"Hey, there's Mikana now. It seemed like something serious."

"... looks serious?"

"Here... I'm sure you were"

Instead, I tried my best to sinister man's face, but Happiness laughed at me with her nose.

Raven was silently shaking his neck sideways, which would mean he didn't look good.

"... of the incident, the scent"

"... Ah, Happiness!?"

You reminded me of the incident from the face of a sinister man, or Happiness left the store.

You're not paying, are you saying we should pay for what's left of us?

"... I'll pay for this place"

"No, I'll give you my share."

Pay for the shittiness and the price, and follow Happiness who left.

But when I leave the store, there are a lot of people going around there, and Happiness is among them.

Normally, you'd lose sight of it, but I'm good at looking.

"Leave it to me, Raven, enhance your sense of smell, your hearing..."

"... this way"

"Oh, where!?"

I'm getting to Raven, but I don't see Happiness.

"... that's it. The Happiness clothes I was wearing today, the fans will also be visible."

"Uh, yes, I do."

It's a level you can see from time to time among the people you go out with.

Whether I'm soggy or raven is amazing, it must be a love move.

Or the possibility that you used the extraordinary insight of the Knights Commander...

"... even I can find Cecilia in this crowd."

In the meantime, I squealed softly in a voice that didn't sound raven about the losing dialogue.

"... Happiness, you can't. Suddenly I jumped out of the store."

"… Observation"

"Yeah... you're a clothesman. It also has a luxurious feeling of being a nobleman."

"... Captain, no connection"

"I'm a commoner anyway!

When shopping with Cecilia, then stretch your back and go in.

I'm saving money thinking about the future at a covenant house, and I'm not so extravagant on my own.

"... well. Does Happiness like stores like that?"

Happy Raven enters the usual comic talent of me and Happiness.

Happiness opened her eyes and repeatedly shook her neck aside and denied it.

What, you don't want to give your boyfriend the image of a wasteful habit, a love of luxury?


Seeing Happiness panic that I don't normally show, they seem to notice him at.

At the same time I was stared at with resentful eyes, I was kicked in the tibia.

It hurt like hell... and it attacked an invisible position from Raven.

"... reward"

It's not my fault.

"... both of you, look. Mikana's on the move."

Raven told me to look at Mikana from a distance and he seemed to be choosing a courtesy.

"Courtesy clothes... are you even going to some kind of party"

"... party, dress"

"Oh well.... Then what is it? Did something happen at the ceremony?"

"... I don't plan on having a ceremony soon. If there is, I'll call the Knights for security reasons."

"No way, a pageant or something"

Raven and Happiness turned into a look that seemed complicated, silent without affirmation or denial.

Teng himself who spoke also laughs bitterly, while leaning his neck.

Mikana is definitely Yuga because of her personal stories and her visible appeal to Yuga.

But I've heard something from Yuga... it's not strange that you're giving up your love.

For my thoughts to shatter from a very young age, I've had enough ramblings, that guy.

"I decided I didn't see anything, and today I mean dissolved..."

"... dissatisfied!

"... Yowki. Me and Happiness had our first date. With all this air, there's no way I could..."

When your first date takes the form of something that leaves you with bad aftertaste memories.

I feel so sorry for you... but I don't know what to do.

"Talking to you, too, hey"

I can't move on just knowing what's going on.

If, assuming, I don't think so, but they tell me they're here to get new clothes because they have a match.

... it makes absolutely no sense that I sent Yuga out to Brying.

All I can tell you in the future is that you take advantage of me when I fall in love.

"... I want to think that my feelings for Yuga will never cool down"

"It's a wish, Raven"

"... since when have I stopped trusting my people"

"Because the brave man, the leader of the party, made a big mess of it."

"… Agreed"

Whether you're here or not, I think it's pure amazing how much yuga affects the place.

There is no definitive plan for the troubled three of us to move into action.

If I noticed, Micah was gone from the store, which became the worst development.

"All right, let's forget it"

"... I can't"

"... it won't disappear again."

"I didn't decide to make another pageant, and I'll bet Yuga.... Believe me I'll be back with a change of heart"

The complete manpower of Caius's request...... no, don't leave it to the vampires.

But I didn't know what to do with Yuga.

Well, you'll level up brilliantly and Yuga will be reborn as Prince of the White Horse and pick up Mikana.


"... Happiness, you look like you ate something weird, okay?"

Has Happiness felt uncomfortable or has wrinkles between his eyebrows?

... There shouldn't be much contact between Yuga and Happiness... you think I'd be disgusted so far?

Raven looks worried. He's rubbing his back, 'cause he's a brave guy, you're so aggressive, really.

"Well, good luck... I'll get in touch with you if there's any progress on the information"

The two of us enjoyed our date and sent Yale away in our hearts.

Then, after about ten days, there is no information that Mikana made the pageant.

Yuga hasn't returned yet, and Mikana didn't show any moves like this, so the time for peace passed.

"It's time for Yuga to come home."

For a long time, there's no reason to stay, and Caius feels like he's done giving advice rather than training.

If things have gone smoothly given the travel time, it's not strange to come back soon.

"Let's just relax and wait."

I was drinking tea and getting ready to go out, I heard a concoction and knocking on the door three times.

"Rumor has it.... Hold on, hold on"

Hurry up and open the door, whether it's Yuga at all.

... I opened the door and realized, Yuga needs to knock politely three times.

"Ha ha, it's been a long time"

When I opened the door, it was clear, not Yuga... that Caius was standing.

"Why, Caius is here..."

"Description is in the room...... duh, excuse me"

In the meantime, I think I thought I was going inside the room... but what I'm carrying on my back is in the way and struggling.

What do you have, a wooden coffin.

I can hear the moving noise inside each one, so it is certain that it has contents.

"Whoa, you. That's it!?"

"Mm-hmm. Never touch this. equivalent to my life...... no, you can think of me as more than that"

gently up against the wall, still subtly moving inside

... I'd like to get a deep scratch, but what's wrong?

I want to know what happened to Yuga, and there's something about a shot of Yuga's friend.

I can imagine what the contents are, but I can't imagine bringing them with me when I'm away.

"Uh, how's your lover?"

"Ha ha. No, actually, you don't have to wake up yet. It's really about sleeping."

The rattling and coffin shaking sounds began to get intense.

You're sure your lover's awake, you obviously want to get out of the coffin.

I'm talking to Caius, but I'm really worried about the coffin and my gaze is off.

But Caius doesn't care at all when I'm obviously looking at the coffin for cancer.

"I don't know when I'll wake up. When she wakes up and I'm not around... she wants to bring me in with her."

No, no, lover. I'm definitely awake already, I'm super fine.

That's all shaking, not to mention I started hearing the sound of knocking on the door of the coffin from the inside, and it's the earliest light horror.

"Oh, yeah? So she couldn't have spoken or anything."

"Yeah, she's healthy herself. It's just that if she wakes up and panics while you're walking around town, it's gonna be a little fuss. I did the right thing."

"Corresponding treatment..."

I hear a slight groan when I try to enhance my hearing.

Needless to say where the sound comes from.

"Caius, did something happen with her"

"Nothing will change. I love her."

"No, no, no..."

Then how do you explain that groaning, rattling shaky coffin?

"Hmm, you look somewhat unconvinced.... the sun is like poison to her. It will work especially for her as she stays asleep for a long time"

The rattling and shaking coffin suddenly quieted down.

"During the night, I can walk normally because the sun isn't out either. And if anything happens at night, I can use my full powers."

"Stop causing problems in Minerva."

"... oh dear, it doesn't cause any problems. It would be nice not to be recognized."

"Not good!

It's unacceptable to call it a good thing if it doesn't work.

The coffin rocked out again, and it looks like she can't forgive what she's saying now either.

Caius glances at the coffin and smiles tenderly and groans jokingly.

"Not at all... try not to make a scene all over town. Ha, ha, ha."

"Ha ha. Don't worry, I won't bother you. It's not worth the age."

"Well, that's good. What about Yuga? I should have sent it that way."

"It's him... Hmm. Actually."

A strange expression, this air that changed from when I was talking about my lover earlier.

Has something happened to Yuga, or is he more right, not to himself, because it's about that brave man?

He must have been in some kind of trouble again.

It's more than likely that Yuga isn't here and Caius is the only one coming.

Caius opened his mouth as my anxiety raised.

"I can't seem to solve it just by listening. But if you give up here, the name of the Cupid of Love will cry. So... I came on a special business trip."

Apparently, the brave man is so seriously ill that he has to have a special trip to his love cupid.