"Wait, wait, what do you mean?"

"... I have ears to ask!

My fists cross reinforced by the sword of Raven and the magic of the wind.

Something's wrong, something's different, absolutely not.

Keep asking Raven as he recieves his sword.

"Hey, one stop. Because we're definitely not engaged!

"... I have a reason to fight"

"I'm telling you to wait because the reason isn't meshing!

My scratch feels so much-through, the offense continues.

I don't know if I'm going to get hit like this, or if I'm serious, I'm going to destroy Raven.

In the hands of capturing and discussing......


Because I was thinking, or a moment by Raven's sword, I was pushed.

Once, keep your distance and get back on your feet.

"Phew... whoops!

Shortly after breathing, Raven has instantly packed his time.

It's not like physical enhancement or anything, it's like sophisticated moves.

In a useless move, he releases his sword moves like he's hunting me down.

Wait, why are we fighting like this?

I feel stronger than I did when Raven met me at Demon King's Castle.

"I'm telling you to wait!

I cut the numbness and hit a chunk of wind from all directions, activating Strike Wind, the intermediate magic of the wind.

Restricting your behavior would also make you more adult.

"Strikewind" approached Raven, but was wiped out by a beautiful spinning slash.

Fine, I put in the magic...... Raven could be stronger than Yuga right now.

Raven slashes me at a glance when he sees obstacles to himself disappear.

"Come on...... do it!

I raise the level of physical fortification, turn around behind Raven, and hit him in the back.

Raven rolling flashly to the ground...... yet the sword remains in his grip.

The unpleasant feeling was brilliantly centered and arose as if nothing had happened.

How am I supposed to clean up now, this?

Do we have to beat him down until he faints?

If I do that, I'm afraid of everything later.

All right, let's hear what happened with the bump.

"What happened to Happiness... Yikes!

I play Raven's sword and ask.

"... everything, I heard"

Raven stayed with the sword, but spoke out.

If you don't pay attention to the answer to this, it sounds like a pattern of immediate resumption of battle.

"You... Happiness!

"Stop saying that! Looks like I did something to Happiness."

"I would have actually"

"That's why I had no choice. For him to live in Minerva, he needs wings. In the first place, without it, Raven might not have met Happiness."

"... Still. I can't pull."

"Why not!

What drives Raven so far?

I don't even have to think about it, it's Happiness.

"... Happiness's determination would not have been easy. Even before my anxiety that she might reject me, she believed me and confessed. I want to answer that."

"So you kill me!?"

"... don't worry. I also know what Yoki says. It's a beating."

"Your sword, it doesn't matter what you punch!

The sword used by Raven is a double-edged type of sword.

It's not the same as a knife again, so it usually kills me thoroughly.

"... I'll call Cecilia right away, it'll be fine"

"You're kidding!!

If you want to know who's going to get slaughtered easily, I'm going to put you in serious mode.

Make sure there's no one around before changing to the Demons.

It's been since Demon King Castle to fight Raven in this figure.

"... that's what Yoki really means"

"Raven knows I never meant it."

When this happens, I think I can already tell the difference in overwhelming power.

It may be sloppy, but I want you to lay down your sword.

When that happens, I want you to take your time and let me talk to Happiness.

"... apparently, the unbeatable opponent"

That's right, he's just doing the Knights Commander, and he seems to know how to pull it off.

Good, Raven is decent.


"But still, I don't deliver my sword!


How much can Raven not forgive me?

At the earliest, you remember hate and all that.

Can I wield evil feelings in my sword?

"... because I promised. One shot at a yolkie."

"That bastard!

I'm not asking you to be a lover and make a scene quickly.

The other guy is Raven, he's the Knight Commander.

Besides, it also shows off like the power of love.

Now I'm totally the bad guy.

"Raven, listen. This is Happiness's tea eye. It's the usual one. It's not like we're gonna bee this far."

"... Really?"

"At least it's not a fancy thing to do, even though it's not popular."


"By and large, I was snubbed by Cecilia at the time regarding the matter. It's on the girl's body.... Still, if you don't mind, you can hit me once."

I'm starting to understand that my boyfriend is worried about her.

If it's one shot, well... it feels good.

If I get beaten up, I'll make a quick recovery magic trick though.

Raven nodded silently at my suggestion and gave me his sword.

I'll just get one shot later.

"... Yogi, palm off"


When Raven did as he was told, the clench hit him lightly.

... Can you say that I was beaten?

"... let's go. So, that's it."


I end Demon Mode and walk beside Raven.

Looks like Ravenly satisfied, so good.


I handle the horns and wings that I don't need anymore as usual.

Hearing the sound of corners breaking, wings ripping, Raven glanced over his face.

"... doesn't it hurt"

"It hurts so bad, though"

Because I'm forced to break or chip parts of my body.

"... Happiness"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! Because he's not as good as me. Because it's like taking care of it."

I don't know if removing the wings is what you call care, but I need to follow up now.

"... Really?"

"Because. Look, let's go home. Anyway, Happiness's waiting for you when you get home."

"... I'm not waiting. I'm going home to the Knights' dorm."

"Oh, well... bad. I jumped over a lot of things. I was wrong. The other two are living together, and I thought Happiness was cooking and waiting for Raven to return."


What the hell did Raven imagine?

I was confessed, 'cause the other day, the sun must be shallow.

I'm the one who said it... you know?

"Happy future."

Now he hit me in the head normally.

He was turning his face bright red, so I guess he was paranoid in some way.

"... don't mess with me, I'm gonna get mad"

"I've already got my hands on it."

I walk scratching the beaten part.

Maybe it's not a good idea to mess around too much, or maybe you got mad because it was a star.

"... when you get to the Knights dorm, let me talk to you about things"

"Okay, I know you're hearing this from Happiness, but let me talk to you, too."

Raven can be trusted more than this happened.

I don't know, the first friend I ever made.

Not that it's cooperation, but it's a good thing more people know what's going on.

Let's also talk about how I got into more detail about who I am.

Summarize the content of the conversation in your head as you get to Raven.

"... Welcome Back"

When I got to the Knights dorm, there was Happiness in front of the entrance.

It was a joke, but seriously, I waited.

Has Raven also been upset about this, for a moment, solidifies.

Then, when he restarted, he took Happiness's hand and walked out in another direction.

"... rescheduled. We're going to the Yogi Inn."

"Okay. Yes, Happiness."

"... what?"

Be careful about the jokes...... is the usual trick.

But now there will be more words to be spoken than that.

"... good for you"

"... ugh, hmm"

When I thought it was an unexpected word for Happiness, and I gave him a surprised look, I turned my face bright red and leaned down.

Is Raven lit up, too, or he's not trying to keep an eye on me.

The hand remained firmly held, and there was no sign of talking.

What, this rear-filled feeling.

What are you going to do in my inn room?

Maybe we should improve the plan we were thinking about.

In the meantime, a threesome of first couples and singles gather inside the room.

I plan to talk about trouble if you ask, so the perimeter's alert is adequate.

"... so what is this sitting position"

I'm sitting there facing me, but we're both in the right position.

"We're going out. Considerable posture in reporting…"

"What is my position!

You're too busy with swords pointed at you or reported socializing in such a way.

You're in such a delicate position, I am.

"... I've been consulted."

"... captain, family,"

"No, you said that by Duke.... Well, isn't it someone else at all?... So, what do we talk from? How did the two of you get together?"

I don't think it's a good idea to hear much about this, but I'm interested anyway.

The two of you are blushing for the sudden question, blushing just now.

You remember something, Happiness burying his face on Raven's shoulder on.

You're embarrassed and you're hiding your face, it just seems sweet to me.

Jealousy, I think.

"... The other day, Duke guided me to the woods. That's where it came from."

Raven started talking about the situation of the day.