"Excuse me, Cecilia.... help me. All of a sudden, I know you're visiting me and asking me for something unscrupulous."

"So, are you okay!?"

I came to see Cecilia without even taking an appointment.

I had something important to ask Cecilia.

And why Cecilia is in such a hurry to worry about me, because I'm in a fragile state.

Well, it has to do with the errands I'd like to ask for.

"Damn, I'm alarmed. I can't believe I made this mistake. Soon I will recover myself..."

"What kind of opponent was it that Mr. Yowki could be cornered so far?"

"No, I don't know what kind of opponent that is... anyway, I need Cecilia's help. I can't do this alone."

Grab Cecilia's hands and appeal to desperation.

As a man, you might ask me how I'd like to do a favor like this, but things are so bad that I have to do them now.

"... ok. But you're the one who's going to hunt Mr. Yowki down so far, aren't you? How helpful I can be with my addition..."

"No, they're... Oh, no, they're here already!

They're coming in as far as I can sense.

When I get here, I can only count on Cecilia anymore.

"Coming, what?"

"Please, I need your help convincing me!

"What the hell is persuasion... Mr. Yowki, what have you done"

Cecilia's expression turned into a frightening and creepy feeling.

But you already told me you'd cooperate, and you'd be fine, yeah.

I hear footprints from outside the room, and it's already a hassle to get away with, so let's be prepared.

"Actually, I didn't seem to mind if I celebrated Happiness and Raven..."

"Yes, so?"

"We're being chased around by the two of us..."

"Wouldn't you deserve it"

I got a very cold word back.

Though I do think I acted inconsiderate without thinking about it, too.

Isn't a situation where we're alone in the dark good for lovers?

I wonder what neither of us cared about.

"... Anyway, we're already on the verge. I need you to mediate!

"Ha... once, I accepted, and this is the only time."


At the stage when the negotiations were concluded, an inorganic voice was heard from the door.

"... sorry, Cecilia. There will be yolks here. Give it to us. I'll leave the mansion later."

"... capture, take"

Motivated aura comes through the door.

This guy tastes so bad, involving Cecilia is still something you might as well have stopped.

"In the meantime, please go up. Let's calm down."

Cecilia normally opened the door and invited them in.

He's still going to jump at me, I'm afraid.

I guess the reason I don't do that is because this is Cecilia's room.

"... Yowki"

"... annihilation"

"Fair enough, please, have a seat. Can you tell me more about it? I was worried about Happiness taking a long vacation, too."

"... acknowledge"

"Mr. Raven heard rumors, too. You think the support from the knights is rising more than ever? And then there was this talk among the orphanage kids about admiring Mr. Raven. Do you have any plans to visit?"

"... to me?"

"Yes, there's tea and tea treats, and why don't you take your shoulder out and talk slowly"

Cecilia is already starting to set up, saying what do you think?

They sat in a chair normally instead of looking like a bump......

"... I had no idea Cecilia would be on my side"

"... against the rules"

"No, no, I'm not on my side or anything... you're right, I'm reflecting"

Sitting in a chair shrinks. If I get well here, Cecilia will join me. It could be a full bocco from the three of us.

... No, wouldn't Cecilia do that too?

It's just, you know, there's a place for me to sit for the rest of you.

"... I had no idea when the restraint was going to be lifted, so I whimpered. I don't know if I can get out of here."

"Really? Haven't you torn it if you care about it? Did you get out of it after it completely expired in the first place? I'm not on the spot, so they don't supply me with magic. I mean, the bindings of the Saint Chain must have weakened a little bit."

Nevertheless, I wonder why I couldn't pull it off by force.

"… dull"

"Why am I blunt?"

"... I like it"

Happiness is entangling his own arms in Raven's arms to sweeten him.

Suddenly you started delving right in front of me and Cecilia, this guy.

I don't know how this works, how did this happen?

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Raven didn't take a hard way for Happiness."

Cecilia brought tea and tea treats, but she seemed to be listening to us as we were getting ready.

"Mr. Youki held Happiness and Mr. Raven together, didn't he? And if Mr. Raven tries to break the Saint Chain forcefully, Happiness will be burdened."

Right, and Cecilia nodded embarrassingly when she confirmed to Raven.

How long will Happiness be sweet?

Were you the type to be so aggressive?

"… training, shortage"

"What training!

"Fair enough, Mr. Yowki. Congratulations to both of you."

"Something tells me these two are married."

Yes, the current collaborative mouth shot produced two red fruits.

"Mr. Youki..."

"I guess I just said what I thought."

I whistle and look in the direction of the window.

Hey, whenever you come, the view from Cecilia's room is a beautiful one.

"... Youki, remember"

"... eight rips"

"Happiness, your words are purely scary"

"Mr. Yowki, you mustn't say anything you think right away. You also need to think before you say it."

"They normally didn't let me out of Cecilia!

From a third party's point of view, I wonder how our interactions look.

... no sign of a servant, yeah.

Caution should be exercised because if asked, there is also a mix of unsavory stories.

"... well, anyway, you've caused a lot of trouble and worry to Yoki and Cecilia. Sorry, and... thanks"

"I'm not making a big deal of it."

"I don't remember either. I feel like I've been doing all the things I don't need"

"... No"

"... Happiness is right. Tell me if you need any help in the future. Be sure to help."

"... Promise"

I didn't expect to be so thankful from two nascent couples.

Until now, where were the two of you hunting me down with a terribly perfect combination?

Is this Cecilia's power, or is it just a shame that I'm a stand-alone product?

"Okay. But now would be a good time to take care of both of us."



"Make it full of anniversaries for the two of you. I don't think it's a bad idea to make memories like that. For example, the anniversary of the two of us sleeping in bed together."

"Mr. Yowki, why did you make the analogy that day..."


The air seemed to flow for a moment like we were telling a good story......

The air they served was sweet, as was the tea treat Cecilia served.

I was sweet with the stuffing.

In the end, I sat down and reflected on myself that day.

The sight of Cecilia in the throne and me in the main seat is becoming everyday...... no way.

Well, the position of me and Cecilia will remain the same.

Though that's what I thought on this day.

No way, Cecilia was sitting in the front seat within a month of this incident, and I never thought she'd be in a position to comfort me.