I took two grand flirtatious people in front of a riding carriage, and I was visiting my usual cake shop.

The two became the object of attention from the merchants and adventurers riding the carriage… in reflection.

I think it's sweet to eat cake, but I don't think it's as good as these two.

... Can me and Cecilia give it a sweet vibe, too, if they don't know it, maybe they're giving it out.

"Happiness, it's cake, cake. We should, uh, do it here. I definitely recommend it."

Well, that's because of that, I think I'll just talk a little bit before I leave.

It's like stirring it up in a moderate way that doesn't disturb you and leaving without putting on the packing.

Raven is trying to disagree, but Happiness isn't even full, staring at a bite-sized cake.

All I have to do is take it to Raven's mouth, but inside, I'm not trying to move it to execution.

I'm in a hurry, why won't it stay that way?

"Happiness, you can do it. It's okay, 'cause it's gonna be absolutely successful."

"... of course"

"... is this the air I feed you? It's not the other way around."

I should have been against it, Raven taking the cake to Happiness's mouth if I wanted to.

Well, I showed you a smooth, shy move that didn't even make you feel shy.

Happiness doesn't look confused at all, but naturally opens its mouth and Ahem is established.

"... Happiness, you've got cream on your mouth"

"… removed"

"... I don't have a choice"

Raven wipes the cream on Happiness's mouth with his fingers and removes the cream with a nearby napkin.

Wiping them with napkins is what you do to children, and it seems Raven is around not eating the cream you wipe.

Still, even though I'm the one who guided him to flirt, I keep seeing this sight.

Can't wait, or do you mean there's a sense of intrusion?

"... Captain"

"What the fuck?"

"... Cancer Ba"


Somewhat, it creates an atmosphere of frustration and intimidates Happiness.

This guy... he's messing with Raven, and he's messing with me.

Must be the idea of doing double mental damage.

"... Speaking of which, Youki. I heard from Happiness that the story of the engagement that was coming to Cecilia was broken. Well, good for you."

"Ah, that's the story..."

When I give Happiness a glimpse, he's shaking his neck to the side.

It was to see if you talked to Raven about me and Cecilia, but you didn't.

Looks like Raven didn't miss me and Happiness having a conversation with his eyes, making him wonder.

... could I say that it was a raven, a relationship between us, a relationship.

"Actually, I made a second confession to Cecilia"

"... any reply?"

"Cecilia accepted me."

"... Was I? Congratulations, Yowki."

Without being so surprised, Raven seems calm but pleased.

Happiness next door also claps with a patsy, you know that.

"... Success, I was!

"Why is Happiness more surprised? You would have held me back at the mansion."

"... result, first ear"

"No, I didn't say that. You'll see how I was that day when you left. Fine, happy aura. I don't think I could hide it."

"... over-conscious"

Happiness seems to want to say that not everyone is looking at you, don't get on with it because you have successfully confessed.

"Whatever it is, it's good. It's just how Yuga would react if she heard. Looks like he hasn't returned from the coal pit yet."


I told Happiness and Raven that Yuga did an asshole, so I forced him off to Brying for training.

About Caius, I know it's okay, but for once, I just talk about having a love cupid.

"... female enemy"

I hold hands and reveal my anger at what Yuga did to Mikana is unforgivable too.

"I'm fine. 'Cause I beat the shit out of you."

"... not enough. Full force, fifty shots."

Happiness shadowboxed it, it would be an appeal to hit him a lot.

But what happens to Yuga if I hit him fifty times as hard as I can.

That's all I can do. I've committed a sin, so it might be better.

If I lay down Yuga and Mikana's names and let the public know that this is what happened, I wonder how they would react.

It may also be possible to use the collected data to determine the number of times Yuga will be puffed.

"I guess it wasn't enough.... what do you think of Raven"

"... once you hit me, let me put it down. From what I've seen, Mikana was actively yuga appealing when the four of us were traveling. Me and Cecilia were doing it, but Micana was also the best at following Yuga.... you just know, you can't overlook it."

Raven puts his arms together and remembers when he was traveling.

I really don't know why he's the brave one, I've been starting to suspect him there lately.

I feel like I've decided who it is.

"No way, Raven will also cooperate in some way"

"... I don't know what I can do, but let's help"

"... all the best, punch"

"... Happiness, I don't help you like that"

Happiness still doesn't seem to hit Yuga enough.

No, no more, Happiness, when Yuga gets back, can I hit him enough?

Things are the matter, and if Raven will silence us even if the brave men are in assault on the street, we don't have to worry about the Knights coming, you'll be fine.

"All right, I'll teach you the moves. Left, left, right, left, right combo, we're gonna blow up Yuga."

"... I understand!

"I wonder if the weapon is a good knuckle. No, the gauntlet is better."

"Wait, wait. Why did Happiness decide to beat Yuga to death?"

Raven doesn't seem to have this on the story flow.

Happiness is motivated enough, even though he says he's already started image training with shadow boxing.

"Raven, look at the fist of Happiness. If you work out, Happiness may be able to graduate from the Battle of the Magic Subject."

"... I like the way Happiness fights with fans."

Happiness, who was shadowboxing Raven's remarks, stops moving.

"Of course, I won't stop Happiness if he wants to, and I will cooperate. When you think you won't be able to see Happiness fighting like a fan..."

"Raven, you... you can say that now"

Happiness is stopping the shadow boxing and removing the fan of the weapon.

Raven, did you guide him well, or did you say it in vegetables?

It ended up stopping Happiness from beating him......

"... slash, fifty times"

"Hey, shouldn't I have hit you yet?"

Happiness fans are created with Happiness's own feathers.

Happiness-only equipment that can be quite powerful through magic.

If Happiness is serious about attacking Yuga with something like that, it won't spill.

What are we gonna do, send a gaze at Raven?

As a boyfriend, I tried to ask you to show me your consideration as a man.

"... that would be dangerous. Happiness, punch it."

As Raven turns to his palm, Happiness shakes his neck vertically and releases his fist.

I'm not even used to beating him up, and sometimes the other guy is Raven, and Peppy sounded like it didn't really hurt.

"... dissatisfied"

"... Happiness's fist would be like this"

Raven stroked Happiness's head, and the air that he found out flowed to the scene.

... I haven't forgotten.

When the three of us went to the sea and saved the mermaid Shike, Misaki.

I blew up the whole Happiness thing straight.

It shouldn't have been such a cute fist, you're kidding.

Looks like the story of using a fan has flown, but what am I supposed to do if I don't get in this air well?


I had no choice but to look at the people walking in Minerva to change my mood and I saw the face I saw.

Somehow Mikana walked by with a serious look.