The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman started looking around with Raven for a week.

The first was three days, but the contract was extended because of the effects.

Raven said the atmosphere of the Knights is also showing recovery, and Minerva is regaining its previous buzz.

After looking at the current situation and judging it, my role ended.

No matter how much you ask, it's not good for adventurers to accompany knights and look around too long, either.

Safely accomplished my request as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Where am I headed?

"Good luck. Looks like you've been busy the last week. each other."

"... Soudane"

Cecilia looks calm after finishing her guide to Minerva to Soleil.

I also wanted to explain the situation, so I asked him to make time for it.

"Why is that a word?"


"... now you make tea that calms you down. Wait a minute."

I'm going to pick up the pot. I'm looking behind Cecilia and I get a sense of security and anxiety.

This routine with Cecilia could be Soleil's.

Either that or I don't feel like we're going to have a good relationship.

Maybe this will make you look down on Cecilia for making tea for me.

Thinking about it...... it's frightening.

"What's wrong? Though you look stunned for a long time.... Oh, speaking of which, Mr. Youki has been looking around Minerva like that for a week. I hear that the atmosphere in Minerva and the Knights has improved with a formal request this time. … Please, take a rest today"

Cecilia stares at me with a loving look and offers me some tea.

Yeah, you're totally mistaken about this.

The depression seems to be prolonged because I acted as the demon swordsman of Black Thunder and caused Kitchen II to fool around.

Sure enough, for a week, I laughed and Raven pulled and ran around Minerva.

Call me whenever you want... or leave a throwaway dialogue.

After that, Raven beat me up the last day, and told me to wake up.

Thanks to you, I woke up and didn't drag you.

I'd say you're the reason I'm feeling subtle.

I was looking at Cecilia with my jit eyes, but the person noticed me.

"... what's wrong? Something in my face."

"No, nothing, nothing"

The sprouts in my chest don't disappear.

Let's figure out how to disappear.

I simply... I guess I'm jealous.

I also feel the jealousy of a man is just ugly, but I don't think I have a choice.

So what do I do?

When I saw Soleil dating Cecilia.

He was denied the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and argued, but on second thought his emotions were swirling with frustration and depression.

Still in that condition, if you...!

"You can't rest!

"... Yes?

Cecilia's hand stops drinking tea.

"We're still going around Minerva today."

"Uh, the request is closed, isn't it? Mr. Raven has extended the period even further."

"Oh, Raven tells me it's okay now, and the Alliance has already reported the completion of the request and I've been rewarded.... but it sounds to me."

"... what is it"

"The voices of the townspeople for salvation."

"Will you have a habit of hearing such voices around the week? Or...... you should still get some rest today. fatigue may be the cause"

"No, that's not true. I feel like looking around Minerva violently."

I don't care if you're not looking around anymore.

Cecilia feels completely confused.

Even I don't want to look around.

... I just want an excuse.

"That's why we're going to Minerva!

"Me too!?"

"Because we need partners around...... let's go, Cecilia"

I give Cecilia my hand.

"... heh, I get it. I'll take care of it, so could you just wait a minute?"

Just a little when I got a response, they laughed at me.

... maybe they noticed my shallow prospects.

"Okay, I'll wait at the Mansion Gate first."

That's what I said, hurry out of Cecilia's room and cover her face with both hands.

You might as well have asked me out normally...... to go on a date.

Before me with regret and reflection, Leah Charge showed up.

"... oh"

"Ooh. Happiness."

"... How are you?

"Well, yeah."

"... Cancer Ba"

Happiness rarely left without messing with me, leaving behind words of encouragement.

Because you're thanking me for what I did with Raven?

... so rare that I forgot to thank you.

Happiness sent me Yale. I could put my temper back on...... I feel it.

Take Cecilia, who has finished her dominance, to day Minerva...... and start looking around.

"We've been roaming Minerva for a long time. You don't have anything new."

"Every day, it's supposed to be different"

It's been a week, and I'm watching it change slightly.

Well, there's nothing new to lose.

This is how I am, Cecilia, just happy to walk side by side.

"Speaking of which, what happened to the Yuga's? It's been a week, and I think it's time to clear the request and come back."

"There are other jobs for the brave and Mikana. Not really, I don't think I'll be staying long.... I'm worried about Mikana"

Is that because they are thrown among the mucky coal miners, or because they have to do Yuga's amulet alone?

What happened to Mikana with Yuga after all, and hasn't he taken any action?

"I'm having a really hard time..."

"Is Mikana here?"

"It's a pitiful level to think about."

Considering what you've done to Yuga so far, it would be pretty good.

Is there a reason to go so far... in Yuga?

"... that's what Mikana is doing with her own mind. It's not what we say anyway."

"I don't know."