Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to save Kitchen II, other than me.

"I was saving... myself,"

Don't you understand what I'm saying, or don't you want to admit it?

Obviously upset, enough to tell even if your face is hidden with a helmet.

"Oh. What you were doing is just self-satisfaction."

"That can't be happening. In the first place, is it not true that anyone has a reason for the act of helping someone other than themselves? You must be acting because you have some interest in yourself too!

"Hmm, I perform the request quickly and perfectly... that's all"

"Don't be ridiculous! For God's sake, isn't that what money is for?"

"Oh, yeah, but"


You're losing your word because I said money was what it was all about.

For once, you must be too surprised, I didn't say anything weird.

"I told you I would fulfill my request quickly and perfectly... I'm getting a request, which means I'm getting the consideration I saw for it. But I appreciate what you're looking for... that's not worth it. Because..."

"Appreciation is not what you ask for."

When I tried to make a cool decision in the decision pose, Cecilia told me.

That's just the best show... That's my partner.

There is no way that the steel arm of pale flame will argue either.

I cough once, then I keep talking.

"Well, Cecily's right, gratitude isn't what you want. If you hadn't been empty, you would have been."

"There's no way that's happening. And now I... everyone kept telling me it was natural..."

Keep your head down and Cecilia gently wraps her hands around the hands of the ethereal steel arm that began to deny reality.

I feel a little sorry for you, but this is Cecilia... so I'll keep my eyes shut.

"It's okay, calm down. I'm sure some people have been saved because of you. I don't know you very well. But whatever the reason, you were trying to save someone. There must have been someone saved by you. And I should have thanked you."

"Saved by me..."

"By the way, I was saved by Cecily. Just like you, Cecily will save you!

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, please... shut up"

You're pissed... oh, Cecily's face is a little red.

Is this reddened by embarrassment or is it reddened by anger?

If you pursue it, you'll be even angrier, so let's keep quiet for the most part.

"... maybe I was thinking too hard. If I had acted like I was being flushed...... I wouldn't be sure anymore. And I didn't look around because I didn't like it."

"From now on, please broaden your horizons properly"

"... thanks. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is right, I was saved by you."

Cecilia doesn't, it was Mr. Steelarm who looked back at herself, and I said nothing... what is it?

It was undoubtedly Cecilia who pushed his back and led him to the answer.

Two names are not Dade: the guide of mercy.

Can I apply to the guild for this in full?

If you apply to Clayman and spread the word, the name of the guide of charity will be famous in no time.

"Hmm, this is going to be a grand plan"

"... I sense a gaze from earlier, but you're planning something not good. I've changed my mind in my current words."

"Say what. I was just watching the end of things under the instructions to keep quiet. … so, shall we disperse where the divisions are also divided? There are more galleries..."

"... eh"


We both thought, no, Cecilia was aware.

We started the battle and ended up with a peaceful solution through conversation.

The venue where it was taking place was on a roof somewhere in Minerva.

There are two guys dressed up prominently in that fancy fight... there's no way they won't notice.

On the roof where we are... well, the building is already surrounded by wild horses and knights.

Some knights became familiar with each other when they worked as Ravens and Black Thunder Demon Swordsmen amid the tension of when they would enter.

Maybe we're not in custody because of those guys.

Looks like it's just a matter of time.

"This... sounds like you're going to have to be taken by adults. We'll have to explain what happened."

Well, Raven would listen to you properly, and you wouldn't be treated cold.

Sanzan, I don't know about the ethereal steel arm that scratched Minerva around.

The steel arm of the pale flame has also been revamped, and I have to play by the guide of mercy, so the investigation is more of a Camon Common.

"I'm sorry... I can't go. You can't lose who you are, absolutely not. Contact with the Knights is... bad"

"Hmm, he said there were circumstances. Then at least be serious."

"Isn't that to be bound by the Knights and punished accordingly"

"Don't worry.... I have a good idea."

Cecilia's. Very, very anxious look on his ass. He quickly conveyed the operation to only the ethereal steel arm.

He shook his head vertically and also gained recognition.

All right, all we have to do is move on to action.

"Um, Mr. Demon Swordsman. Don't I have an explanation?"

"... don't worry, Cecily. It can't be bad. It's just a little bit, it's just gonna make you famous."

"What are you going to do! Request further explanation"

"I'm sorry...... but time will be the limit now. Let's go, Operation Name, Mercy!

An operation was started by Cecilia, who looked anxious, two or two prepared cooks.

Those who are not convinced will also come out, some may force but try to restrain the steel arm of the ethereal flame.

... but I want to make sure that there is no obsession left between the assembled Minerva residents, the Knights and the Ethereal Fire Steel Arm.

Everything rests on the steel arm of palpitation, and on the guide of mercy......

"Yeah, it fits pretty well."

A few days after that noise, I was having lunch with Duke, looking back on the operation.

"I guess so. The Knights are so tough.... that's because they leave words unilaterally and disappear."

I bump into you, Duke, because I know it's been tough, and this is how I did it for lunch.

Well, I was in the mood to have a conversation with Duke, too, and I'm just fine.

"I'm sorry, but he had a convenience, too. I don't want them to know who I am. I know how it feels, too. Because I..."

"Uh, yes, yes. Eat your meal quietly."

As always, you think I'm a good cope?

Cecilia and Duke are the ones who can stop me perfectly and cleanly.

No, there's plenty more... weak, me.

"I get it. Kitchen Two is sealed during dinner."

"You should have sealed it all the time... but, you know, you were okay"


Eating dinner, I wonder what Duke's question would be.

You did something to make me worry.

Moving his mouth, he rotates his head fully, but the idea is….

"You can't be bluffing. That's all, the captain thought about it, right? Listen, me and Raven had to laugh."

"Was Duke there, too?"

"Anyway, I don't know if I'm lost in full gear with a helmet on my armor, and I'm one of the many others."

I don't know what to say when I see Duke messing around in strange places.

Seriously, if I get confused, I'll have to judge it by my voice and smell.

If it's not this outfit, I can't help it because I can take my neck off.

"Fair enough. So, how about the Knights? I don't know if you're upset or dissatisfied with him."

"Well, he's out, I knew it. Just a few. By and large, that's the only way.... First, the captain comes out and tries to clean up the place"

"My name is the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder. They want to talk from the steel arm of the pale flame that made Minerva noise. I want you to listen to me..."

If you came here to catch the ethereal steel arm with coercive measures, I was trying to stop you.

My job is to support you, and I'm going to put it on myself.

"Sure, I can't let them know my face. You'll be captured. But I'm aware that what I did was just an act of annoyance around me, and I'm sorry... and you keep your head down."

Apology in front of that audience, at a beautiful hip angle.

For a moment there were so many people, the place was quiet.

"Oh, and I'll add, if there's a request in his relationship, I'll take it..." The fee is less, well, as a nuisance fee, it's a contract to pay later to the steel arm of the flame. "

"Isn't that all that good for you? You needed the last one."

"Oh.... and it was my partner, the guide of mercy, who guided the distorted heart of the steel arm of the ethereal flame in the right direction and revamped it with the heart of mercy. Her kindness is saving me too... so this guy is fine now... oh my God"

"By the time I ran out, Mr. Cecilia was grabbing the captain's root. And goodbye, the captain put an end to it, and they all disappeared with the flames."

That way of disappearing was shown as a steel arm with pale flames, right?

The blast was left to the steel arm of the pale flame, and I spread the smoke made by the blast with the magic of the wind extensively.

And I took Cecilia and fled far away, the ethereal steel arm escaped on its own.

"Mind Cecilia after you run away..."

"You don't have to ask."

"It was a totally crushed day"

Don't you deserve it?

Tough Duke's words just sting my heart.

'Cause after the sermon, I asked him out to see if it was a meal, but he was messing around all over Minerva, and it wasn't the other way around.

Crying, I broke up with you for saying good luck today.

"Cecilia's been dating me all day."

"Speaking of which, I heard from Raven that a man is coming to Mr. Cecilia right now.... Captain, are you okay? Sounds like a great property to me. Happiness said... appearance, economy, future."

"He uuuuuuuu!

Are you trying to tell me I'm inferior with those three beats?

Next time I see you, I don't know how to do it, even to a tickling sentence...... no, I'm afraid of later.

I'm very afraid of retaliation, especially from Raven.

"Don't you have to go today? You'd rather have tea time with Cecilia than me and lunch."