"No matter what happens, will you regret it?"

"... yeah"


"Hey, captain!? Isn't that too easy?"

Apparently Duke questioned my acceptance.

I don't know what to say, if Happiness made this decision, there wouldn't be room to stop it.

"I was forced to take a break and leave the mansion. I'm already ready at that point... right?"

Happiness nods at my question.

It would be no use to say anything more than this happened.

Duke is more attentive than I am, that's about what I realize.

I'm not stopping you, it's just like giving a final notice.

"Do you?... Happiness is not a child either.... Still, let me tell you. If Raven doesn't take it... he's gonna lose it all. Both working at the Mansion and getting along... of course, I won't be able to see Raven."

"... I know"

"You're also going to investigate the captain's relationship with us. When that happens..."

"... annoying, not bothering"

"Duke, that's..."

Should I say what we can see with those eyes?

That's about as good as I think.

'Cause you're not one of us.

"Captain, I hope you don't look at me like that.... do I look like the kind of man who runs into his own protection?"

"... No!

It was Happiness who forcefully denied it.

Come on, isn't this schematic like I'm the bad guy?

I think it's like my daughter's nest.

I understand it's important, how Happiness's behavior may change around you.

Well, I'm not trying to tell Duke to stop.

When Raven fell in love with Happiness and found out Happiness had a crush on Raven, he thought there would be a story about who he was.

That means now.

I'm talking about sooner or later.

"Okay, 'cause I got it. Talk back, talk back."

"Right. What I'm trying to say is that what Happiness is trying to do affects you more than you think. It's not a nuisance or anything like that."

"... yeah. But I am."

"If you're such a smart Happiness, you know that."

"Dude, what have you been talking about?!

"No, it just wasn't sneaky to send them out normally.... So, Happiness, no matter how it turns out, you don't have to think about us. Because it's like a family we've had a hard time with for years. I don't know how the captain bothered me. I don't care."

"Hey, here."

Use the word "held" around here.

I would feel sorry for myself.

"... ahhhhh"

"Yes, sir. You don't have to cry. You'd better keep your tears."

Duke strokes and encourages the head of the sobbing Happiness.

I didn't do anything.

What is this feeling of air?

In the meantime, you're sure to drop Happiness off.

It's pathetic to be out of company, and it'll take time for Happiness to stop crying, so let's bring him in.

I disappeared, flesh-strengthened and fiercely dashed.

The target was captured as vividly as the kidnapper and returned to its original location.

"Look, say hello to your sister"

"Uh-huh. Suddenly, what's wrong?"

It's Seek who brought him here.

It's kind of like he's not the only one here.

It would be a good idea for all of us to drop him off at times like this.

Happiness has stopped crying, and it's just fine.

"Oh, you brought Seek?"

"Oh, sort of."

"... Seek"

"What do you mean?"

Seek doesn't seem to know anything.

Maybe Happiness didn't deliberately call Seek?

In case Happiness fails to confess and disappears, the young Seek is quite shocked.

... I might have done something extra.

"Seek, Happiness is now trying to do something serious that will shape the future. That's why we're all here for you."

"It is. Good luck, sister Happiness. I'll be there for you."

"... thanks"

Duke put it together for me to be good.

I really didn't do anything.

It's too bad you're the captain.

"Hmm. You rely on Duke. Sorry, Happiness. After all, this is how I can only drop you off."

"... not worthy"


"... lying, captain, thanks"

"What... Happiness just told me?"

This is a fussy situation.

I immediately put my hand on Happiness's forehead to see if there's any heat.

... Okay, they don't have heat, good.

"... uncomfortable"

They played the hand I had on my forehead saying I was relieved, the usual happiness.

"Captain, it's like zero delicacy."

"Ba Ka"

"You can say whatever you want, you guys!

That one's my fault, but I'm not convinced, so it's me chasing you both.

Duke and Seek fleeing while making cursing noises.

Happiness laughs quietly when she sees things like that.

It could change the four of us, or it could be the last... we had a routine.

Leaving a word of gratitude, Happiness left.

We headed to the woods, and if I said what I was going to do for a month, it would be a prep period to get back to where I was.

Duke was supposed to tell Raven well.

Cecilia...... apparently all she knew was that Happiness took a sudden break.

I told him the circumstances, but I didn't do anything to stop him in particular.

Cecilia also seemed to have such an idea sooner or later.

If this happens, the rest is for the two of us.

Raven would be fine, but not sure.

I spent a month moaning.

"It's time, it's been a month. Happiness and Raven should meet in person to talk..."

I fall asleep on the bed in my room.

Or maybe already, just after we talked.

"Even though I'm worried about Happiness, I won't accompany you to the scene..."

I'm worried about Happiness.

But it was Happiness himself who wouldn't want to watch, so he stopped discussing it with Duke.

I'm supposed to look at Raven and deal with him.

Raven should avoid panicking, too.

If, in case you don't accept Happiness and our identities are lost, you will call us to an unpopular place and act secretly...

"I hope that doesn't happen...... ha"

Imagine the worst case I can think of, and I sigh.

Even if you're in your room, you'll just twitch.

"I think I'll go for a walk outside to change my mood."

Get out of bed and do your homework.

"... hmm?"

Some kind of pressure, like feeling very murderous.

I'm not a master here, so I don't feel anything like it.

In the meantime, I don't feel that a presence with great power is approaching.

"No way...... na"

I open the door to the room.

There was a raven there.

Knights Commander, I am putting together the temper that the name deserves.

"... we need to talk"

"Okay, okay."

I'll shut up and get to Raven.

I didn't want to imagine, just in case something happened.

With all kinds of emotions swirling, I decided to be ready.

I was led away from Minerva. In the woods.

The distance traveled was medium, but there was no conversation between us.

Probably no more intimate conversation...

Raven finally stops where he came deep into the woods.

Apparently, we've reached our destination.

"You mean you've come to such an unpopular place... it doesn't seem like it's just a story"

"... Youki, I have to slaughter you"

"Suddenly it's a direct ball, dude"

Pull the sword out of your sheath, Raven, and point it at me.

Apparently, I mean it, my eyes are serious.

This is totally good to see Happiness failed.

You'll feel like someone else when we meet at Demon King's Castle.

"I thought it would be you, I'm disappointed"

"... that's my dialogue"


You should talk this way rather than talk with your mouth.

Stormbrow, activate Instant Thunder to enter combat position.

In the meantime, we need to make him incapable of combat to see if Happiness is cheap or not.

"... here we go. I ripped off Happiness's feathers. Be prepared."

"... what?"

The battle began skilfully with my dumb voice.

Something seems different than the reason I thought...