"Get out... why?"

"First, I want you to tell me more about him. I don't really want to take into account opinions from people other than myself. With an objective eye, please. Don't be prejudiced."

"... ok"

Because I'm the one who threw Yuga into Caius, who's out of control.

Tell Caius about Yuga without prejudice and with an objective eye.

I told Kaius about Yuga's figure, excluding my personal feelings.

"You really don't have any personal opinions in there."

"Oh, there's no delicacy. I don't listen to people. Sense is subtle as well, natural talisman, I can't read the air, it always causes problems......"

"That's good enough.... I could find out about him. Shall we sort out the problem? I've hurt him a childhood girl. I heard you hit me once and told me to go to my place. I gave you my advice... I have a bad feeling, I can't wipe it. I've never had anything like this before."

Let Caius tell me to get started, having been consulted for a long time on various patterns of romance.

I wonder if I have to say brave men, though I am frightened and speechless.

"So, where are we?"

"He jumped out as soon as the carriage stopped. Tell me there's someone else I can count on."


You mean there's someone besides me who might be able to help, to that Yuga.

I don't know much about his friendship, so I don't know who it is.

"Oh, speaking of which, it's like he said what happened to the engagement..."


I left Caius and jumped out of the room.

I'm not thinking about what Yuga would do... but his physique calling for trouble could put Cecilia in a bothersome eye.

Cecilia would be able to fix this right away, but I'm still worried.

... Besides, you can't keep your mouth shut when you hear a guy on his way alone who likes to talk about his lover.

I keep running at speeds within common sense, and when I get to the mansion, I occasionally talk to soldiers who get close enough to make a scene in the liquor store.

"Ha, ha... isn't Yuga here"

"Mm, oh, they're coming. It seemed like we were in a pretty hurry."

Looks like Yuga was coming to Cecilia after all.

Moreover, in a rather hurry, this is fully conceivable that the emotions that preceded it could cause something.

I don't have time to explain the situation to the soldier who tilts his neck to see if anything happened, so I had him put in the mansion for now.

"Don't run down in the mansion... Isn't it Youki?"

Mr. Sophia cautioned me as I was rushing to Cecilia's room.

"Excuse me, Mr. Sophia"

"Looks like a lot of customers aren't scheduled today"

He hit something disgusting with a sober look, but a lot of it means someone other than me is coming.

"Hello, that's not in Yuga"

"Exactly, Master Youki. Your daughter is responding right now."

"I'd like to join you, too."

"… please wait while I confirm"

Having lightly accepted my wish, Mr. Sophia bowed beautifully and headed to Cecilia's room with refreshment.

You're supposed to be walking, but you'll be gone in no time.

Is it a mandatory skill for servants because they should not run in the mansion?

... but I've never seen anyone that fast with a misplaced servant.

"Mr. Sophia, he's also a soldier's chaperone."

If I could get that speed out on foot, I'd laugh bitterly if I really wanted to run.

In the meantime, I was thinking about Mr. Sophia's superman whilst waiting to be sure he couldn't escape.

"Thank you for waiting, Master Youki. You don't mind if your daughter is present."


"… I will show you"

Mr. Sophia leads the way to Cecilia's room.

I know how to get there, but you can guide the maid straight away, so it's rude to say no.

"I beg your pardon for this."

"Thank you, Mr. Sophia"

"No, this is what I work for.... Regards, lady"

Around a subtly different angle of bowing than usual, I guess the thoughts I was praised for are different.

That wasn't for the guests who came to the mansion, it was for Sophia personally.

I told him to leave it to me, and I kept my head down until I couldn't see Mr. Sophia coming back to work.


I took a deep breath, prepared my mind, and opened the door.

"Here you are, Mr. Yowki"

"Oh Youki-kun..."

"What's the matter, this situation?"

Entering the room was a familiar spread in front of me.

Cecilia is arm-wrapped and Jen-royal, and Yuga has the sight of being seated on the floor.

... I'm supposed to be the one sitting right there.

"There's nothing wrong with you or these things... you've heard the circumstances, too, Mr. Yoki."

"If you're talking about the one sitting right there,"

"... cannot be forgiven as the same woman"

I hear even the Virgin Mary will not tolerate the foolishness of the brave.

He puts his hand on his forehead and is shaking his neck sideways as he sighs.

Yuga is... unfamiliar with it, he seems to care about numbness by holding his knees down many times.

"Don't worry, I hit him once"

"Don't be violent."

"I recovered so I wouldn't leave any scars, so I'm fine"

"It's not okay. It's not about violence, it's about dialogue and making people realize what they shouldn't have done."

Cecilia says this, but will it tell Yuga what went wrong?

I get the impression that I've forgotten after three days of saying I understand now.

In fact, the last time I went to Caius to talk to him about love, he said I was going to change. I can't see any growth in my habits.

... I feel like I finally understand what Caius has meant when he's been traveling.

Besides... there are other people who want to play Yuga.

"Cecilia, forgive me already... my legs are the limit"

Yuga, in the middle of the problem, is breaking his leg and begging Cecilia for forgiveness.

or weakly with tears. I don't think he's a brave man to point his right arm at Cecilia.

"That's early. Mr. Yowki will be in that state until I finish my story."

"I was trained to sit in front of Cecilia."

"... I don't remember working out"

My legs are so resistant to paralysis that I can stand a long front seat.

How much I apologized for sitting in front of Cecilia... in proportion to the number of inconveniences I caused.

That's not something I can be proud of at all.

"What was your relationship with Youki-kun and Cecilia..."

It's a simple question of Yuga, a casual question like coming out of the front seat thing.

A month ago I was a friend of mine who would bicker with me, go to requests, tea and take care of me......

But not now, because Yuga is the other guy, because I like Cecilia.

I don't want to falsify my special relationship with Cecilia for this reason.

Of course, it depends.

Me and Cecilia.

"Me and Mr. Yowki are dating, so now we're lovers..."

"Ah, Mr. Cecilia..."

I have committed the great lapse that Cecilia will say first.

No way, I'm surprised Cecilia said this clearly because it's unexpected.

But some people have been more shocked than me, right in front of me.

"Oh, uh... uh... yeah"

Yuga left her mouth open, a flashing look.

From what I believe has been painstakingly put out, it means that we cannot be recognized for our relationship.

I'm sorry to bother you, but here I am, too.

It doesn't change the fact that Cecilia put me ahead of her, but let me tell you something.

"I like Cecilia. Ever since we met. I confessed the other day."

My words made it stop, and it hardened like Yuga had become a stone statue.