Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to fight Kitchen II, other than me.

"Reflection... how could I..."

"Let's go!

I applied physical strengthening and approached the steel arm of the palpitations suddenly.

I assaulted the dovetail with a sword pattern... the intention was blocked with a steel gauntlet.

From there it's a fist and sword bump.

Hmm, don't do it there when it feels like we're in a meeting.

Strong but... I get the impression that's it.

Because he couldn't push me in with his fist, or he's gonna back off.

Asking him if he was going to set something up, as the alias for the steel arm of the ethereal flame suggests.

He wrapped a blue flame around a steel gauntlet.

That's me, my favorite style magic, the fire attribute version of Stormbrough.

The intermediate magic of fire, Flame Arm.

The magic of the system that wraps around the body is difficult to control, but it is easily activated.

But what does blue flame mean?

Is it usually red or orange?

I can't even do a black thunder or something.

"Well, you have to. Then I'll show you how serious I am."

"I didn't know you could hear me say that, even if I had a pale flame. That's something like the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

"Well... you know me. So you don't understand that I'm no match for this...?

"I am more radiant than you. You can't be late!

Is he switched on, too, or maybe something on the middle of the second level of cooking?

Well, it's not far from me.

"Well, it doesn't matter how brilliant you are to me, but it doesn't matter if I go first. My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Quickly fulfill the request. You are the target of this request. Disable it, that's all."

"You mean it's not in your eyes... try it!

Sword and gauntlet crossing again.

However, I am more disadvantaged than earlier because they are magically enhanced.

He loses power several times and slowly retreats.

"It's just your mouth, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Your time is over!

"My time. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in that. More than from the public, I just... no, it's nothing. More than that, let me show you. I mean it!

Activate Instant Thunder to increase speed and start moving at high speed.

Slash and leave, slash and leave repeatedly to flirt with him.

"You, when you know you can't win with pure power, do you retreat?"

He hits me with sarcasm, guarding my sword with a gauntlet.

"What are you talking about? Come on, this is the real deal!

Every time I decide to take a blow at him, I increase my speed and power.

Faster, heavier blows also start to give him a distressed look.

"Gu, this... stupid. How far is your limit?"

"Ha ha, come on, that's it..."

"Please don't!

Cecilia has announced the end of the battle between the two chefs.

I disarm Instant Thunder and lay down my sword to make an adult.

I just have to listen to you more than this happened.

"Hey, what, why not? Hand over your sword."

You don't seem to know the situation, and there is one person who is confused.

I have to follow him here as a senior chef.

"Hmm... okay, pale flamed steel arm. Now just sit back. This is an inevitable way to fly across town as a chef…"

"Anyway, would you mind listening to me?"

"Yes, excuse me"

Handle in a low position and stretch your spine.

You can't stop Cecilia from happening like this anymore, because it's our fault, there's no point in explaining it.

"Hey, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. You have a completely different attitude..."

"May I ask you something, too?"

"Gu, why me..."

A steel arm with pale flames is trying to resist, but I think we should just get to the front seat.

Look, you've turned into a cold look, like Sophia, with Cecilia pretty on Clayman.

"May I?"

"... Yes"

He was brutally defeated by Cecilia's pressure not to mention the presence or absence of an ethereal steel arm.

Until just now, I was in a situation where two people would sit in line flashly.

Why was it a battle, was there any consideration for the damage to the building due to the fact that it was on the roof, etc... two cooks I can't argue with because they talked the most about it.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, the goal should have been to find this one, right?!? Sure, it was a deafening situation to ask, but I guess I didn't have to take it to a fancy fight so far"

"Ah, oh. Well, the..."

"Mr. Steelarm, too, attacked me without listening to this story, but you knew right away it was a mistake,"

"Ugh, yeah, right."

"I know, I've continued the fight and even heated up..."

"Oh, oh, not enough consideration"

The two cooks just give a vague reply with a bad tooth cut.

No excuses, no regrets, but reflections.

This is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman......

Even the reflection conveyed, Cecilia's sermon came to an end, and a peaceful discussion with the steel arm of the ethereal flame was initiated.

"First, it's from me. I made a mistake with Mr. Demon Swordsman when I first met you, and I behaved rudely."

I bow my head when I say I'm sorry, Cecilia, because the purpose was to apologize.

Well, I don't feel much need to apologize for any more nuisance they're doing.

Because of Cecilia's character, I guess my mistakes are of unforgivable quality.

Because I'm tough, tough on others, gentle on Cecilia.

"I guess I'm not the one getting the apology... It's like I'm stuck..."

I don't have any momentum until just now, is this guy vulnerable to Cecilia?

Well, I know you're preaching in person, but it's too much to consider.

"There's something you need to know from me."

"Is the Devil Swordsman in the Steel Arm?"

"Oh, I was wondering. Did you think about the costume? If you have an idea, I'd like to refer to it..."

"Is that what you're asking now!?"

I need to hear Cecilia's scratch when I can.

In the future, once you find a new kitchen two gear, it will be important to see what kind of item it fits with.

Even in the same kitchen II, the values should be different, so I want to keep the part that I can absorb.

"This is what you... admired and procured for the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman"

"Ho ho."


Cecilia has a question mark on her head about why, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't feel bad.

So this guy was inspired by my Chef II and became Chef II...

"As long as it's done, you've had two aura of cooking flooded by me. Well, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has given birth to a new Chef II..."

"So... it's not, Mr. Demon Swordsman. Isn't it contagious?"

"Sooner or later, they'll all be dyed black..."

"It won't stain!

"Rest assured, the only hope left in a black stained world...... that's Cecily!

"Excuse me, may I come back to this?"

My second cook forced me back because the conversation was quite out of line.

"... is that enough?"

"Yes, excuse me. So, uh... you admired the Devil's Swordsman."

"Meaning as it is, but something"


Cecilia, complete silence, no, don't get laughed at when you're told so far.

"But earlier in the battle, you said the days of the Devil's Swordsman were over."

"Heh, it's Cecily. That's a battle between two cooks. Raise yourself up and fight your enemies... you must have tried to cross me."

"You have to interpret this as true."

Cecilia has also become better at figuring out if she has become more resistant to cooking two.

This is a good sign as a partner.

All the time, Cecily will be in the kitchen II... and I'll be in trouble if I do.

"But there are a lot of things you don't admire as much as you admire me. Your work has caused tidal damage to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, what can you do?"

"I was just running around Minerva and helping people!

"No, what you were doing was just spreading your justice. Don't think about it later. What's the purpose? Were you acting purposeless"


"Why don't we talk... maybe we can help"

Me and Cecilia are in good shape.

What thoughts did you have on the steel arm of the pale flame?

If I knew, I wouldn't solve this.

"I wanted people to thank me. Whatever I did, they kept telling me it was normal, and I trained myself to spit blood for what, sparing myself while I slept and encouraged me to study... I don't know anymore. And I saw a future where no one would recognize my efforts"

"Is that who you are…"

"While I was spending that time, I flashed when I heard rumors about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. If I hide who I am and wear it with flashy costumes and dialogue..."

I don't know what position this guy is in, but he had a situation.

My voice was trembling, too, and I finally know that I exposed myself.

You won't be lying, then, this one's doing everything in its power... shall we?

"You said you were helping people...... but sweet!

"I know.... that what I was doing was just a nuisance"

"No, you don't understand. What you were doing was just helping yourself. The end of the road with no satisfactory results and no one to rely on. You were just saving yourself. You can't be thanked by anyone but yourself!

He doesn't have the strength to tell me this much.

But we should stick to the facts for this guy, too.

Correct the mistake, Cecilia and I... and I will save you the steel arm of the Ethereal Flame.