back the way he came... throw Raven round.

"You're done with what I have to say.... because the three of us are waiting at the usual cake shop."

That's what Duke left behind and left.

It was me and Raven who were left behind.

This situation, you left it to me, is that what you think, Duke?

"... let's just sit down"

This is a dim alley, lots of things left unattended.

Lowering his hips on the wood that was around him, Raven then sat down as well.

And silence rules the place.

I sat down to get my mind sorted out, so I should start opening my mouth from Raven when I'm done.

"... uh, I don't know when I've been scolded like that"

"Surprisingly, isn't it everyday tea?"

"... you must be"

Just a little bit, I was somewhat relieved to see Raven laughing.

"Hey, what do you want Raven to do?"

"Pity story..."

"I don't know, I don't know."

I only want a definite answer now.

It remains vague. It remains vague.

If you want to divide it, you better put it on.

It would have been nice if today was a triple date that would have ended with noise, as usual.

I just need to find some answers more than it's been like this... no.

Maybe it's a favor.

"... I know, as much as I can't stay like this. requests at sea, you will remember"

"Oh, I won't forget."

Even if they tell you to forget that relentless right straight, it's inside, it's hard.

It was a request that something else happened that wasn't planned.

"... said there was a secret"


"I suppose you have something to hide from me."

The one from Happiness, were you trying to splurge about who you are?

But you have no idea when, you know, we talked about that.

"... well, I have other unforgettable memories, but that's just for me and Happiness"

"Oh, wow."

Definitely that moment when I was forced out.

Raven's unwilling to talk, either, or he doesn't want you to know.

Hmm, let's just make it a reminder for the two of us without pursuing it here.

"... so, in secret. Happiness would not usually put emotions on his face. Happiness at that time... I think he had a frightened look. It must be serious."

"Well, you can guess."

"I'm anxious if I can take her story.... No, you might not even be able to talk to me like you are now"

"What are you trying to say?"

"... eh, I was... jealous to see Yowki treating Cecilia normally and talking friendlily. Duke is right. I'm so worried, I'm in pain... I'm disqualified as a knight. Not only am I not brave enough to take on all of the women I like, but I honestly can't be happy with the love of my friends and friends"

I meant to sit down to calm it down, but it's been a hell of a development.

I didn't think Raven was sick so far.

No heart or I feel the dimness in this alley has increased.

Raven was silent again and seemed to be waiting for my word.

You look fit when words of curse and scorn come.

I have a kind word for Raven like that...

"You can't call me!!

I can play something in me.

I wanted to be a normal, mediocre, seemingly everywhere young man today!

"Pfft, jealousy is something everyone has. I'm not pessimistic. Instead, you don't think anything when you see someone you like flirting with the opposite sex!

"That's why..."

"Wouldn't you!? If you don't care about a good opponent, I don't think anything. I mean, it was to that extent. How about that, Raven? Are your thoughts on Happiness to that extent?"

"... no"

"I guess so. Then you just have to stay honest with each other. If you don't have the courage, I'll push your back or something. Who do you think I am? Instead of being jealous, one way or the other, I'm on the side of it!

Surrounded by Leah, don't make fun of me for living.

Here, a decision pose for a long time.

I've unsealed it, I'll have you with me until I get back on my feet, Raven.

My cook two switch just turned on.