Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to bump my thoughts into the mother of a child I liked.

"Identity, title, occupation. Celia, what can I do..."

"Oh, I wonder if Yoki was such a weak kid. I'd be in trouble if you asked me for answers. In times like this, you just have to hit your own frank thoughts."

"... I like Cecilia"

There are no lies in my feelings.

I can assure you clearly even in front of Mr. Celia.

But Mr. Celia shook her head quietly.

"Is that what you're supposed to say to me?

There was no soft smile until earlier, and there were heavy words coming straight from the front.

Mr Celia is right, this should be said to Cecilia herself.

"... right? I was just trying to give you a reason. I liked Cecilia, but I was just happy to be with her somewhere in my heart."

"Speaking of which, you never asked Yoki. How did you like Cecilia?

My body hardens to the exact question.

What do you like about a child you like, and what kind of man can't be wolf when his mother asks you?

No, you're here, some brave guy or something would say fine.

Well, whatever he is... I have my own answers.

"... he offered me his hand."

"Oh, Youki-kun was helped by Cecilia too... you met her like that"

"Yes. At the time, I lived in a way that left me to the flow. In the meantime I met Cecilia and fell in love at first sight"

"Oh, that's not nice."

"So I confessed, and I smashed the balls. Right now, if you think about it, it's natural."

With his head on, he looks back at the time and reflects.

I already confessed with momentum then.

The Demon King was defeated and finished, and I felt like I had no place to live anymore.

"Still coming to Minerva without giving up, to this day"

"... I guess it's because I'm in love at first sight"

"At first, I did, but I've come to Minerva to go ask for it, to talk to him over tea... and I've even got him in trouble. Now we spend time together... so, uh..."

Something's getting embarrassing.

But not if we stop here.

I need to tell you the answer I'm giving myself.

"Hehe...... thanks, Youki-kun. That's enough."


"You've been a little mean. I told you earlier, keep your thoughts in your chest from there. I'm not the first person you need to know."

"Ah, yes. Ok...?"

I don't know what to give back, so the reply becomes questionable.

Does this mean it has been tried?

"Keep up the good work Cecilia, Youki-kun. And that kid, he sucks at pulling out his shoulders, so it would help if I pulled him out in moderation. 'Cause I think I'm gonna get tired of this pageant."

"... ok. Now it's my turn to heal Cecilia."

Recovery magic is good for you, heals any wound... then you can't do it.

Hmm, we should go straight balls here without twisting.

Hear and collect herbs from Seek that have the effect of soothing fatigue to prepare herbal tea.

Buy a cake at a cake shop with a macho pastry chef for tea treats.

Celia smiled when she saw me making a desperate plan.

"The pageant will take place at home after noon in a week. It won't take that long because it's about face-to-face."

It's a long story, isn't it?

"It is. I do have contacts with Cecilia, but I met her about a few times. It's a strange time, isn't it? I wish we could have talked earlier."

"I've been liking it lately, so you feel like you want to hurry up and tie the edge."

"... Cecilia doesn't do the kind of work that goes to her neighbors these days. As long as I went to the temple and showed my face in the orphanage. Looks like you've been out with Yogi-kun a lot, but you haven't been away."

"As much as I was running around all over Minerva. I'm not in any trouble on the road."

Since the first day, Kitchen II has been completely sealed after taking Raven's advice.

I did a soft disguise, listened in, and just went around to smudge and crush the place where the commotion happened.

The commotion was largely suppressed by knights around and adventurers who went into a halt, though.

"Um, I don't know.... oh?

As we were both thinking, we heard knocking on the door.

The door can be opened after the word "excuse me".

The Lord of the Voice is Cecilia, there will be something to do.

"Mother... Isn't that Mr. Yowki"

"Well, Celia called me in... That outfit."

Cecilia came in, but dressed, not everyday.

My hair is set, and I have makeup.

"Though face-to-face, it's because you're a matchmaker. They're wearing costumes."

I hear a follow up from Celia.

Pretty or pretty, it's going to come out of my mouth, but I feel complicated when I think this is a prep for a pageant I refrain from later on.

"... you look great, wow"

Still, if the person you're favoring shows up with a reprimand, there's no way you're not saying anything.

I can only say simple words but speak frankly what I thought.

"Oh, thank you......"

Is Cecilia not satisfied, or is she lit up?

"Ma'am, Youki has tattooed us, and we'll have it here for the day."

Mr. Sophia, who had refrained behind him, is understated.

Were you wearing a costume match and couldn't decide?

Seriously, bothering with the outfit means beeping about the pageant, and you can guess.

"You also have to be prepared in advance for this one so that you don't be rude to the other. Other than making decisions on the day. Whatever the outcome of the pageant, I will not tolerate seeing the lady's character down there."

Sophia gave me a detailed explanation as if she had seen through my thoughts.

That Cecilia wouldn't look good if she tried the pageant in the right way.

Sophia said she couldn't stand it.

... As it stands, perhaps the best competitor is Mr. Sophia.

"Sophia's right. Cecilia doesn't usually wear it because of her work, so she's leaving her body with Sophia today."

"Yes, ma'am. Okay, let's go back to your room, ma'am. I still have a dress I haven't tried on. You have to think about ornaments."

"Okay. Mother, excuse me. Take your time, Mr. Yowki..."

Mr. Sophia seemed somewhere happy about Cecilia with a slightly tired look.

I wonder if Cecilia is very good at this sort of thing.

The two of them leave the room and return to the situation alone with Mr. Celia.

"After all, what were the two of you running errands"

"Oh, don't you see?

"I felt like I left without telling you what I was doing in my room."

"I think maybe Sophia, who sensed Youki-kun was coming, came to reveal Cecilia during the festivities."

Hmm, would Mr. Sophia do that?

I just couldn't tell you if I was here, so I just put it back out.

"You feel suspicious about that face. I've known each other a long time. Not as good as your husband, but I understand Sophia."

"... and say"

"Sophia seems to like Yoki too... and Cecilia's just at work... maybe she's happy because she doesn't usually wear them"

You mean Mr. Sophia led Cecilia into the room?

... although I may just be in the mood.

Whatever the circumstances, it's good to see Cecilia dressed up.

"... Celia, may I stay a little longer"

"Oh, you invited me. I don't mind."

"Thank you. Now about Cecilia's matchmaker..."

As long as time and Celia allow, I gathered information about the match.

... although it had been a complete chat on the way.

Occasionally, Cecilia, dressed up with Mr. Sophia, came to the room.

Cecilia's dress and hairstyle had changed every time she came, so she seemed to be totally here to reveal herself.

By the way, the next day, I asked Clayman about Mr. Sophia.

"You were in a good mood when I got back. I couldn't help but hold her tight."

"... after that"

"It's wild to hear that. If you insist, the answer is I'm going to work unharmed."

"That's a nasty way to prove it."

I guess Clayman usually flirted that he was safe.

It seems it was true that Mr. Sophia was in a good mood the other day.

From there, the story of my daughter-in-law bragging began, and it was me sitting on the counter for a while.