Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked a friend and a former subordinate about...

Raven was led to the woods where Happiness waits.

Raven was worried because he knew Happiness had taken a month off and was missing, but had not been asked where or what he was doing.

Me and Duke kept our mouths shut, and I thought Happiness would have a good time.

"... are you sure there's a Happiness here?"

"I'm here. In these woods."

"... I came because you told me to come. Why isn't it dangerous to be alone in these woods for a month?"

"It's okay, because for Happiness, this is where we think it is.... in a good or a bad way."

It was Raven who questioned Duke's far-reaching statement, but Happiness's cheapness stopped him thinking immediately because he was worried.

Duke's leg stops about halfway into the woods.

"Raven's going alone from here."

"... what?"

"There's a situation.... I'll wait at the entrance to the woods."

"Hey, wait, Duke!

Raven tried to stop Duke from walking away without much explanation.

But it seems Duke left without ever turning around.

I think I had something to say... maybe I didn't dare say anything.

Neither did Raven try to force him to stop, but he kept walking to the back of the woods.

"... don't hear anything. Is this... Happiness singing?"

Raven walked as if invited to the song.

Raven stops at the open spot.

Because I suddenly stopped hearing singing.

"... Happiness, are you there"

Raven looking around, but no Happiness.

But I only want to hear voices.

"... yeah"

"... why do you hide yourself"

Raven stares at the giant tree where Happiness is hiding.

They guessed from where they heard voices and grabbed a place.

"... thanks"

"... would I have done something"

"... Visit"

"... fu"

I thought it was the usual Happiness. Raven was relieved, or he laughed lightly.

You would have considered it a flirtation of thinkers, not disturbing your own pace.

"... this is my, the beginning, the place"

"... Beginning?"

"Yeah. Here, I..."

Suddenly, Happiness stuck in words.

Worried by his broken voice, Raven rushes to Happiness, hiding behind a giant tree.

"... no!

Raven is surprised to hear Happiness's strong words of restraint and stops.

And when I exhaled small, I sat down with giant trees on my back.

"... bad. Go on."

"... apologize"

"That's okay. I want to hear about Happiness."

"... yeah. So this is also my, end, place"

Happiness would have been caught by hunters if Duke hadn't been here.

Perhaps Happiness would have had another future at that point.

"... place with thoughts, huh? You wanted to tell me that?"

"... denial"

"... then what"

"... Raven, good to see you"

Sudden name calling, and the statement that I am delighted to have been able to meet myself.

Raven, well, his face seems to have turned red all at once.

"... together, spend time, have fun"

"... Hey, Happiness?"

"... if we can, all the time, together"

"Me too..."

Happiness was in front of Raven as he tried to say what he thought even as it lit up

But there he was, growing wings, Happiness as a harpy.

"... scared, scared"

Happiness sighed and uttered words to squeeze out.

"... fake, stay, bye. But when it's over, and I think,"

Raven softly hugged Happiness, who was about to cry out.

"... sorry"

Hearing Raven's apology, Happiness said no, he took it.

You closed your eyes and also decided to be ready for the end?

"Happiness might not have had to suffer so much if I had noticed."

"... Raven?"

"... I'm sorry I couldn't notice you"

"... refuse, don't?"

Speech in Happiness's trembling voice.

He said Raven, who felt anxious, decided to bump his feelings without any hesitation.

"... I won't. I like Happiness. Isn't that a reason?"

"... Oh, me, too, I like"

"... then you'll be fine"

You think the two worlds went on as they were, hugging each other enough to forget the time?

"... why am I remembering your confession scenes beautifully? Ooh!

I got up from my chair and barked.

Sweet, sweet, too sweet, what the hell are these guys!?

You're holding each other long enough to forget time, or you can be the Duke who keeps you waiting.

The two couples are sitting on the bed amicably.

Of course your face is bright red, that would be embarrassing and blushing.

"... well, it wouldn't be any other HR for Youki either, so I was trying to get you to listen"

"No, it's totally human resources."

"... Happiness."

"After all, you're the killer!

I laugh at you still blushing when I turn my gaze.

"… Success"

"Damn...... but Raven. It's an important memory for both of us. You're glad you told me that in this way."

"... Ah, actually"

"... truth"

"Hmm, truth?"

"... Shh."

"Hey, wait here. Well, now, every recap I've put together."

"... secret"

"Hey guys, not at all"

Let's keep our sharp scratches down.

I'm telling you this, but probably, no lies.

I don't have any certainty, but, well, if you'd seen the reaction between the two of us.

"Why, you're going to raid me there."

"If I was watching Happiness pull out my wings when I left... na"

Difficult, Captain, I seem to have been forced to say so.

"So you promised me a shot, asshole! Why did you run into a mess in such an atmosphere, Happiness?"

"... everyday, resentment"

"You have a grudge against me? Don't use your freshly made boyfriend for grudge processing in the first place."

"... well, it means Cecilia was scolding me too. As promised, you got me one shot."

Can you count that as one shot?

Though I don't bother to make statements that put me at a disadvantage.

"... hands"

"... oh"

Two small, high-touch people.

... I don't know, I feel like flirting starts here.

Don't remember when Guy and Teal were there.

But what's different from those two is that these guys still haven't.

Not that I could talk about people, but compared to Guy and Teal.

Not that it's not enough... Okay, let's give it some service.


I pushed them gently to fall asleep in bed.

Suddenly pressed, without much resistance, the end of the first step.

Next, I activated the "Saint Chain" and twisted them together in a chain of light.

"Hey, Youki! What are you going to do?"

"… disarm"

"Hey, I guess it's like caring from me. Take your time."

I activated Bright Eat on the finish just before I left the room.

Now during the day, even with the window curtains closed, it's somewhat bright in the room.

However, the Bright Eat also eliminated the slightest light and darkened the room.

Completely intimate in the Saint Chain, dark in the Bright Eat.

I've become a lover, and there will be a lot of stories about Raven and Happiness.

I think we should deepen our interactions while feeling each other's presence.

"In the meantime, we both... good for you. Congratulations!"

I left word of celebration and closed the door to the room.