Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I took a look at my ex-boyfriend's readiness.

"I see, I mean, Happiness asked me to ask Mr. Sophia for a long vacation. I rejected it because I didn't explain the reason enough, but I really meant that the day after I allowed it... I just left a note and he said he was gone."

"Yes, that's for sure"

Sophia floated blue on her temples or gave me an explanation to the disappearance of Happiness in a pale tone.

Dude, it hasn't been that long since my last triple date... what's he doing?

At first, there were some weird misunderstandings. I was there, but it fitted all the way in and it felt good.

Cecilia tells history about the stone statues in the square, or you get to the point where Mr. Irene, who has always reached a little behind Duke, should not arrive.

Happiness would have had a friendly crepe while walking next to Raven, too.

"Hmm, I can't think of any reason to disappear in retrospect of how Happiness has been lately"

"Really, I thought Master Youki might know something about the situation.... I didn't expect you to disappear without telling me where you were going"

"... apologize on his behalf"

I bow my head deeply to Mr. Sophia.

Happiness is like family.

What's wrong with you is...

If he was listening, he would look disgusted.

"No, there is no need for Master Youki to bow his head.... when I get back, I'll tell him plenty."

That's right, super-made chief, Mr. Sophia.

I've eaten Mr. Sophia's sermons several times, too, so let's just say a silent prayer to Happiness.

"Okay.... and I wrote it down when I decided to disappear."

I got a Happiness note from Mr. Sophia.


A month later, the exploration came, Edge Forest.

That's all it says.

"It sounds like Happiness, but... leave a note for whoever sees it"

All I can decipher like this is me and Duke, Seek.

"I guess this is some kind of cryptography. I wasn't sure. He said he worked at the mansion with you."

I'm a little sorry to hear that, Mr. Sophia.

I don't think I have to figure this out.

"As far as the writing down goes, it may be too much to say that you are missing. It says," Come pick me up. "

"… to this writing down, is it"

"Well, there are some texts that only we know."

I can't help it if Mr. Sophia doesn't know.

A month later, as it were, the search came looking for it.

The problem is Edge Forest, this is all I know about Seek or Duke.

The woods on the edge of Happiness, perhaps, the woods where Duke picked up Happiness.

It doesn't even say what you're doing there.

"You're not doing anything dangerous."

"Hmm. I don't know what I'm doing, so I don't know what I'm doing..."

What do you mean, come look for me after a month?

I guess it's not just a petite runaway or anything.

"... well, you can't help it. We can't cause any more trouble to Master Youki. Let's just say a month from now."

"Oh, is that okay? We can locate it, so if you want, you can go find it."

"I don't mind if the writing down also said the length of your stay went anywhere. I also accept long holidays in Happiness, and let him do as he pleases."

It's like a mother who forgives my child's self.

But there are times when you just leave a note like this and you don't come home.

It's hard work, but I can't say it directly from my mouth.

If Sophia is also a maid chief, I think she's had that night-runned experience or something.

Silently tilting her neck, Mr. Sophia makes a bare gesture as if she knew what I was thinking.

Well, bareback means just close your eyes and nod once.

But this is also evidence that Mr. Sophia used reading minds.

"... Dear Youki. You can't read someone's mind to me. I told you so many times."

"No, no, I'm using it in a progressive fashion right now."

"It is impossible for anyone, such as to read the mind. And... if you can read your mind, life can get really boring."

"Mr. Sophia, you're such an adult"

"Because I have a free husband"

Yeah, Clayman's wife is in trouble.

I perceived Mr. Sophia's hard work and thought it was good luck.

"I think it would be better for him if I showed him a little bit."

"Right. I'll think about it in the future, if you need anything."

I hope it's time to graduate and get serious about self-depravity.

But what will remain if I pull things out of Clayman like sloppy, soggy, or troublesome?

Love for Mr. Sophia...... Isn't it the only way?

"Something's deep. He said he'd like someone."

"... I thought you didn't have to think deeply about it. Just don't forget how you feel about them. Just my one-sided thoughts… it seems time"

Look at the clock. Mr. Sophia breaks the story off looking sorry.

I'm so sorry to hear that you were about to hear the secret to being a lovely couple.

"Thank you for having responded to my sudden call today"

"It's a problem within you. Don't worry about it.... or plenty of moxibustion when I get back."

"I understand."

The price you're worried about is going to be huge, Happiness.

As always, Sophia, who bows beautifully, drops me off and I leave the mansion.

I'm home.

I came back to the inn where no one was anymore.

Don't hang up, when I feel so smug that my voice doesn't come, in the morning, I realize something I didn't have when I woke up.


It's on my desk. The potty.

Captain, while it says, the sender is quite squeezed.

"I knew it, Happiness. What... Oh, come on. Is he a child?"

Because I want to talk about it, I want you to come alone.

Not in a month.

Besides, if you read it, you're not going to make a dangerous request to dispose of it.

Burn the letter and dispose of it instantly, thinking it wouldn't be limited to Happiness.

It shouldn't have been long since the letter was put down.

Still, you'll be in Minerva, so it's easy to find.

I immediately discovered Happiness shopping for travel support.

"... oh"

"For a long time. Well, I don't know why. Just do it my way."

"... serious"

In person, this case doesn't seem to be a joke.

I know when I'm on a journey schedule.

"Well, he wants to talk about it. Where are you going?"

"... this way"

Happiness tells me, but I'll stay and get there.

While I was walking, I tried to observe Happiness, but I didn't feel any particular abnormality, etc.

Or I was treated perverted by what I was observing, yeah, there's still no abnormality.

"Isn't that the captain?"

"Was Duke called, too?"

There was a Duke figure in the place I was shown.

I guess Happiness called me in, not by chance or something.

Apparently, you and I need something.

"… Assembly"

In accordance with the decree of Happiness, the three of us form a circle.

It is an unowned tavern on a less popular street.

I guess I don't want anyone else to ask me that I have designated a place like this.

I think Duke's paid for it, but I'll see if anyone's around just in case.

"... okay, looks like there's no one else in this store but us"

"That's right, captain. I want you to stay alert."

"Copy that. Is this everyone?"

"... yeah"

"All right, you've got your face."

"Well, I think it's hard to talk, so the circle is over."

"... no extraneous"

"… Agreed"

Untie the circle at the end of the confirmation, and me and Duke will sit in the right chair.

It was Happiness who called this time.

I guess Duke hasn't even been informed about what you're talking about, seems a little restless.

"... me, ha"

I can see Duke took a breath.

Happiness began to speak firmly, even with one word.

I'm not used to it because I've only heard about it before at sea.

"Be prepared, because you have decided... tell"

"Tell him what?"

He didn't pursue Happiness about what he said, and he decided to listen.

For a minute of calm, I still think Duke is a good listener.

But just as Duke also heard the next word uttered, he couldn't help but be stunned.

"To him, about me. Tell them who you are."

"Or is he, no way..."

I can see sweat coming out of my forehead.

As much as I can tell myself, I guess I'm upset.

Duke doesn't move either, sitting in a chair.

"... Raven, to"

I knew somehow that I didn't have to ask, but when a name comes out of his mouth, he makes me recognize that that's the answer Happiness gave.

It's just... me and Duke don't know what to say to Happiness.

Some Happiness appeared ready, and me and Duke would have looked even dumber.

It's just the only thing I've been sure of.

... More than this has happened, Happiness and Raven can't have a halfway relationship anymore.

Don't make the choice between accepting or rejecting it.