"I am a loner. I don't know anyone by that name."

"You're usually one of us. Like that big one. What's so lonely?"

"Hmm, you mean Guy. That guy will stand one more. My role is over."

"He's still rank E, not for standing alone.... I think we should stay behind before then."

"That's sweet Clayman...... Cecily is my guardian!

"You're not lonely or damned by the one who's coming to the guild with a guardian.... Oh, no. In the meantime, you want more information about him."

"That's right. That's the point!

Show your usual decision pose here.

I was anticipating the timing, but this is the only place I've been waiting for the moment.

"Wow, no, no, no."

Ruthlessly it ends with no information.

... No, no, what the hell is this massively slippery air!

I'm not turning around because I'm afraid to see Cecily's look behind me.

"Hey, why not? I didn't know that Clayman didn't have the information."

"I'm naming two names, it just means I'm dressed oddly.... Looks like he started working here recently. And all of a sudden, he showed up."

Just like you, Clayman.

At all, I don't know anyone who can hold steel arms or manipulate pale flames.

By and large, I haven't come to Clayman if I have any idea.

No way, I wouldn't expect Clayman, who I was guessing, not to have much information either.

"Apparently, being here doesn't make sense at the earliest."

"Oh, if you're done for, go. Go. I'm taking a break."

Left to say, Clayman pulled into the back of the counter.

A female employee chasing such a clayman.

That feels like you went to pay attention.

"Deputy Alliance Master. Didn't you just take a break an hour ago?"

"Uh, is that right? Well, that's good."

"It's not often. Now, get back to the counter. I'll tell your wife I'm not coming back."

"Hey, wait. Why is Sophia out here?"

"Before, when I met you, your wife asked me to give you a report if anything happened to your deputy guild master"


I heard the lonely voice of my husband blocked from escaping from his beloved wife from behind the counter.

I wish I could get the job done.

Why are you trying to trick me so far?

Let's not think deeply because it doesn't matter now.

"Well, let's go"

"Sophia, you seem to have a constant struggle at home."

"I guess we're talking about including that part..."

That couple is a love affair.

I'm just making sure Mr. Sophia doesn't spoil Clayman too much.

"By the way, Mr. Demon Swordsman. Looks like Mr. Clayman is off the hook, but is there anything else?"

"Hmm... no. But he got information that he was working all over the place. Let's take a little walk around town."

"Okay.... Sorry, I let you hang out"

"Never mind. The Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder helps at all times for his loved ones.... thats what it is"

"I honestly thank Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman today..."

"Come on, let's go!

I'll take Cecily and leave the guild.

The two of us are gonna walk around town and look... but I can feel our gaze.

Walking as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is inevitable to stand out, but today is more than usual.

"Are you telling me that my level of cooking has risen…? So much so that this is the gaze of envy for those who have reached even higher heights?"

Soon, it seemed like I was evolving into the next phase.

Absolutely, I'm afraid of something called talent.

"What are you talking about? The gaze that is directed at us is always the same, the eye that sees the odd."

"What!? That means Cecily is finally on this side of the residents..."

"Because it hasn't!

"Huh, it's a joke. I need Cecily to stay with Cecily."

"Oh...... I can't get out strong because I'm getting help"

Has Cecily's mourning reached God?

If it's arrived, I want you to hear her troubles and fix them.

"... what are you doing?"

"I pray that Cecily's mourning will reach God"

I lay my hands on one knee and pose to pray.

Look at me like that... I felt blue muscles running on Cecily's forehead.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, shall we move to a somewhere a little invisible? So many, let's pray."

"Yeah, I got it."

Me being dragged off as I sloppy.

After this, I will be praying to God in a different way.

But that's it.

If it's for Cecily, I'll be happy to feed Cecily.

First of all, it's my wish that you get the complete book in shape.

Well, maybe a little bit of a joke passed.

After all, I can't add or subtract from Kitchen II.

After this, I began to pray to Cecily with plenty of God...

"Come on, let's start the search again!

"Yes, you're counting on me, Mr. Demon Swordsman. … but please keep it on track?"

"Wow, I know. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman acts quickly to fulfill his purpose"

We gathered information where we promised not to waste it.

Aim for any sightings or any adventurers walking through town.

In order to do the request, there seems to be a pattern that I saw while I was running.

Quickly, I approach a pair of men and women who look like swordsmen and wizards.

Excuse me, may I ask you a few questions?

"What, yes. What is it?"

The swordsman's boy responded comfortably, though retreating.

Still, you're young...... a wizard girl would be about the same age.

I don't feel aura stuff, or maybe a new American adventurer.

But because it's a new America, it's more than likely we're being asked to do it all over town at first.

This can be expected from good information,

"Around here... wouldn't you have seen me?


"Something is wrong with the content of the question!

I got a sharp scratch from Cecily.

Indeed, the pair of men and women are consolidated in a way that makes no sense.

Hmm, apparently I'm missing the words I need to put on.

"Excuse me. Have you seen someone dressed like me in Minerva?"

"Eh, I've seen you dressed the same way a couple of times here lately. Not once today... Have you seen Nazha?

"Yeah. I didn't see it today."

"Well, you've taken the time. Sorry."

"Oh, wait!

I tried to leave early enough because I didn't get any powerful information and it was bad enough to make me take any more time, but I was stopped.

"What's wrong?

"Um, it's that guy. It's like I'm getting all kinds of favors from one end of the spectrum for free. Me and her embarrassed, as adventurers, still with a chick. I got rid of the work that we might be able to do... I don't know."

"If we keep doing this, we'll narrow the work we can do and we won't be able to live."

For the two new American adventurers, the presence of an ethereal steel arm seems to be a dead end issue.

It's hard to tell you to try not to get your job stolen.

That's why it's not good for me to leave him to me.

Do I help you here as a senior adventurer?

"Huh, in that case..."

"Rest assured. We'll meet that person. And be sure to deliver your voices."

"Ho, is that true!?"

"Thank you!

Cecily took over the show.

The two new American adventurers are turning their envious gaze to Cecily.

"But there's got to be something we can do to you guys in this situation. Please use your time effectively. And then... when you all become adventurers in public. If there's a new American adventurer in need... I don't think it's a bad idea to hold out."

Advice as a senior is also indispensable.

This is Cecily, no, the kindness of saving someone in Cecilia.

"I will never forget the words now!

"Wow, me too.... Oh, um, excuse me. Could you…"

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, let's continue collecting information!

Cecily pulls me and I stick her into the crowd.

That reaction, it felt like you realized who Cecily was.

Guess I guessed that and Cecily rushed away too.

Well, if we were making a scene, we wouldn't be able to move completely today.

I don't think we can catch him without gathering more information in the tunnel.

"At first, Cecily made a mistake, so we were searching in the name of that apology, but we got more purpose."

"Right. Don't go through the guild, and get requests from people for free to solve it. If this continues, there will be a need for guilds, lower utilization. Still, when it comes to C-rank, it sucks, and you get requests to go away, so life will be fine."

"Not from a low-ranking adventurer."

"I don't think moderate philanthropy would be a problem. But this time,"

"You're causing total confusion. Thought you could get pulled together with me... but maybe not."

"The Devil Swordsman has caused enough confusion."

I got a cold scratch from Cecily, and I couldn't argue with anything.