"Come on, get up! Are those legs just ornaments? Time to sit back is over."

I'm sending Raven to Happiness.

I'll spend as much shame on it as I want.

... No, this shouldn't be called shame.

What I'm doing now because of my friends and ex-boyfriends...!

"It's not just the feet that get up. And my heart. Your heart can't be that soft. I said that because I believed Duke would get back on his feet, too."

Duke's words weren't just filled with anger and frightening emotions.

He said he was waiting, too, and I believe Raven.

"Let's go, Raven. Sora, walk, run! Happiness is running for you. Let's just rendezvous.

"... oh. Yowki, I'm sorry...... no, thanks. Kind of looks like the idiot I was worried about. No, you should make this an experience, too. Either way, I'm an idiot."

"Huh, don't worry! If Raven's an idiot, I'm gonna go over it!

Raven turns a blind eye to what I say.

And I opened my mouth wide and laughed out loud.

"... Ha ha, Youki. So you're a big idiot?"

"Raven, you thought I was normal."

"... that question would be something to use when weighing others. Besides, the way you hear it is like Yoki himself admitting he's not normal."

"Too bad, Raven. My presence is not sweet enough to describe it in words!

I'm not the man who ends up with three letters of the word "Kitchen Two Disease."

"... I wonder what the hell we're talking about"

You seem to be lying about your dark face until just now, and you can't stop laughing.

This wasn't rampant and the story went in a weird direction, and you wouldn't believe me when I said it was all in the math.

Well, I don't have to do calculations right now, but if I realize it, I can get to my destination.

"If you can do that face, you're all right now. I'll be right back, if it's too late, Duke will scold me again"

"... right. Duke will be tired of watching out for the same person over and over again on the same day. I'll keep my head down."

"Naturally...... but. We're just getting started today. At best, work hard but good"

"... oh. But let me stay natural today without force. I can't stop laughing at myself. I guess I forgot to take a break these days."

"Hmm, sure, there was an apathetic day, but I wasn't resting. Instead, sometimes I get tired of worrying..."

I can't believe I was resting well in that state.

"It's my weakness, though. Besides, I'm going to have some pure fun today.... there's no deep meaning, so you don't have to think about it"

"Enjoy it purely... then I'll open it all up too"

"... I think Yogi should save Cecilia so she doesn't have to struggle."

"Hmm. Well, by the time we rendezvous, let's get back to normal. My powers, on and off are free and free!

"... Yogi is Yogi"

"It would be obvious. I'm me. What are you saying?"

Raven says strange things too.

No, maybe Yoki wanted to say he was cheerful.

Or I don't know if I took the wrong pronunciation.

"... right. I said strange things."

"Phew... I don't know, is it time to head to the cake shop? Those who are waiting for us may be cutting the numbness."

"... oh, let's go. I have to be prepared for too much waiting."

"I can cut through there myself...... no, I'll have to accept it"

For what I know it's preaching imperative, I wonder if it's depressing to go back, and from the look on your face, it doesn't seem like it.

I was relieved that this would be okay, and I took Raven to the cake shop.

"Good job, Mr. Yowki. You were able to bring Mr. Raven back safely.... Mr. Youki doesn't seem safe."

"... if there's a hole, I want in"

I was definitely sealing it today, but I was deciding to be a good young man!

Always more. Kitchen two, how much more, motherfucker?

Currently, I was stuffing myself with shame when I got to the cake shop and the kitchen two switch went off as if the role was over.

... and I can make a picture of Cecilia embracing me in boredom.

"Mr. Yowki, it's a cake. They say it's a new one. Let's eat together."

"Ahhh...... sorry to be on track. If it was over there...... I ran my mouth too far. I hate this mouth."

"This time, Mr. Yowki did everything he could to get Mr. Raven back on his feet. As a result, Mr. Raven recovered this way. I didn't do anything wrong, so cheer up."

It hurts the kindness of Cecilia, who crouches in and talks to me so that I can have the same gaze when I'm sitting on the ground physically.

Totally pitiful man round out.

I know but... the damage is too great.

"... Damn, why is it more depressing this time to go bring him back? I don't know what that means."

"... strange"

"Oh wow... uh, I'm comforted too..."

"No, I'll leave it to Mr. Cecilia. You'll be used to the captain."

Even if I'm depressed, my ex-boyfriend can say whatever he wants.

Duke, that doesn't mean I'm gonna throw it at Cecilia because I'm in trouble.

Well, unpleasant predictions are meddling, and Duke takes his gaze off me and Cecilia.

"Are you home? I thought the captain would do it. I'm talking about Raven, so I didn't think it meant he wasn't coming back."

"... n"

Duke looks relieved and Happiness isn't particularly angry or gives Raven the crepe he bought.

But inside, Raven doesn't receive crepes.

I was just standing up.

I was disturbed, too, and I'm going back to sanity to see how Raven is doing.

"... listen to me"

Words of apology out of Raven's mouth.

That's probably why I apologized, because I made you wait and annoy me.

But an apology in the voice, not a brush talk.

There must be Cecilia and Mr. Irene who don't want their voices heard on this occasion.

That's why he said he was also talking to me when we had a conversation on the way to the museum.

"... I'm sorry we got out on our own even though we were all having fun. Duke, too, and I'm sorry you made a plan and ruined it. I'm really sorry for my selfish behavior."

Everyone reacts differently to Raven lowering his head.

Perhaps Duke thinks the same thing about me, finally breaking his shell.

I'm confused that Cecilia just can't calm down either, but she's in the look on her face.

Mr. Irene is in a hurry from earlier, so parallel lines.

Happiness is... he's opening his eyes, he seems most surprised.

"As it were, well, I caused you trouble, and you deserve to apologize. The captain and Cecilia are coming this way. Eat some cake and pause."

Duke's decree brings everyone back to sanity.

After that I spent as planned by Duke...... I think.

Because I broke my vows once, I took two cooks in a row everywhere.

Pulled by Cecilia, the loop of attention and reflection, and regret.

Mr. Irene showed off his hands-on twister, and from time to time Duke was too busy to take care of himself by following him.

The point is that it has been a day of constant laughter.

Raven was completely revived, and me, Duke and Cecilia were relieved.

But a few days later, another problem arises.

Happiness left a note and disappeared.