The sudden unintentional blow, the usual bickering mood quickly disappeared.

Time seemed to have stopped.

But Cecilia doesn't feel like she cares how I am.

"Just a little bit, let's talk memorabilia. Honestly, when I first met Mr. Youki... I was scared. Defeated, when I realized it was abandoned by the village, I don't know what the other person was thinking, and I don't know if my strength could win by an unknown number... there was such a fear at the time"

Speaking to nostalgia, Cecilia, the first encounter seemed to have a completely negative start.

This one was on the Demon King's side, so he was hostile, and I can't help it.

"Was it only a month ago? When they told me to stay just me, I was ready to die. For a month, I thought I'd keep showing strength and end up nagging one person at a time."

"I was thought to be such an evil demon!?"

"That's what it looks like initially. … but"

"Oh, a little beyond that"

I'm ashamed, so I don't think you can tell me.

Me acting brave in a way, even though I'm a demon clan who confesses to cancer ignoring no contacts, hostile forces, race walls, etc.

Because of that time, I know I have it now.

"Heh, I get it. And that's why I had a bomb called Mr. Yowki. Please don't offend me. When and what happens...... I was on guard. Soon you won't have to worry about it."

"Cecilia was wary of me... I didn't know. Why did you stay alert so quickly?"

"We acted together and every time we talked, we saw Mr. Yowki in all sorts of ways. You were friends with Mr. Raven, embracing Mr. Duke and helping Mr. Guy, Mr. Teal, and improving Micah's relationship with the brave."

"Raven was accidentally pushed by the Dukes. Guy and Teal... Teal's gone in a strange direction. Micana and Yuga are, well, parallel lines..."

I don't think what I've been doing here in Minerva is that big of a deal.

Cecilia always had, annoyed, troubled, scolded... there was no such thing as a show.

Cecilia shook her head and denied me as I strolled through negative memories in her brain.

"There are a lot of people who have been able to head in the right direction thanks to Mr. Yowki. Certainly extremely, occasionally... not. Uh, not from time to time..."

"Anyway, I'm kicking Kitchen II at a pace of Monday!

"No, I thought it might be Monday... probably"

"It feels like you won't deny me completely."

Because it's true that you're Chef II, and Cecilia won't lie, either, you can't help it.

It's a shame I'm not putting my favorite kid in front of you in a good year.

Cecilia's laughing at me, too, and I'm laughing already.

"But that's Mr. Yowki. I also have a lot of headaches..."

"Excuse me."

I weigh myself, but I can't stop it.

Sad, there is no medicine or cure for Kitchen II disease.

"I can't leave you alone, but if I have to, there's no one I can count on more than Mr. Yowki. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say you're irreplaceable to me. And..."


Although I am ashamed because I have been told something quite pleasant.

This is my first experience of being like this, and I don't know how to react.

If you're a man, you should be grand, and Duke would say so, so I tried to be prepared.

"It's fun to be with Mr. Yowki. I'm excited, I wonder where you're taking me."


"Yes, I'm going to have Mr. Yowki pull it off... because I don't hate cracking it"

I was flustered, and I regretted taking him around to see if it was annoying.

You can't just let Cecilia tell you, I need to tell you what I think too.

"I'm... I'm in Cecilia's room to make a joke. I felt comfortable... and thought this time would last forever."

"Forever, is it..."

"Ha ha... I can't do it forever though"

Look at each other, subtle expressions.

I'm the one who made the beginning.

"But I don't think it's impossible for that to be routine..."

A cloudy rhetoric about wanting to make it routine for the two of us to bicker, to spend time together.

I may not be able to pass it around, but I'm confident that bickering is fun, so I won't lie.

"Hehe, that depends on your future relationship."

He smiled a bit like a little devil and expressed his intention to put it on hold.

I've never seen Cecilia like this before, so my chest is like this... she's got a severe heartbeat.

I feel like I'm going to get emotions that I can't contain, but I'm forced to.

There seems to be a verbal inconsistency...... I don't care now, it's Cecilia now.

"Eh, this is me... thank you"

I'd like to ask for no scratches from Cecilia.

The moment you come, you're going to despair, seriously.

The fact that the scratch came meant that Cecilia's feelings for me were with friends.

I'd like to think that wouldn't happen from the way things have been, but absolutely, there's no such thing as certainty, so I'm anxious.

I was afraid to see the look on Cecilia's face, so I would bend my hips to ninety degrees and say it.

But the reply doesn't come in, so I just lifted my head a little and looked at the chill... Cecilia was laughing.

Oh, this is a pattern that was pissed off.

Cecilia coughs once when I stop lowering my head.

"Nice to meet you too"

You showed me a prettier bow than I did.

Hmm, is there any way I can beat an active warrant lady with the beauty of bowing?

Cecilia looks up at me too, I look at Cecilia too.

And silence was born.

Although we are embarrassed, for some reason we cannot divert our gaze from each other.

I guess we should take action from men here, but what should we do?

I know you can't at the point where you're thinking like this, but I need someone to tell me.

I don't know if Duke gave you any advice, no, it's not a good idea to rely on someone for this whole occasion.

Generally speaking, what a word doesn't suit me, because I...

"I love it"

That's what I said, I hugged Cecilia.

Cecilia's head will bury in my chest, and Cecilia will always heal me.

I don't know, I don't feel different, but I tried to express the best I could do right now.

It's just painful to do it too long, so look at the fold and let Cecilia go.

"... Phew, it was sudden, so I was surprised"

I was relieved that Cecilia didn't seem to like it that much either.

I'm so relieved, if this makes you hate me and my relationship cracks fast...... let's stop, I want to be full of happiness today.

"Well, shall we go to my room? I'll treat you to tea and sweets."

"Okay. You can't stay in this room forever."

We should have spoken in Cecilia's own room, not in the reception room.

This is a guest room, and I prefer to make a joke in Cecilia's room.

Start moving quickly, and I'll follow Cecilia to the door.

Cecilia tried to open the door, her hands stopped perfectly.

And did you even forget something in the room because you flip your body magnificently?

I feel something on my cheek if I'm thinking about getting it for you.

I didn't know for a second what they did, noticed ah... and leaked my voice, my cheek with my fingers.


This is going to take some time for my head to get normal.

The person who pushed me into a state of suspension is blushing too.

Apparently, the two of them have been unable to move.

In the end, it was thirty minutes after this event that Cecilia was asked to behave as a tea and tea treat.