Minerva is a great day out today.

Clear weather without clouds, temperatures not too hot or too cold, pleasant winds.

I also see a couple on a date watching how the King's Capital is busy with people, so I think too...

That must be the same thing my friend on the side thinks.

"Come on, let's go, Raven. Request initiated."

"... oh, let's go"

On my day out, I walk around the King's Capital with a man.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and the Knight Commander will be around.

When we went to Knights headquarters first thing in the morning, we had meetings about our own premises, time, etc., and started looking around.

There doesn't seem to be any drunken fights yet because it's before noon.

It's unusual to drink in the morning.

"Don't feel like something's going to happen to a lot of people like this."

"... it would be best if nothing happened. Minerva is large and has a large population. When people get together, problems arise."

"Well, even at this early hour?

"... oh. Such disturbances do not choose time or place. Some people dare to enter empty nests at times like this."

Looking around seems harder than I thought.

If I do poorly, nothing may happen and I will have a broken bone.

"Is that what it is? But there will still be times when nothing happens."

"... I told you earlier. It's best that nothing happens. Besides, our outlook also leads to increased security."

"So is that. Just a thought and you'll see, sorry."

"... I hope you understand"

That's the Knights Commander, deeply into the job.

You should reflect on whether I was just being too mild.

You mean this view, which looks peaceful, is preserved by the Knights' authentic sight?

"All right, let's not miss any trivialities and let it work out!

"... please don't give me results that will oil the fire"

"Mmm, I think that's my turn!


I didn't hear what Raven was saying, but solving the problem is a higher priority than responding.

I ran out to the crime scene, and I heard Raven's pitiful voice from behind, but I didn't look back.

"Hey, I brought what you asked for, didn't I? Why did you fail?"

The muscular middle-aged warrior-inspired old man's voice is echoing from a drugstore called Surrounded by Green.

Because I yell, or I see a wild horse in front of the store.

"Let me through, I'm from the Knights!

Use the names of the Knights to make your way.

I can feel your gaze around me, but I didn't say anything wrong.

I enter the pharmacy, which is the beginning of a commotion.

"Excuse me, I don't know what happened, but it's at the heart of the commotion. A little, you better refrain."

"Oh!? The irrelevant ones are sober. Who are you?"

"Me? My name is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... the one who stills the bad wind blowing into Minerva at the speed of thunder."

"Hey, what are you talking about, you"

I was hostile when I came in, but it just seemed like a little anger had subsided.

I guess it's because you have other feelings for me than anger.

What kind of emotion is that... when this commotion is over, you'll see.

"That's it for me. Come on, what happened? I want you to talk to me."

"This is between me and my client, Mr. Ji. Why should I talk to a suspicious guy like you?"

"Why... Then I'll answer, because it's my job!


"Now my job is to look around Minerva. If there's a problem going on, we just have to let it work out. If you refuse my intervention, you will consider it an obstacle to my work..."

"What kind of argument is that? Well!

Now, ignore the noisy old man and calmly look around.

Definitely a request problem.

This is a pharmacy, the herb on the counter is probably the source of this trouble.

Must have asked for herb collection.

Leave out why the owner Jae-san won't talk from earlier.

"... Phew."

"Oh, what's wrong with you?"

"You washed this herb with water and brought it. It's a herb that doesn't work when you wash it with water."

An old man who solidifies into my words and a drugstore owner who laughs at garlic.

I see, the pharmacist owner, you kept your mouth shut on purpose.

"... I wonder if it was Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. It's not very well known that this herb will become ineffective when washed with water."

"My men are good at herbs.... Why did you keep quiet?"

"I tried to tell you. But this man is curled up with no knowledge. I told my guild to show my face once before I left, because I'm going to tell you about the herbs I collect."

"Ugh, it's a hassle to explain, so just find out where the herd is and collect it..."

"There's no reward for such a selfish adventurer."

The owner of a pharmacy that cuts off exactly.

If this is over, it doesn't make any sense that I came.

Let the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman propose a compromise.

"I'll pinch your mouth, but it certainly won't just be out of effect to use. If so, could you decide to buy herbs? And if you go pick it up again,"

"Well... I'm not saying anything. But when I say buy it out, it's not a bundle."

"Shit, you mean you let me study this too? It's late, but it's a lot of noise. I'm sure there won't be any good rumors."

"All right, thank you for convincing both sides. This solves the problem.... Listen, the commotion is over. Staying here for no more business would be a nuisance to the store. Let's get back to our everyday routine!

When I proclaimed high, most of the wild horses that were gathered were gone from the front of the store because they were no longer interested.

Raven, who was watching the journey from a distance as he dropped off the wild horse leaving, approaches.

"Well, that would have been perfect."

"... we could have settled this through discussion, not through the use of force."

"Okay, next. Still trouble I haven't seen is calling me. Let's go, Raven."

"... I'm the one leading the way."

Raven's right, start moving in the way I get there.

The morning tour ends with guidance on strays, arbitration in fights, and directions for those coming from exotic countries.

"This is my strength..."

"... Speaking of which, I'm keeping word from Duke"

"Well, if I let that support, there's no one out to the right, from Duke."

"Oh, sure... all the time, dangerous. Duke told me he told me after he finished looking around."

"Hmm. Right."

I mean that Duke, it wouldn't be a bad word.

Heal your morning work fatigue, lunch.

I just bought some sandwiches and skewers in the open air.

"What did Raven get you?

"I... because I have a lunch that Happiness made for me"

"... hey, yeah, you did! I'm sorry to be abrupt, but I'm going to finish lunch out of sight. You have to take a helmet to eat sandwiches and skewers. You can't expose who you are. Let's go to the rendezvous point... before we leave."

"... what"

"Since when do you have lunches?"

"Starting today. He told me that Duke would take a joint look around with yo... the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Then Happiness brought me my own lunch in the morning.... because it was going to run away with just handmade,"

"So what?

Raven, if you do it, and start showing suspicious behavior moves.

First of all, I don't have a focus, my fingertips are moving if I do, I'm biting my lower lip.

And... my face is red.

"... grabbed my arm and pulled back, thanked me"

"You just thanked me."

"... no, that's"

"Don't worry. Now the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... understood to some extent. It's a lover to lover, it's a good area for a third party to step in. Even in love with my ex-boyfriend."

That's what I told Raven, and he left.

Never look back, seek a place where no one is.

And what I got to was a vacant place I used to change with Cecilia.

immerse and sit appropriately around it.

Finished his lunch with enhanced sensation and perimeter vigilance.

"Now I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... not a Yowki. But I can't contain this indescribable feeling!

As I was heading to the rendezvous point with Fluffy, I now ran into someone I wanted to see but didn't want to see.

With Cecilia and Soleil......