Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to solve a commotion with a kid I liked.

When we finish talking about Yuga and Mikana, we're both silent.

I wonder if we need peace itself today, the Knights or the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

... Oh, my God, I had the time to think about it.

"Somebody, help me, the wood's down and the workers are in the underlay!

A sad scream echoes Minerva, me and Cecilia ran out without saying anything.

I'm not the magic...... I usually manually remove the wood and Cecilia heals the injured.

Fortunately, there were no deaths, and thanks to the quick rescue, treatment, there were no serious injuries.

"Thanks for the help. It wasn't a big accident between you two."

An old man, who feels like a parent, bows his head.

The cause of the accident is to shorten some of the work with a view to streamlining the work

Looks like it happened as a result of an attempt.

Now the fallen wood has been securely secured and the work has been stopped once.

"I was just trying to get through. From now on, it's like being careful."

"Because there's only one body, and it's not magically completely treatable. Get to work with safety in mind."

Gently draw attention from me and Cecilia and leave the workplace.

All the workers thanked me just before I left.

I had a particularly muscular group of workers and they told me it was a brilliant job.

Well, I'm using the magic of physical strengthening, so I didn't work with purely forged muscle strength.

Besides, I don't have the temperament to be happy surrounded by mukimuki.

"Ha... that's not true. No, all of them..."

With a gentle thirsty grin like this, I could only flush it.

Cecilia, on the other hand, was surrounded by treated workers, each and every one of whom had sent a word of thanks.

Are you used to these places, you didn't have to panic to deal with them.

Unlike me, they reminded me that the number of places was different.

If I were a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, I'd get a pounding word out of me right away.

"I didn't expect you to run into the scene of the accident."

"Yes.... but I'm glad I didn't have to take care of it. As it were, some workers might have had sequelae if they waited for the support of the Knights or the treatment center"

"Wow, you're appreciated. Next time, he asked me to make a scene at the tavern."

"Me too......"

Is there a monk making a scene in the liquor store?

I feel like I'm out with an imaginary problem.

In the first place, I don't see Cecilia drinking luxuriously in a liquor store.

Hmm, don't even care what happens if you get drunk.

I don't plan to drink it, though I won't put it on the subject.

When I was thinking about booze, my stomach rang, why?

I get laughed at when Cecilia also hears the sound of being hungry and repentant.

"... hey, I think I'm hungry"

"Sounds like it."

"Sometimes I don't think it's a bad idea to eat skewers we sell around there."

My plan was adopted and I bought skewers safely.

I won't forget Cecilia's share or buy it.

Grab a skewer, sit on a public bench and take a break.

Hot skewers on your cheeks and into belly time.

"Speaking of which... I had a food fight with Raven, though not skewered"

"How did that happen?"

"There was also Mikana at the scene"

"More and more, I don't know"

End of lunchtime with such memorabilia.

One skewer is enough to fill your belly.

Well, once again, thinking about what to do, I heard a scream.

"Not again!

"Let's go, Mr. Yowki"

Run with Cecilia to where you've heard screams.

This time it seems to be caused by a fight between adventurers.

Do you have time to fight from midday?

Nevertheless, it must be stopped before the damage begins to occur around it.

Hurry, I see someone who tried to arbitrate but is trying to stop first.

No way, I might do it with my ethereal steel arm.

Have you recently been breath lurking but finally resumed your activity?

"What the hell!

"Fuck the irrelevant ones!

I hear cursing rumblings about adventurers who are making a scene.

I was concerned about the person at the center of it and turned my gaze.

"With all due respect... I'd like you to refrain from fighting in front of the store. It's a store run by my sister and I can't concentrate on her eating cake."

It was the muscle pastry chef, Mr. Andrei, who had carefully arbitrated the fight.

I wear an apron, which is usually gear, and try to solve it by discussing it.

... you're not a steel arm with a pale flame!

"Mr. Yowki, that one sure..."

"You're Mr. Andrei, the pastry chef at my destination. There was a fight in front of the store."

Well, I know what it's like to go in there and stop it, but will it be okay?

Someone would have already told me to call the knight on patrol, and the reason I would go into stopping myself......

You could get hurt if you stimulate it poorly.

"What do you know?"

"Pull in, baka"

The rumblings of adventurers never stop.

You haven't changed your target to the muscle pastry chef that went into the stop, you guys.

What do you mean, tag someone you were supposed to be fighting with and blame another one?

However, the muscle pastry chef does not pull off, but rather shows the same attitude that he was receiving.

"Can you listen to me for as long as I can... Bye!

The cockcoat that was coming under the apron along with a powerful voice like Humphrey plays and flies.

Upper body naked apron, body like finished sculpture with a glimpse.

If some adventurers who watched it go whoops, screams from the women.

As early as possible, Andrei, the muscle pastry chef at the heart of this commotion.

"If it is not conveyed by words, there is no other way to convey it by body…?"

Stuck into an adventurer who was noisy until earlier as he decided to pose.

Now, I feel like I'm out of line and I'm a big deal.

"... Mr. Yowki, don't you have to stop it"

"It tastes bad if you don't stop it. If the Knights come, they'll make a mistake."

It's the wrong level to be taken, that.

A muscular man with a naked upper body apron creeping into two frightened adventurers...... you'll see at a glance when asked which caused you to scream.

Well, the answer is both making me scream.

I approach to persuade you that adventurers are harmless already and would be good around there.

"Brother!? What are you doing"

But sooner than me, my firm sister, Ami, jumped out of the store.

I guess you noticed the commotion going on outside the store.

"Oh, why is this happening? Uh, the cock coat is in the billies...... even though it's new because of it! Plus, I can't believe I have an upper body naked apron in front of the store. Images of hygiene… get inside the store and get dressed."

"Mm-hmm... but, Ami, we're not done talking physically yet"

"I don't know, no. Come on, get dressed."

The muscle pastry chef disappears into the store, trying to get pushed in by Mr. Ami.

Adventurers, wild horses, me and Cecilia staring at the sight.

Eventually, Mr. Ami, who pushed the muscle pastry fully in, sighed and turned towards us.

"Uh, my brother's excused me. The store is usually open so I apologize for the disturbance."

Deeply bowing your head, Mr. Ami, for a moment of silence.

And at the same time as the silence was broken, a wild horse pushed over to the store.

Tight, including the adventurer who was making a scene.

"What, huh?

Ami returns to me immediately and returns to the store, bewildered by the sudden mass entry.

"... shall we eat too"

"Right. The knights will be coming, and we'll help explain the situation."