Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to run into a favorite kid on a date.

"... Mm"

If you turn around the corner, there's a kid there that you like, and there's a good-looking guy next door who's not me.

Plus now I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and not a Yogi, my relationship with Cecilia is... a work buddy?

Cecilia also looked at me and was surprised at first but gradually shifted to a sermon mode expression.

Speaking of which, you didn't tell me you were going to look around at Raven's request.

I didn't have time to tell you, I had no choice.

Your matchmaker, Soleil, is sending me a gaze to analyze me.

We just meet, we stare at each other, but no one utters a word.

In the meantime, I broke the silence...

"Whoa, you've blocked the road. Excuse me for this. What I did to you stopped the young man from walking, it was a shame."

It's me, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Cecilia's circumstances also make it better to pretend to be someone you don't know here.

If I stay out of line and leave, I'll take care of everything.


It was Cecilia who stopped me... not the matchmaker, Soleil.

You don't need to stop why, you know me.

But it seems odd that he told me to wait and leave in silence.

It tasted bad to be able to put my eyes on it, so I just turned my face around.

"Something to me?

"I see you as an adventurer, but why are you dressed like that? I don't care what you think, it just seems like a downside."

The cold gaze over my glasses pricks me.

You're willing to hit my Black Thunder Demon Swordsman costume, superior.

Stop walking away, turn on the kitchen two switch.

It's bad for Cecilia, but you can't miss it as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Huh, don't be ridiculous. I did. I'm begging you.... thats why. The pros and cons don't matter."

"You suffer from understanding. An impractical weapon, a costume that catches people's attention if you do it. It's very inconvenient to go to battle."

"It's not good to push your values."

"No, what I'm saying is a general theory. You're just heretical."

"Heterogeneous Fine! This is what happened when I thought about the way I looked for you. It's a stupid question of mixing it up with a lot of other people. I'm going my way."

"That kind of selfish thinking can cause disorder."

"I'm sorry, but my job now is to undo that disturbed order. I'm doing the exact opposite, but what?

I can't stop talking about whether it's because we're heating each other up.

Yeah, if you say so, here's the state of it.

When you can no longer clean up a place like this, you can rely on it.

"Please don't."

Me and Soleil stopping perfectly with Cecilia's voice.

This stream is the usual... a single altar in Cecilia.

"Mr. Soleil, calm down. What are you going to do when you get hot? Consider your position. If you were to have a rub all over town, your vacation would be ruined. Are you willing to take care of the lord who gave you a vacation thinking about Mr. Soleil?"

Watching Cecilia preach pale to Soleil, Soleil looks a lot like me.

When I was swallowed that position was that I was Yuga... Cecilia changed the target to me.

"So are you, Devil Swordsman. There would have been a delivery somewhere. Why are you striking back beautifully? You would have realized it was barren along the way.... Anyway, stop arguing any more where so many people come and go"

"... right. It doesn't seem like what I did. Excuse me, Mr. Cecilia."

"Hmm, it's certainly my job today to clean up the commotion. I didn't expect to make a scene on my own initiative. I have to reflect. I'm sorry."

Me and Soleil both apologize to Cecilia.

We don't have eyes for each other, and no apologies.

You don't know this guy, but he's a lover to me.

If we want to bring hostility, we'll be happy to deal with them.

"Ha... So, Mr. Soleil. Shall we move on? And the Devil Swordsman..."

"Relieved but good. This is a request with a friend. By now it would be about time I was eating her handmade lunch box. I haven't seen him lately, but I'm impressed."

Before Soleil is here, I can feel it coming up with Raven's name clearly.

So I told Cecilia only to know.

So far, you'll know who I'm with.

"Oh, then you'll be fine"

"Pfft, if you're relieved, I'll go. Someone I haven't seen yet could be waiting for my help..."

Flip the cape and try to leave the scene feeling like it has a well-dressed finish.

"... I just want to ask you one last thing. If you are denied yourself, as I have done, will you not stop dressing like that? Is it unlikely that not only I, but also few people will gain an understanding"

"That's a crappy question. I told you earlier. I'm going my way. What is the evaluation of others that is so important to understanding? Can you say that living falsely is fulfilling and living? Live as you please, it could be a way of life that makes a lot of people other than yourself unhappy. But I'm going my own way. Fortunately, if you get too far on track, some of you can make it right!

It's been a bit of a long dialogue, but I'm out of words.

Soleil has her eyes narrowed and wrinkled between her eyebrows, but what do you know?

No, make a push decision pose, say goodbye and jump.

He flew over the roof and ran back to Raven.

"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, ascend!

"... that was too late. Is something wrong?

"Nothing. It's just... I couldn't avoid it, I couldn't contain myself... that's all"

"... well. I don't know, let's end the lunch break and start looking around this afternoon"

"Oh. I can hear you, you have a voice that needs me! Let's go, Raven."

"... Duke says it's dangerous if you don't think about aftercare when you get back. Well, you don't have to think that far."

I also encountered a small disturbance around the afternoon and turned around to resolve it.

Sometimes he was put on, but in that case he talks with his fist... there was no way, so the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman negotiates peacefully.

Well, there were times when they couldn't even hear that there was alcohol in it or blood on their heads.

Still, he demonstrated the stickiness characteristic of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and led him to a solution.

And the sight ends safely.

Raven invited me to dinner and I returned from Black Thunder Demon Swordsman to Youki


"... this is what Duke was talking about"

"Sorry, Raven. Just a little, just a little. Give me time!

"... I never mind. Let's wait for recovery."

Raven's tenderness stains himself.

I've had a series of Kitchen II's all over Minerva.

After this... how long?

In the meantime, I was able to get back on my feet early that day so I could go out for dinner with Raven.