Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've done more searches with the kids I like.

"... Cecilia to Youki? I didn't plan to have any visitors, so my men told me they were here, and I thought they were someone."

"I'm sorry to bother you all of a sudden."

"... nothing. I was about to take a short pause, so I don't have a problem. More than that... What happened to Yoki?

When I saw it from Raven, I laughed bitterly, with red leaves on my face.

Cecilia didn't wear red leaves, she did it herself on the road to keep her temper up.

I was worried Cecilia might have done too much, but this is how much I have to do.

I'm sorry I didn't take your advice, but I'm too ashamed to move.

I had to get back on my feet under the word "hold on."

Then the happening that Cecilia's disguise spreads as a result of her evil prominence and attention, either because she had slapped her face multiple times while walking.

It wasn't physical, but I was to be reprimanded even more by Cecilia.

"Well, you deserve it"

Truly as the word goes, I can't say anything more.

"... Cecilia's in trouble too"

"No, because this time I'm asking Mr. Yowki to help me. … I thought I'd take it seriously to some extent."

"I will weigh myself as much as I can in the future..."

Don't forget this tenderness.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, if you don't leave your self, it will be horrible.

Think of it as a challenge for the future.

Leave me alone, Raven looks a little surprised.

"Cecilia's in Yoki? That's unusual, is something wrong?"

"Yes, I was actually looking for people. If you're from the Knights, I usually look around, so I was wondering if you have any information."

"... Looking for people"

"Lately, I've been looking for a guy named Steel Arm with Pale Flames who's been making a scene in Wang Du."

"... that's him"

Raven's face is a little bit, I think it's gotten steep.

... Is something wrong?

"That's right.... Sounds like the Knights are haunting their heads too."

"Oh, we're making a scene all over the king's capital. It seems he intends to be charitable... I solve things by force alone without paying anything back and without finding out why. Then, no."

"That's right."

"Articles destroyed by excessive use of force, drunken arbitration left with remnants of remorse, persuasion to those who become accustomed to imposing no consideration and make unscrupulous claims to the Adventurer's Guild. … is a pile of things to do"

Sighing, Raven glances at the mountainous paperwork on his desk.

Looks like I'm having a lot of trouble with my ethereal steel arm.

"Are you resting properly"

"... I've been busy the last few days. Since then, I haven't even seen Happiness. In the meantime, they came."

"Something... sorry"

"Excuse me, Mr. Raven"

"... I told you earlier. He said he was about to take a short pause. Never mind. So here's his info, but this map shows the date, time and region where he was sighted. Check it out."

"Thank you, Mr. Raven"

Cecilia glances at the map on her desk.

Raven has shown me a note in that gap so that I can only see him.

Long time no see, but why now...?

The note said they weren't dating, right?

I ask for Raven's expression.

A slightly suspicious glance was directed at the face with a build-up of performances.

... Maybe there are things I think about because we could be lovers but we can't make time for the two of us.

Shall I ask Happiness to plug it in later?

In the meantime, I gave Raven a note stating that next time he'd have to flirt a lot, I think he'd be sweet if he held his hand subtly.

"... you don't seem to be showing up anywhere today. Mr. Raven, does today's information already appear on this map?... Mr. Raven, your face seems red... but you're not feeling well."

"Yes, no, I'm fine. The map is kept up to date. No one came to report it to me either. You haven't shown up yet, have you?"

"I wish I hadn't shown up like this all the time. Then Raven can rest."

"Yo, Youki..."

My face is getting redder and redder, Raven.

From now on, Teal, I'm hoping to grow into a dumb couple going over Guy.

"If you don't show up all the time, you won't be able to fulfill my purpose"

"I was, I'm sorry"

The first priority is Cecilia's request, that is, to find the steel arms and the dots of the ethereal flame.

"If you're looking, we'll get back to you as soon as we get the sightings."

"Excuse me, thank you"

"Oh, I'll take care of it. Oh, and, Yowki. Ask them to refrain from acting too conspicuously until disturbances subside."

"... me?

"... Happiness told me. I cautioned my men not to improperly seize them because they could have similarly dressed people wandering around, just in case."

"Seriously, bad. You got me worried."

Is that why the knights responded softly?

I didn't know Raven was turning his hand first.

... If Kitchen II was bad at calling Kitchen II, it could have been completely behind it.

Next time, I need to see something in Raven.

"Well, Youki is properly registered to the guild. Evil stands out, but it's not that much of a problem. However, given the circumstances, it seems to be the person concerned, and there is no possibility that he or she will be put into suspicion without it.... be careful."

"... that's why. Mr. Yowki."

"I will weigh myself..."

I get caution from both of you, but this is all because of the ethereal steel arm and the slap.

I'll definitely find you, and I'll make a complaint.

I'll stain his body with what a true cook is.

"Are you up to something?

"Well, bummer...... no, because it's about how we search! I never thought of anything weird."

"... well, I'm sorry, I suspect I'm in a position to ask Mr. Yowki to cooperate"

"Well, I have my usual work to do..."

It's so painful to say it yourself.

You can no longer look straight into Cecilia's eyes and her gaze swims.

"... Ha, I want to see Happiness"

Did you see me and Cecilia interact and feel something?

Raven stares out the window blurry like he's hanging up.

Drinking the tea I made myself.

If you feel like you've seen a huge amount of paperwork on your desk, you won't be able to unless Happiness comes to see you.

"This is going to get in the way of my job any more, and let's go home"

"Right. Thank you for your time, Mr. Raven."

"... no, it's good. Let me know if you have any information."

Quite tired of saying goodbye to Raven, we left Knights headquarters.


"Offer a month off and evaporate the next day. I was wondering if Sophia's tutoring would be over for a while."

"Well, I guess so."

I didn't know those two would be busy with each other sooner after they started dating.

It will last a long time, and it will not disappear naturally.

... No, I'm worried about that.

"Whatever the worry about Raven and Happiness, now, I don't have any more information."

"What's wrong with not showing up today?"

"Um, a holiday due to fatigue, or is it also convenient for the person?... because you don't know what's hidden under the mask."

An adventurer like me, actually a farmer, no, maybe a knight.

Or a wanderer from another country, not this one.

I don't know what to do if I raise the possibility.

"Do you mean there's life on the table?"

"If you think about it, maybe you can cut it up today. I've been listening, and Raven, wait."

"I'm sorry to say I'm counting on you."

"Cecilia has a job as a monk, too. I'll keep searching."

"... excuse me. I just made a wrong decision. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I don't want to see my favorite child depressed.

Cecilia needs to be able to drive normally.

"... let's find some time to continue our search, as it certainly won't feel good to leave it up to you"

"Yes.... please"

We exchanged promises, and for a period of about two weeks, I carried out a search alone or in the form of Cecilia together, but I was not caught.

No information from Raven either, and the ethereal steel arm has completely disappeared from Minerva.

But there will be more serious incidents than that.

I've come to talk to Cecilia about matchmaking.

"Excuse me, Mr. Celia. I don't want to accept reality."

When Celia called me to the Mansion, it was a reward I didn't expect.

You're supposed to be just sitting on the couch normally, but I feel like there's something out there that's not normal from me.

"Take it easy, Youki-kun. Just because we're gonna make a pageant doesn't mean we're gonna get married."

Celia desperately forgives me, too, but something in me doesn't fit.

Occupying it in your head is all about regret.

I thought you knew this would happen in Cecilia's position.

Because of my weakness.

If I could stay like this forever, I might have had such a sweet idea......

"Hold on tight. If you like Cecilia, you won't lose sight of yourself as long as the pageant is here!

"Ugh, sorry..."

Celia put me thirsty and I'm going home.

Yes, my thoughts are not light enough to give up so easily.

"I had turned down the pageant I'd been coming to at the stage before we met, but I couldn't do it this time. At the behest of a neighboring lord. He's also the next lord, and a member of the Brave Party, Cecilia, has met him several times."

Face acquaintance with the next lord, a member of the Brave Party, Cecilia.

... I don't have many elements to win.