"It's easy to say, but I can't do it today. 'Cause I have a Cecilia pageant today, so I can't see her."

"That's not over yet, is it? I thought I was in a situation where I was waiting for results."

"Still in progress."

Your opponent with the status of next lord, former brave party and intelligent handsome is still staying in Minerva.

A few days ago, Cecilia was free because her opponent was going to explore Minerva alone.

I spent the day on a date.

"Hmm...... but Cecilia, I don't know what to do. Isn't it hard to say no given your position? It depends on the other guy. Listening to Happiness...... ha"

"Hey, Duke. What's the sigh now? Three beats or three beats!?

It's blatant timing, and sigh after staring at my face.

How much I lose in Duke's brain when I haven't even seen him.

I can see the bitter look on Duke's face when he says he has a helmet.

I don't know about that, me and Duke have been dating for years, so I guess the power of bonding is the one that works and knows what we're thinking about each other, yeah.

"No, let's make dinner what"

"Hey, I just had lunch, and I'm already thinking about dedicating dinner... my eyes aren't focused. He's coming back."

Duke's relentless flatback bursts into my cheek.

Because we've known each other for a long time, I took a blow with no pity or relief, and I fell out of my chair, and I was stunned.

It's from the guests around me. What is it? I'm hearing voices.

Of course you did. You might think it was a fight.

"Uh, the captain's nothing like this, so I'll be fine. I want you to eat without worrying."

"You... think you're someone else."

As he rose and slapped the dust on his clothes with his hand, he raised something like a cheer from some of them.

I don't think it's like raising your voice like that at all.

I just wouldn't be stunned just because I got stuck.

How did you see it from around...

"'Cause I thought the captain would be fine. Besides, if that's all you get hit with, you can work hard, you can fight."

"Good luck... right. I'm on my way. To Cecilia."

"Yeah, but I thought you said it wasn't good today."

"I'll definitely regret it if I don't go... I feel that way"

"You can't have that kind of dialogue."

"This is my luxury!

I slap more of my estimated meal bill on the table.

The creation of such a sight also gathers gaze from the surroundings, but does not care.

"Bye, Duke. Good luck to you too."

Leaving a throwaway dialogue, I ran away from the store.

The place to go is the Aqua Rain family mansion.

I don't know what I can do or what I'm willing to do... I don't have a plan.

But you can't just turn your fingers around and wait for the results.

In the end, I'm just like Yuga.

What can you do to stay still, even though you may decide on the engagement of a child you like!

Don't run here. I'm talking about when you'll run.

"Okay...... here we are"

Arriving at the Aqualein family mansion, I bow my head to the two soldiers guarding the mansion gate.

Mostly, you can always get me through this, the one with the face pass.

"Ah, Lord Youki. As a matter of fact, I have a visitor here today... I'm sorry, but can I have the day again?"

"... seriously"

I was frustrated when I entered the mansion, because I had permission from Celia last time.

This isn't all going to work out with momentum.

But what's the matter...... oh, discover someone I know who is running around looking capable of weather.

Send the thought of coming over here with your gaze.

There's no way it's going through. - I thought so, and he walked up to me waving at me.

Has this been followed by years of dating after Duke?

"Captain ~"

"Seek, just in the right place..."

"Ba ~ ka"


When he finished saying a word to me, Seek left skipping.

I mean, you came here to make fun of me because you saw my face... that's all.

Two soldiers look at me sympathetically.

"Look, I'm sorry, but he's someone I know.... hey, I'm going to preach, open the gate."

"If that's the case. We'll report to your wife.... well, that's tough"

"Seek, wait, hey!

That's when Seek and I started snooping.

Seek to run around laughing, you're going to play, you're superior.

It's hard for people to be serious about their children, so let's not use physical enhancement, let's fight with strength.

Haha ~ and I'm laughing swallowingly, but I wonder how long I can afford that.

Seek, I'll chase them. Me, if I look from the edge, I might look like a parent who hangs out with children's plays on holidays.

Just...... haha - wait - not such a peaceful sight.

"Hahaha, appearance, economic power, future"

"Wait, Seekoo... What are you teaching the Happiness one Seeker? Ahhh!

I don't know what I'll do if I catch you, and then I'll capture Happiness next for Seek.

When I was playing endurance with Seek, I was coming to the garden.

"Son of a bitch, you picked a place you were good at. Don't think you can get away from me."

"... what are you doing"

If you're looking for a hidden seek in the garden, you run into Cecilia.

I don't know what you're doing, yeah, I'm not trespassing, and let's be honest.

"It's a chase. I'm after Seek."

"Why are you chasing Seek-kun at the Mansion... No, I can imagine how it started."

Do you know because Cecilia and I have been dating longer too... because we are always in mediation?

The reflection group will ask for an explanation of how this happened first.

"Oh, he made me... no, no"

As it turns out, thanks to Seek, I put him in the mansion without causing any problems... a complicated mood to think about.

Do I have to thank you, I'm Seek.

All right, for now, let's get something for Seek later.

And the true target... is Happiness.

But if I do anything to Happiness, I'm afraid of Raven, what do I do?

"What's the difference?... and does Seek-kun not have to go after him anymore? I looked at Mr. Yowki, and I couldn't laugh, and I ran away."

"I don't care about him anymore. Next time, I'll buy you some sweets."

"Seek is going to be delighted. What does it mean to make up?"

"No, thank you"

"Don't you have a fever, Mr. Yowki? Or was there something hard going on? No way, wake up to those hobbies..."

"Mr. Cecilia!?"

"... it's a joke"

Cecilia laughing like a prank.

Just a little bit, I was flabbergasted, but I was immediately followed and laughed.

Keep it up, fall asleep on the ground, your clothes are slightly dirty but I don't care.

Seek doesn't feel anybody's sign of where he went, it's weird.

Now I'm alone with Cecilia.

I'm not even in the room, but I'm not even close to a servant.

"It's a coincidence that I was chasing Seek. Not just him... but also Duke and Happiness. I didn't even let you see me."

"We all love Mr. Yowki."

"I don't know about that..."

When you get tangled up with those guys, you almost start by messing with me.

I don't think you hate me, but I definitely don't respect you or anything.

I've known him for a long time... and I trusted Duke, Happiness, and Seek the most during the Demon King's Castle era.

"I look like all three of you admire Mr. Yowki"

"Well, that's what I'm talking about"

"It's true, absolutely"

Also, we both laughed at each other.

"... but let's get back to it. I'm here to see Cecilia. I know you have business."

I'm falling asleep, so the sky is just spreading in front of me, I don't know what Cecilia looks like.

I'm sure you'll be angry, or you'll have a troubled look, I won't confirm, I'm guessing.

"Does that mean it was unplanned and acted out of your mind"

"Oh, it will"

Until I acted according to my own wishes without any excuses.

I thought they might say something, but Cecilia just smiled lightly.

"Really?... Just for a little while, that's fine. Mr. Soleil is talking to his mother. … I'm talking about an engagement from Mr. Yowki, me and Mr. Soleil, but I've decided to decline"

"... well"

It was good on the inside - and I have a reassuring self.

I was worried when I thought about Cecilia's position and the other guy.

"I was scared. I can't tell you what it is if they ask me... and there was anxiety. I feel relieved now. Honestly, it's still not paying off, okay. But if you go far, all you have to regret is"

I was falling asleep and I got up and stared at Cecilia.

Fu, memories at Demon King Castle came to my mind.

"Cecilia, I like it. I want you to go out with me."