Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get a consultation from the kid I like.

"Oh...... what shall we do? It wouldn't have happened if I'd stayed strong."

"No, no, 'cause it's okay. He said it wasn't that much of a concern!

Cecilia, who is sitting upright regretting her own failure and showing her intention to reflect, is wolfish in tears.

I've never seen Cecilia like this before, because she has a strong image of Cecilia the Firm.

But I can't feel that image at all from Cecilia right now.

In the first place, why is Cecilia panicking so much, because about half of it is also my fault.

"My usual behavior created a cause for mistakes, and I'm bad, yeah"

"That's not true! This is my personal mistake ahead of my own."

"No... but I don't think so"

I can't believe you made a mistake with someone dressed in a full kitchen II outfit, like Cecilia. That's a mistake that doesn't seem like it.

"What was he like?"

"... he wore the same mask as what Mr. Yowki was wearing. He wore a blue scarf on the neck, a black leather armor and a steel gauntlet on both hands."

"You look like you like me, dude."

Chef's two hearts tickle, I think it's a good choice.

"I thought I was Mr. Yowki too… I was disguised, but I talked to him as usual."

"You didn't say anything about who I am."

"Yes, it's just not good to be too conspicuous..."

"... what did he do, by the way?"

It's about the level that Cecilia needs to pay immediate attention to.

You're acting like you're under the illusion that it's me.

"We went into arbitration for the drunks we were fighting over, and we were controlling them with quick moves. And I said my name was…"

"Isn't that me?"

No, that's not true.

He seemed to have decided to pose, and his outfit looks terribly similar.

"I thought I was Mr. Yowki too, grabbed my arm and hurried away from the scene."

"No, I think it's a wise decision."

If I had done something that would have been such a fuss all over town, Cecilia would have had to stop it.

"I went to an unpopular place, and I put on the agenda what the disadvantages would be if the evil stood out too prominently, and we talked for about thirty minutes."

"A long story..."

If I was the one doing the stupid thing, I would have gotten that sermon.

"I didn't have the bare gesture I was reflecting on... I should have noticed at that point"

"Really. I wonder why I made a mistake."

Cecilia shouldn't make such accidental mistakes.

Well, it sounds like a complete Cecilian mistake to see this wolf.

"... eventually consider your position. I said I was worried."

"Wow, wow..."

You've run out of words, you're the one with a pattern of great reflection when I'm told.

Cecilia is holding her head in the right seat too... and I can count on Cecilia... everyone's mother Cecilia.

"Be rude in the first meeting... oh, what shall we do"

You always put a scratch on me when I think about something weird, and today I don't have it!

Not like this, Cecilia needs to have a sharp scratch.

"Let's find him first. If you regret being disrespectful to Cecilia, you should apologize."

Squeeze your hands in a refreshing way.

Usually the opposite is the case... which is why I do my best to follow Cecilia.

"... excuse me. With the help of Mr. Yowki."

"I'll take care of it. I'll definitely find my pussy."

You can't keep your helmet shut as a kitchen two costume style, black thunder demon swordsman.

"All right, I'll discover you with my sensory enhancement. That voice... I don't know. Smells... I don't know... what to do"

Me getting frustrated early.

I've never seen you before. It doesn't make sense to enhance your hearing and smell.

"Why don't you go where I broke up with him the last time? We might have a lead on something."

"... Speaking of which, when was this story?"

I was recently summoned by a former subordinate maid full of Leah, and when I got here Cecilia sat down.

I went into the explanation from there, so I haven't heard about the timeline yet.

"... yesterday evening. When I got home and told Happiness this story, Mr. Yowki said he was on a request with Guy yesterday."

"Oh, I was going to a nearby village with Guy as the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, and it was night when you came back"

Guy still only gets low rank requests.

The request I received was not a demon, but something that I want you to protect the animals I keep from wild dogs.

The fence breaks down and the wild dogs break in at night, so that was an easy request to escort them through the night until the fence was fixed.

Well, scared of me and Guy, the wild dogs didn't come at all, neither did the animals I was raising.

Even from the villagers, it feels like dealing with them from far rolls… only a few unafraid children have stopped by.

"Well, Kitchen Two's gonna have a lot of trouble."

"... Still, you won't stop"

"Naturally!... of course, it also weighs itself. All right, where the usual Cecilia comes out, we're on a search."

For Cecilia's sake, let's do everything we can to find those two chef bastards.

"Excuse me. Nice to meet you"

"Quickly, I'll be ready"


Cecilia didn't seem to know, but she's ready for something important.

If you've never met her, and you don't know her name, you can call her friends.

should be most effective.

"Gather around before the guild!

I told him where we were going to get together, and all we have to do is get ready.

Return to the inn, quickly transform, disappear and escape through the window.

Later, fly over the roof and land to your destination.

"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, ascend!

"... didn't you weigh yourself"

"Okay, Cecily. Me and him are likely to get pulled out and meet. My cook II draws him, his cook II draws me!

"... do you know the word" fellow haters "?"

Cecily stares at me with cold eyes.

All right, looks like you're totally back.

Now we're going to be able to concentrate and act without disrupting the pace.

"Come on, let's use the biggest information network I have... Clayman!

"Mr. Clayman is the biggest information network for the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

Take a sigh mixed Cecily and enter the guild.

With his cheek cane, he found Clayman compiling the paperwork.

It's strange because even though you don't seem motivated, the speed with which you clean up the paperwork is no different from the rest of the staff.

"What, what's up"

"I've got something to ask Clayman, my biggest information network!

"I'm not an informant. And this is the Adventurer's Guild."

"Huh, let's not do that. Sure, this is the Adventurer Guild and Clayman is the Deputy Guild Master. But it would be easy for Clayman to get information about the King's capital. I'm telling you, I swear."

"Oh, trouble stinks. Tell me what to do. I'll take care of it as far as I know."

"A boulder. That's why, Clayman."

"Does Mr. Clayman think it would be quicker to end the favor as soon as possible than to say no..."

I heard Cecily's question, but I only know what Clayman thinks.

Would Sophia... be familiar with her husband's style?

This couple still has a lot of mysteries, so I can't be alarmed.

But now the couple circumstances don't matter, all I want is information.

"What I want to ask you is, isn't there anyone around here who looks like me?"

"Ah.... Speaking of which, I heard recently that the strangely-dressed one who exorcises bandits and demons of his own accord is going to come out if you haven't signed up for the guild."

"You mean unregistered? So it's totally charitable."

"Oh, weird... I'm talking about you dressed in a distinctive way. You look just like you."

"Hey, I just said it's weird!

"It looks like he's named two names on his own."

My complaints are usually passed through and the story goes on.

Well, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman should also have a generous heart.

My aim is still far away.

"But I didn't know you even named two names"

"Oh. They call everything 'Ethereal Fire Steel Arms'.... don't you know each other?"