Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to meet up with Chef II, other than me.

"It's busy. Is this also due to earlier performance? No, originally, the atmosphere of the store was good and the cakes sold were delicious. Naturally."

"If you refer to that as a performance, it will increase Mr. Ami's hardship."

"Or so it is."

I collude with Cecilia while eating the cake I ordered for swallowing.

All of a sudden, the store is very busy because a large number of customers are here, and Ami is working super hard.

Accounting, carrying the cake, cleaning... now you're going around each table with a pot of tea.

The muscle pastry is... stuck in the kitchen.

For once, I showed myself dressed, but I pushed Mr. Amy into the kitchen.


"Your brother confirms the cake he's going to lose and make it right away! I'll take care of the store."

"But my sister. Isn't this the turn of this forged flesh?"

"Even when you're in the kitchen, you don't show up for customer service!

That conversation made me and Cecilia look indescribable.

"I really think Ami is having a hard time..."

"... right"

A few knights came into the store where the bustle did not show decay.

"Excuse me. Earlier, I heard a scream in front of the store!

Two knights come to visit aloud as they look over the store.

However, the two owners of the store are so busy that their hands can't talk.

Mr. Ami can't go if he wants to, Mr. Andrei... he won't be able to clean it up if he comes out.

As planned, I'll take my skin off.

When Cecilia goes, she answers at the table because a commotion is going to happen.

Explain the situation to the knight...

"There's a sighting of a naked muscular man rampaging his torso..."

"Oh, there's been some reports that I was getting close to the two adventurers with a strange look on my face"

"We have also found fragments of a thousand pieces of clothing in the store, which are likely to be case prone. Therefore, we will expand our listening range to ensure that we have strong information…"


I can't deny how late it feels.

Looks like the two knights who came into the store had already gathered information.

Well, that information is true, not true.

The two adventurers I was rubbing...... are stretching under their noses to Mr. Ami while eating cake, kidding!

Wouldn't it be quicker to pull those two together and let them explain the situation?

Bring in two parties, and everything is settled.

It wasn't a big disturbance, and there's been no injuries.

Even though he said he was caused a scene in front of the store, Mr. Ami was more careful with the two adventurers because of the flow of forgiveness for the two of them.

I couldn't help much, but I can bow my head when I thank the two knights for their help.

"I didn't do anything that far."

"No, thank you for the information and cooperation. Thanks to this, I was able to hit the mission smoothly. … there are other important projects today."

"Important projects…"

"Hey! It doesn't matter about that information right now."

"Mm-hmm, yeah, I did. I'm sorry, forget it."

I couldn't hear the details because the other knight noticed me.

Damn, you wonder what information would be if they stopped you there.

All right, let's get out to a means we don't use much.

Turn on only half of the kitchen two switch.

"There's no need for that. Is that what this is about?

"... No way, you know"

"This is still an adventurer. Information is a weapon. It's part of the job, of course."

Decide to pose as a cook and converse consciously about the cool.

I don't know what to do if they get inside me, but I have Chef II on me right now.

I have nothing to fear.

"Was it?... Has it spread about him yet? When I thought about it, the adventurers were pretty good, too, because they burned their hands. I can also snort that information flows fast."

"I didn't expect him to move. I'm surprised, too."

They would normally assume they are in conversation from around because they are responding to the atmosphere of the place.

I don't know anything about him.

"No, I was alarmed that I had stopped the activity exactly. I didn't expect to show up again when I forgot. Minerva said he was on the verge of returning to what he was before in the Knights' operation."

Let's guess what it's about from the content of the conversation.

Raven moved, about Minerva, it has to do with both knights and adventurers.

No way, the one who showed up...

"Not at all. Now the hard work of the Knights Commander and the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman..."

"Oh. Ethereal flame steel arms, today is the day we have to captivate"

After all, a steel arm with pale flames.

Though I had somehow guessed from the middle of the conversation.

This is important, say goodbye to the knight and go back under Cecilia.


"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki? They were talking to some knights."

"Apparently an ethereal steel arm appeared in Minerva"

"... is that true!?"

"Let's go to Raven's. I might have some information."


Pay for the cake, the tea, and hurry to the Knights Commander's headquarters.

I didn't know you'd show up at this time... why the hell not?

If you suddenly think you've suspended your activity, when you've forgotten it, you can resume it.

Besides, it's good courage to come all the way to date Cecilia.

Once I see you, I'll follow you everywhere, remembering perfectly the smell and the voice.

"Mr. Yowki, something looks switched on, though."

"Oh, seriously?

I just switched on the kitchen two halfway through.

Black emotions have sprouted, and they may be completely in.

"Because I trust you"

Cecilia smiles and says just that, running forward.

That's where the usual caution comes in, this.

This has to answer expectations......!

"Leave it to me."

Let the words be minimal and burn only in your heart.

But I don't realize that Kitchen Two is still on.

I had no idea you were okay, and I got into Raven's place leaving it to the momentum.

"Raven, here we are!

"... oh, it's about the steel arm of pale flames. I know."

"That's right, Mr. Raven. Do you know where you are now"

"... right. Here's the latest sighting."

There are lots of notes on the map on the desk, and some places are marked.

Raven fingers a place in the map.

It's not that far from here.

"All right, let's go. Yeah!


"... ah"

Jump out the window in charge of Cecilia and land on the ground.

Be on the scene at the highest speed you can get out......

"Mr. Yowki, it's a stop. Mr. Yoki is a vegetable now!? Please put him down."

"Well, I hope it's not vegan!

I'll take Cecilia and walk on the roof.

Change to Black Thunder Demon Swordsman in the Inn and look for Ethereal Flame Steel Arms.

Cecilia, of course, stays in her arms, in person.

"Please, like me already..."

He seemed to give up something.

I'd like to reassure you, but today's Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is a different story.

It's a possession that doesn't choose the means to capture him.

"I thought I had to settle with him. Never... with this hand"

"It's like before a duel with a lodging enemy. Originally, I must have started out wanting to apologize because I made a mistake. Why is this happening?"

"I don't know what's gonna happen in my life.... because so did I. Ma, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman solves everything. If I can't deal with this by myself then... put together a place for me!

"Right. I guess that's what I do."

I also confirmed my collaboration with Cecilia, and I reached the location indicated by Raven.

With all the wild horses, he doesn't look like the steel arm of the palatine flame at the heart.

"Well, don't think you can get away from me."

Looks like he captured a sleigh with excessive force to observe from the situation around him.

Looks like he didn't get injured like he was life-threatening, but he seems to have burned it down with flames that even specialize in slurred products.

Doing cluttered work at all, it's not like you should just catch the killer.

The Knights have already arrived at the scene and are working on processing, etc.

Shall I focus on what I have to do?

"Um... you've been thinking about this for a long time, it sounds like I've been kidnapped"

I'm flying around Cecilia right now.

He disappeared so that he could not be found, and he was dazzled.

"You don't know, we're famous for flying around Minerva dressed like this."

"You're absolutely lying!

I think our combination is invincible.

Therefore, even though it is possible to become famous, it seems to be quick to deny it.

Duke is going to tell me it's a Conto stained landscape.

"Whoa... dude"

Some magic came at a time as if to interrupt a conversation with Cecilia.

Something like a whip of water came from a blind spot, and they targeted my body.

"... let that girl go"

In the direction where the magic was unleashed, a man dressed like me, dressed like a cook, stood.

It is equipped with a blue scarf, black leather armor and a steel gauntlet.

And... the same helmet as me.

The steel arm of the pale flame itself has put a lot of effort into searching for me.

I was in charge. Put Cecilia down.

There's no reason to fight for nothing, the purpose is for Cecilia to meet this guy and apologize for the difference.

It's about Cecilia, though the sermon will await for the reason that it confused Minerva once the apology is over.

"... wasn't it a kidnapping"

"Well, why should I do something like that? My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Cecily is my partner, and that sight is a daily tea meal..."

"Let's not say anything unsolicited"

I got a sharp scratch in, so I shut up a lot.

As it is, it's going to get in the way.

But it seemed like it was already too late.

"Partner...... no way!

Partner, the ethereal steel arm in a way that repeats the term and can't hide the upset.

Could it be Cecilia?

I'm wearing a disguise now so it's not broken...... should be.

"You... you mean that!

If you think you've made a bare gesture of realizing something, dash hard at me.

And he beat me up.

I'm not difficult, I avoid my fists and take my distance.

"I didn't know you were going to hit me all of a sudden. You said you were wearing a kitchen two costume, but what kind of guy is that? Look, when you set up a first attack on someone, the ringing becomes very important!

"Mr. Demon Swordsman, I don't mind about that right now. They don't seem to have ears to listen to."

"Well, then let me help you and let you listen to me.... My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Thanks to your pleasure in Minerva, the firepowder came down. Let's have a clear reflection!