Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I took a look at my favorite kid's pageant.

It's not like Cecilia's pageant is missing where she escaped reality if I don't like it.

The time is just around the corner on the day of the pageant.

Marriage confirmed, congratulations. There are parts of me that I don't like even if the odds of this happening are small.

But the behavior of interrupting is out of the question.

In fact, lately, Yuga, who had grown up, popped up, caught me, Mikana, and Raven in a threesome.

I already had a bad feeling about just being in Minerva, so I asked the brave men of our country to leave.

I saw the request in my guild, but I sent him into a charcoal pit where only macho men worked so he wouldn't get into women-related trouble.

The request involves a landslide in the pit, which will connect to the demonic habitat.

The demon side is in a panic state, but you want a peaceful solution because it's not even that harmful demon?

This is the perfect request for a brave man who has dived through various training grounds.

Just because I'm worried about the troublemaker in front of me, it also came with Mikana.

"Well, I can't stand still, just like Yuga."

I stopped the Yuga rampage with you.

But there's no way I can stay still.

My current location is in the Aqua Rain family garden.

Well-managed, hidden in this place where no wasted weeds or anything else grows at all.

It's tough for me to use the Banish Wave to keep my transparency all day long.

So I lurk myself in the shadow of a tree so I can't find it.

Worst case scenario, I use a banish wave.

I've got permission for Mr. Celia, and she'll be fine.

... to Celia.

Well, it's time for your matchmaker to arrive.

I start moving from a latent location and disappear at times like this.

Observing from the roof, two carriages approached.

... who may have made a pact for the Lord's son.

I'm a nobleman, so I wanted to look out for you, so I was hoping for one of my most desperate things.

If it was that one, I think I would have turned it down without rotting.

If you try to do something to Cecilia, that's what I'm hiding... Oh, my God.

The carriage arrived at the mansion and people came out of it.

"He's handsome..."

What came out of it was a handsome man with glasses and an intelligent atmosphere.

Slutty body shape, high height, white and blue are wearing keynote coats, with swords on them.

He entered the mansion, guided by a polite bow to Cecilia, who welcomed him.

"Hmmm... you look like a wizard type all the time"

Doesn't look like a melee type.

Well, people don't look like it, and it's another country, but to a brave party.

That's enough to get elected, so don't insult me.

"I'm not thinking about fighting anything else, so don't I have to analyze my power?"

I went down from the roof and back to the garden again.

"Long time no see, Mr. Soleil"

"Yes, the last time I saw you was since the Demon King Crusade party, Miss Cecilia Aquarain. This time, I think it's sudden, but if you could consider it positively..."

Being upset to hear such conversations. Being upset.

This one is listening under the window, hiding in an invisible position, freshly teething.

I thought we were going to talk about a full-scale pageant, and at first we were talking about how things were going with each other.

"Just because you crusaded the Demon King, you can't be relieved. As the next lord, I must protect my people."

"I am currently helping my father with his work. I'm reminded that I'm still a young man myself, but I have a very full day of learning."

The more I listen to you, the better the property looks.

Soleil Gresshart, how you are encouraging yourself to study as your next lord.

Sometimes the next lord seems to be able to earn a steady income and live.

The likelihood of a collapse is unlikely, as far as this personality and the information in the realm are concerned.

I haven't talked about it, but I don't know how to get married again.

I think it's a lady around that Cecilia handles it.

"What, atmospherically good or bad?

I've never had a match, so I don't know if it's going well or not.

Apparently it's not the first look, and what is it like?

However, if you are just bickering, the atmosphere has a good image.

"... Cecilia, actually, I'm staying in Minerva for a few days."


"Yes. Sometimes my father tells me to take a vacation, though I'm exotic."

"... you must care about Mr. Soleil, who overworked"

"You don't even know how to manage your health! And my father scolded me. It's a really embarrassing story. So, I don't mind if Mr. Cecilia's appointment is available.... If you don't mind, could you show me Minerva tomorrow?

That's a date in the name of guidance, absolutely.

It is also good at luring in a natural way, creating a hard atmosphere to say no to.

"Okay. I'll show you if I can."

I knew I'd take it on, Cecilia, and I wouldn't have a reason to say no.

"Excuse me, thank you.... So let me be rude with this today. Thank you for tomorrow. Oh, what about rendezvous time and location?

"Right. So what about around noon? The place is in front of the castle gate."

"Okay. Looking forward to it, Mr. Cecilia."

With a refreshing grin, Soleil left the mansion.

Why did you find yourself smiling, because you were watching Soleil go home from the roof.

I don't even stare, but I get somewhat hostile.

Maybe this is the one called jealousy.

It's an emotion that didn't boil down to Yuga.

"... maybe anger and grudge were winning when it came to Yuga"

By now, Yuga is working in a coal mine surrounded by mucky people.

... Micana, who followed Yuga given the environmental thing, is in a harder spot.

Not only do we have to take care of Yuga, but we also have to deal with the Mukimuki coal miners.

Hey, there's going to be an event over there.

"I don't know what to do tomorrow"

I thought about it with my head on, but I went home... what should I do?

Stalking is a little, no, pretty distracting.

Though Celia's got me an okay peek today, it's totally out.

I care, but I have to draw a line.

If I suck, Raven will take me.

"Do you want to quit... hmm?

Something broke in through the window when I was thinking.

The windows are properly tightened.

It's just that it's thin doll paper that's been breaking in.

"Clayman's ceremony, isn't it?"

You've bowed your head to me and done something like say hello, so this one bows its head too.

When I admired you for being more polite than the surgeon, you sent me a letter.

I'm a little confused by the surreal sight of being given a letter on paper.

Thinking about what to do, Ceremony God started bowing his head over and over because I wouldn't take it inside.

"Ok, ok. Look at it properly!

Receive a letter and confirm the contents.

"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you said a request for nomination came...!?"

I've heard of direct nominated requests being made, but I didn't know you were going to experience them.

But, Clayman's guy, the report that the request is coming just doesn't say what the key request is.

"I don't know what to do with all this..." Hey, wait!

The ceremony I came to deliver the letter. Does God mean the role is over?

the sound and smoke of Bohun, the ceremonial God stopped moving