Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to see how you felt about the kid you liked.

"… may I have you wait for a moment"

For a few seconds after my confession, the silence continued...... Answer from Cecilia.

Does this mean that it is on hold?

"I must now say clearly with regard to Mr Soleil's engagement. In my position...... sorry"

"Oh, you're right. I know."

"But I won't be more vague either than I have heard of Mr. Yowki's upright feelings. … May I ask you to wait in my room"


I'm the one who suddenly pushed me, and I'm the one who confessed without even pretending.

Even Cecilia has a situation, I'm the only one who feels like I'm ahead of her...

But if you'll excuse me, I can no longer contain my feelings when I see Cecilia leaving with her back turned.

I was like this, or at times like this, I was fooling around.

I guess it's because I confessed to Cecilia that I liked her face-to-face, she looks like she's going far.

Cecilia cuddle from behind if you notice......

"Wait, I didn't think so."

Halfway through, self-control works, placing his hands on Cecilia's shoulder.

I stopped my desire not to go along the way, so this is the kind of posture I got.

"... Mr. Yowki?"

"Ugh, I'm sorry. I'll be waiting in my room, me!

I can't face Cecilia because I'm ashamed.

I run at full speed and head to Cecilia's room.

A servant would think you shouldn't do everything in your power to walk in the mansion until your face turns bright red.

I haven't been told, because I run ignored even when a servant calls me.

I want to chill my head, but now I want to be alone... and wait for Cecilia.

But you found out I wasn't listening, and Mr. Sophia sued me with her eyes not to run in the mansion.

I bow my head and express my apology and decide to walk adultly.

And when I got to Cecilia's room, I sat in the chair for the visitors I always used.

... restless, soothing, what shall we do?

"I think here, I'm having a lot of bickering with Cecilia..."

I'll buy you some cake, but Cecilia can make you some tea and make you some tea.

The two of us laughing, pissing off Cecilia and me sitting right there...... mixing up Seek and Happiness too.

Looking back at the past as it wasn't too bad to immerse myself in memories, I heard a knock through the door.

I thought Cecilia was here, and I thought I'd get better.

"... oh"


It was Happiness in the middle of a servant's job to come in.

So soon, can we not finish talking to Soleil?

"I'm sorry, but you can't hang out with jokes. Today I am."

"Seriously... what is it?"

"Nothing...... I just became honest with myself. I'm waiting."

I still don't like what you've done, represented by a direct ball.

Whatever the end is waiting for, I don't want to say it clearly.

Besides, Happiness would know, that's all.

You've known me a long time, and I have a boyfriend named Raven.

"... Coming!

But Happiness grabbed my arm and tried to take me somewhere.

Hey, we've known each other a long time, and I can't read Happiness's behavior.

"is,. Let go, Happiness. I have to wait for Cecilia..."

"... ready, determined, picked up, going!

Well, Happiness said I was ready to confess, so Cecilia is also making some sort of determination.

If I'm a man too, I don't have to wait, I have to feel like I'm going to pick him up.

Therefore, he rushed to the place where Cecilia was located and asked me to welcome Cecilia as soon as the matter was over.

"If you take it personally, Cecilia will piss you off."

"... you should go!

"Oh, well. Thanksgiving, Happiness. I'll buy you something next time."

Leaving it at that, I'm headed to the room where Cecilia is.

The faces of Duke, Seek and Happiness came to mind as I relied on my voice and smell.

Given what's going on today, I'm supported by three former men.

Duke made me think, Seek led me, Happiness held me back......

I can see you almost crying just a little.

If I had put my arms in my eyes and prevented them from coming to tears...... I finally remembered the three of them.

From Duke, he was stuck down, made a fool of himself by Seek, and tripled from Happiness.

"Huh, cum..."

There's a mix of anger that's supposed to come in and the emotion I was feeling earlier, and I laugh.

'Cause those guys, they don't make a difference no matter where they go.

Duke the caretaker, an innocent seeker, too free Happiness.

"Well, I won't be able to cure Kitchen II forever... you're the captain. I've had you up to this point, and let's go!

Then walk through the mansion and reach the desired location.

Only the voices of Cecilia and Soleil can be heard from inside.

I feel like I need to stay on board or as much momentum as that.

When I tried to put my strength into the handle of the door, my hands were layered and stationary.

"Exactly. No, you can't."

"Mr. Celia... was"

It was Mr. Celia who controlled my behavior.

"If I hadn't stopped, you'd have been in the room, wouldn't you? From there... hehe, if Cecilia... when did you make Yoki so passionate?"

"Sorry, that was frivolous"

Come to think of it, it's Cecilia who would be in a bad position if she broke in here and got bored.

Being honest with your thoughts is not the same as being selfish.

"It would be nice to just be here. Later, if Cecilia tells you anything, you can tell me you asked me to stand here."

"Oh, you know, Mr. Celia"

"Bye, Youki-kun. Take your time."

Does that mean you know you don't have to talk?

Waving with a smile, Mr. Celia left... I wonder how far that guy knows.

"But I wonder if I can wait here"

I think it's pretty conspicuous that you're standing there doing nothing in the hallway of the mansion.

Isn't that a nuisance for the servants who are cleaning?

"Your wife said it would be nice to wait, so don't worry."

"Whoa, now Mr. Sophia. When!?"

"... I just came out because I finished cleaning the room"

"Oh, you just didn't notice me opening the door."

"Yes.... I will be careful not to blame the servants for having Yoki"

Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr. Sophia left with a beautiful angled bow.

... I've been supported by all kinds of people since just now... can you just confess?

No, it was definitely just me and Cecilia then.

There's got to be no information, no way, you're thinking I'm about to confess now.

"You're supported, me..."

I sat down in the hallway and decided to wait for Cecilia.

The servant goes too far, but he just glances at me.

Thanks to Mr. Sophia for rooting for me, but this makes me feel complicated.

If you bow your head, you'll lower it back, of course.

It's just important to know if I'm in the way of my job.

I extinguished my presence as much as possible, circled my body, and waited even.


The door opens and meets Cecilia, who came out.

Unlike me, who thinks the discussion is over, it's a surprised look at why I'm here.

"Please disappear immediately!

He was whispering but in a hurry, so he immediately disappeared in Banish Wave.

Cecilia looks relieved to see me disappear.

Why didn't you think... Soleil came out of the room, too?

"Mr. Cecilia. Haven't you talked to someone now"

"No, we haven't talked about it though. There are no servants in the hallway."

Soleil looks over the hallway and tilts his neck strangely.

Well, you can't see because he's disappearing.

"Looks like it was your fault. I'm sorry, I even had to drop you off."

"No, never mind"

"... And then, suddenly, it's also about the fact that I signed up for an engagement. Excuse me."

Apologies about bringing an engagement story, even though there's no context.

Why does Cecilia make such an apology?

If you were a nobleman, wouldn't you do this kind of pageant all the time?

Not to mention that Cecilia is one of the brave parties, kind, cute, well cared for and able to do her chores in general.

... You can say everything you think in front of yourself now, me.

"Apologies are fine… I refused the engagement."

"Okay. And finally... I just want to ask Cecilia one thing."

"If you have a range of questions I can answer"

No, wait, are we talking here?

My situation, it's sitting around, and he's disappearing.

There's Cecilia ahead, conditioning on the left, and a door on the right that's left open and unclosed, which means you can't get away with it.

After wondering what's wrong with this, my actions are blocking my ears with both hands.

Listening to the conversation is a bit... but that's all you can hear.

"Cecilia already has a lover"

This guy couldn't help but complain about what he was going to ask.

"... why do you think so? If I had made up my mind, I'd be rude. I thought you said no at the time you spoke to me."

"I saw a disguised Cecilia walking in Minerva the other day."

I had no idea you were watching that date.

I should have checked my surroundings more, too.

Given Cecilia's position, it didn't taste good.

You said you were dating another guy while we were talking about an engagement.

... even though it's like I was forced to invite you.

"The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman said. You said you were a partner. Excuse me, Mr. Cecilia. I'm really sorry to bother you. I'm... a steel arm with pale flames."

Cecilia held her mouth open to Soleil, who bowed her head deeply, her eyes pointing and solidifying.

The timing of the engagement story is almost, together with the timing of the resumption of activity by the steel arm of the ethereal flame.

Naturally one of the brave parties in other countries has the strength... the reason I was talking about it at that time, too, if Soleil thinks he's a time lord, the point goes.

"Mr. Soleil?"

"As I told you the other day, why I was doing such an activity. Mr. Cecilia, when we first met, it's been a long time since I've been scolded like that. So... I told my father that if you would stay next door, I would like to get engaged. But those were words directed at the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, not me."

Was Cecilia's mistake a factor that developed up to her engagement to Soleil?

But Ethereal Flame Steel Arm...... Soleil is like a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, imitating me, so am I the cause?

There's nothing I can do because I can't do either show up and apologize or leave this place as soon as possible.

"Who is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman? Who is Cecilia's partner…"

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you more about Mr. Demon Swordsman. In the first place, I don't have that kind of relationship with the Devil Swordsman."

It's not that kind of relationship, I almost petrified Cecilia's words quickly.

Guy's in on this, he's been punished for messing with his body with scatter magic.

It's so, so stupid to be shaken in this way.

My soul is going to come out of my mouth, my tear glands suck, they're going to collapse.

You can't speak out, so cover your mouth with your arms and endure even.

"No, it's a lie!

"Who is Mr. Demon Swordsman......? Mr Soleil, I have heard why you have become an ethereal steel arm. The reason for Mr. Demon Swordsman is simply because... he looked good. Collect buys in the market, sign up for the guild... I don't know if you're acting great"

Cecilia is talking about the day she went to the market with Clayman and bought the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman costume.

It is the secret of the birth of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"If I take it off, it sounds like I'm thinking a lot. Phew, but that's Mr. Demon Swordsman."

"Mr. Cecilia……?"

"It doesn't mean who he is... I don't think he's that special. The more Mr. Soleil thinks. Acting to the fullest about someone and myself...... is it special?"

There's a lot to empty, but Cecilia is laughing when she says.

"Well, that's right.... Again, I can't seem to get in next to Cecilia. Excuse me, but I won't let you drop me off. I think something might have blown me out."

"If Mr. Soleil wishes... I understand"

"Excuse me, Mr. Cecilia. Thank you."

Soleil leaves with his back to Cecilia.

Don't feel the impression from your back that your spine is tight or lost.

The door is already closed so I can leave... until I can't see Soleil, let's see.

Soleil stops and turns around at a corner, because at times like this, it leaves a throwaway dialogue.

Well, what do you say to Cecilia......

"Mr. Cecilia. I wanted to see you. He's not the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman..."

And Soleil's figure disappeared behind the bend.

You want to see me, but what's left to say?

Why, Soleil left those words at the end.

"Mr. Yowki, you're still close, aren't you?"

Respond to Cecilia's voice and reveal yourself.

He also realized that Cecilia was in a state where I couldn't move.

"Sorry, I couldn't move"

"Anyway, let's go into the room"

I get pulled over and go into the room where Cecilia and Soleil were talking.

We sat in each other's chairs, and I took a deep breath, and Cecilia closed her eyes and thought of something.

No tea, no tea treats, the room is not Cecilia's room, but the reception room where visitors respond.

Above all, it's the two of us who are different.

I wanted my relationship with Cecilia to move on, I want to be next to Cecilia, not monopolies... because I like it.

I want me next to Cecilia, not anybody but me.

It was... Cecilia who broke the silence.

"I didn't think you were in front of the door. What are you thinking? I was in such a hurry."

"Ah, uh. Sorry, but I got your permission, Celia."


"Sophia reminded all her servants to pay attention."

"Until Mr. Sophia, you can't say anything about this."


"It's not true. Mr. Yowki, do you really think I won't say anything...?"

I haven't seen anything like Aura from Cecilia in a long time.

Isn't that what it always feels like?

If you noticed, there was me sitting in the front seat with flowing natural movements.

I was sitting in a chair, but I guess I got a front seat on the floor sometime.

"By and large, Mr. Yowki... when did you get off the chair"

"I don't know. I realized I was in this position."

"What is it, that? Oh, I was supposed to be sitting too."

Cecilia, who is arm-wrapped and royal, a complete sermon style is established.

In the meantime, when I laughed because it made me laugh, Cecilia laughed at me too.

"Phew... Phew. When I'm really with Mr. Yowki, I already am."

"This is me..."

I'd like to hear it's no good, but I don't think it's my character.

But can you care about that?

"I like you, Mr. Yoki."