"It hurt..."

Yuga stood up peeling as my fist rubbed my inhaled cheek.

Rotten or brave, Park Min-Jen or brave, brave without merit.

Looks like there's some strength to be hit there.

"You know why I hit you."


"If you don't know, you, go brilliant again"

Better to train at a vampire place with a long journey than that me.

That way you might be able to see what you're not seeing right now.

"Hey, wait a minute, Youki-kun. I mean, Mikana likes me... Ask Mikana if she likes me. So Mikana hated me...... No, but Mikana likes me."

"After all, you don't seem to know. Go brilliant. It's confirmed."

I don't know if I can schedule Yuga, but if it stays like this, Mikana is too pitiful.

We need to correct this broken brave man.

I have a hand in asking Cecilia to help, but it's possible that Yuga will see Cecilia and float.

"Wait a minute. First of all, Mikana's so angry, Youki-kun's so angry."

I'm not mad at you.

I listened to Yuga, and the first emotion I had was rage, not anger.

I hit him until Micah didn't seem to have sanctioned anything for being too dumb Yuga, so he did it instead.

Besides... you couldn't forgive Yuga.

I like Yuga on Micana's own, and Yuga has no responsibility or anything.

It's just that Yuga told me that I made a lot of efforts to support you because you were there.

... This guy was talking about it himself, right?

"'Cause you just hit me."

"Ok, ok"

If you're going to mention that much about what I hit you, I'll fix it for now.

I treated the part where I beat him with healing magic, now you're going to say it loud.

"Youki-kun, you used healing magic."

Yuga looks at me like she cared, but that doesn't matter either.

I think Caius knows what this guy needs to do......

Never throw a yuga round Caius.

"Oh, sort of. All right, then, go brilliant!

"Yeah!? I just got back from the coal pit!?"

You can tell that by looking at the outfit.

"Don't you have a schedule?"

"... I wonder if there's anything at this time of year"

"Don't stay in the carriage."

"You're really going to let me go right away..."

Kind of me, Yuga dipped in the water, got rid of the dirt on my body, changed my clothes, did the journey support, and followed me until I got in the carriage.

Yuga doesn't like it the way it is with Mikana either... oh my god you said that.

Does he still like Cecilia?

I was glad to hear about Soleil's engagement and tell him that it was broken.

... Should I have told Yuga that me and Cecilia are dating?

Love is hard, and with my head on, I decided to go back to the inn.

"... Yowki"

"Mm-hmm. It's Raven."

When I tried to get back to the inn room, I ran into Raven in private clothes.

For once, it looks like she's wearing a disguise... but isn't the outfit too fashionable?

Raven is handsome, handsome even in disguise.

With the addition of fashion, I think it would be better to choose clothes that are easy to wear because they will gather gaze from the surroundings.

"... I'm off duty today. Finally, the steel arm problem with the pale flame calmed me down."

"Oh. It was a lot of post-processing and stuff. I'm sorry, I ended up throwing it like a round."

Just say what you want to say, because you disappeared.

I wouldn't have convinced you to follow up with the guys or anything, and I would have taken care of you.

"... already cleaned up somewhat. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has asked for the butt wipe system. The disturbance is calming down."

"I said so myself, I'll take care of it."

From the steel arm of the pale flame, the asking fee is properly remitted, so there is no problem at all.

Raven is right, though less requests are being made for steel arm entanglements with pale flames because they are sedating.

"... dependable"

"Sort of. By the way... Raven, you're not alone today. You look like you're in the mood."

"... does that look like it?"

Raven took a serious look at his outfit and then cheeked in embarrassment.

This is definitely a rendezvous, I think time is coming pretty early too.

Besides, I can't believe I'm meeting you in front of a ride carriage... no way.

"Hey, I'm gonna talk weird, okay?"

"... depending on the content, what is it"

"Maybe you two go away alone or something?"

The moment I heard it, it said, "Raven, you're in a hurry on your face."

That's how easy I feel to understand the look on my face, half the time I'm about to laugh, I feel like I heard something I shouldn't ask.

"I'm meeting you. But not away. Besides, I can't believe we're staying out alone."

"He can sleep on a tree."

"... if you're staying, you'll have decided to stay in a decent inn"

In the first place, Raven has normally returned it without realizing what I said.

You're losing your cool.

A knight should never lose his cool.

... Let's extend our kidding time by saying punitive games.

"The more you become, the more you envisage staying at the inn"

"... it's a story if"

"Naturally, the room is with you. And the bed isn't twin, dub...... stay!?"

I was obsessed with a conversation with Raven about how I was doing too well, and I didn't realize I was sneaking out from behind.

I was easily taken back, and they allowed me to chop to the back of my head.

Looking back with resentment, this was Happiness in private clothes again.

"... Hammer"

"Damn, I almost heard something funny"

I've been jammed, and I'm gonna shake Raven to continue what I just said in front of Happiness.

Raven seems to be relieved while he thinks he helped too.

I guess Raven's miscalculation here just appeased me there.

I don't know where Happiness was listening from, but I saw how Raven was doing and it's getting a little swollen.

... From Happiness, maybe they felt like they didn't want to spend the night alone.

Happiness approaching Raven, tapping on his shoulder and making an appeal to tell him something, this is......

"... What's up, Happiness"

"... disgust?"


"... Together, Outside, Room"

"It doesn't mean I don't like it. Just..."

"... Bed?"

Can't you fight back against Happiness's onslaught, Raven?

Perhaps, no, I'm the one who definitely invited this to happen... like I haven't played a joke like this in a long time.

Until earlier, you were forcing Yuga to send you brilliant, me.

I'm currently watching a couple flirting, how did this happen?

"... then take your time"

Raven and Happiness are dates because of this, and the bugs should leave right now.

Happiness is still mentioning Raven about your stay... okay, let's just keep going.

"... Raven, Captain, actually"

"Hey, wait, here. What are you trying to say!?"

I tried to go home, but turn right and pick both Happiness cheeks with one hand.

"It's this mouth or this mouth I've been trying to say something extra"

As it was, I felt a murderous gaze when I tried to pretend I couldn't speak.

... Raven is staring.

Apparently, casually touching her cheeks in front of her boyfriend was not given some consideration.

"Sorry, Raven. So here's what we're gonna do."

The strike I put out, I'll take Raven's hand and fudge Happiness's cheek.

This would have punished my mouth for trying to talk unnecessarily without Raven staring...

Raven is touching Happiness's cheek on his own, even if I can't help it, and Happiness seems comfortable, what is this?

"... in the meantime, why don't we move the place or both"

The flirting in front of the ride carriage gets a lot of attention from a lot of people.