Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

A brave man tried to figure out the reality.

"No, because Cecilia didn't have time for that because of her engagement issues."

"I left you in a charcoal pit and I confessed to Cecilia.... I can't help blaming you, no matter what you say, there's no excuse. But I didn't like all the excuses in me."

I graduated from being on the run for a reason for fear that my warm routine would break.

With Cecilia, Yuga is an inevitable gateway.

I don't know what Yuga is like, but my feelings for Cecilia are not false. Truth.

Because this kind of thing has nothing to do with brave people or demons......

Well, Cecilia pushed me ahead, but I made a cumming out of it.

What happens to Yuga, who is suddenly in a state of progress and is in a state of wolf?

I was prepared to be told what to say, but I'm going to get a shoulder watermark here.

Yuga was biting her lower lip, clenching her fist and holding back an explosion of emotion.

But he jumped out of the room without exploding the emotion that was holding him back here.

All of a sudden, he jumped out of the room, so Cecilia can't seem to hide her surprise either.

Because Cecilia would have been prepared to be told a lot by Yuga, even more so.

"I can't believe you're leaving without asking me what's going on."

"Yes. If you were a brave man, I would have pursued you more."

"Me too. Due to Yuga's character, I even contemplated half-destruction of the mansion assuming the worst"

"I'm overthinking it. And before that happens, Mr. Youki will stop the brave ones."

"Oh, yeah."

Are you out of your mind that the scratch from Cecilia sounded subtly different than usual?

Because I felt a little uncomfortable, my return also felt unclean.

"Heh heh... looks like it's raining"

Cecilia urged me to look at the window, so I did see it and it was starting to pour and rain.

Still, it doesn't seem to be the main descent, so it's not at the level where it gets wet.

"Mmm...... ah!

I watched the rain through the window and there was a look of Yuga jumping out the front door of the mansion and walking at full speed.

I'm just saying it doesn't matter if it starts raining.

Looks like the soldier in front of the gate called out something, but Yuga ran away through it.

"Is he all right, without an umbrella?"

"Right. I hope we get home before it rains."

"You wouldn't like to get wet in the rain by yourself after a broken heart"

It gets cold, both physically and mentally, and I'm sorry I'm such an eyewitness.

Let me get you an umbrella, Yuga won't want to see my face.

"Cecilia, I wonder if you have an umbrella. I'll get it to Yuga.... sounds like he's gonna do something like his mother."

"There's an umbrella, go ahead.... Be careful, wet roads slip."

"Thank you, I'll be careful. See you..."

When I receive an umbrella from Cecilia, my hands touch each other, and they say, oh.

Then now we both see each other's faces at the same time... you breathe perfectly, dude.

I tried to deceive myself with tea-spraying thoughts, but there was some atmosphere......

Cecilia felt something too, her eyes swimming.

It's like it would suck if I was staring at you like this, but I'm dating you, so I'm also thinking it's good.

"Oh, haha... oh, sorry to bother you -"

I couldn't do anything hectic, and I looked back and ran to Yuga with all my might.

Would I have been discouraged by what Cecilia looked like on my choice?

I asked myself if negative and negative imaginations would run through my head, as much as I regret it...

And then I realized... that Cecilia and her hands were in contact and upset, and as a result, she was dropping the umbrella she received.

"... let's go back"

I don't know what face to go back to Cecilia's room, but I can't help it.

If I was staring at Cecilia, I wouldn't realize I missed my umbrella, I'd say I'm sorry for being an asshole.

Happiness and Seek calling me an asshole, but I can't argue with you for a while.

"... ah"

When I try to get back to Cecilia's room, I see Cecilia running this way with an umbrella.

Preparation of the mind...... face-to-face with Cecilia again with nothing to be done.

"I forgot something."

"Uh, that, thank you. Really, I'm an asshole."

Now it was time to receive the umbrella firmly, and also the hands touched each other, and stared at each other.

Silence also flowed between the two...... the limit came.

"Mr. Youki..."

"Oh, hey... again, slow down next time!

Hold Cecilia gently, now it's time for me to leave the mansion and run out.

Duke might say, "Not yet," Happiness might say, "Heck," and Seek might say, "Eh."

It's just that this is the best I can do.

It's not what others think, it's what we think of each other.

... This reasoning, depending on Cecilia's heart, makes me certified.

"This rain is just right for chilling your head"

The rain is getting stronger, but now I feel like getting hit by the rain.

Squeeze the umbrella Cecilia lent me, and I'll go after Yuga.

But this rain doesn't do much to enhance both hearing and smell.

Well, if Yuga isn't off or far off the sidewalk, we can meet right away.

I ran down a well-kept road and looked for Yuga.

But inside, you can't encounter Yuga, you can certainly chase him because he runs faster than Yuga.

"Damn, where are you stopping by!

Not only is it raining, but it's getting stronger to the wind, so I want to go home to the inn early.

The airspace sucks, so much so that I think the thunder will fall if it stays like this.

Few people are walking, Daitang, into the building and even in the rain.

"Hmm... right!

In this rain, just yuga may also be in the building for a rainstorm.

... then what should I do with the umbrella I have?

Because of this, the umbrella Cecilia lent me, it's rude not to use it, above all, I can't forgive you.

It's already wet and it may not make much sense, but I walk with my umbrella.

For once, he was headed to the inn to explore whether Yuga was there or not.


I found Yuga a little further to the inn.

I didn't see you at all on your way home, even though you missed it somewhere.

Were you lost all over town, being hit by the rain the whole time?

I approach Yuga to give him my umbrella to serve my original purpose.

Yuga is leaning down and I don't even know how to react too much because I can't see him with his expression.

I speak to Yuga with a little anxiety.

"Hey, this umbrella... maybe it's too late. Cecilia lent it to me."

"... oh, Youki-kun, that's the first time you've done that"

Yuga with her face up...... she seemed to be crying.

I thought you were just looking that way because of the rain or because of me... no.

My eyes are swollen, and my whimpers are mixed with Yuga's voice.

Is this because me and Cecilia said we were dating?

It was too early for Yuga, I think I shouldn't have said it.

"Youki-kun... to Mikana. They said they didn't like it..."

"... what?"

"I... may not be able to stand up anymore..."

That's all Yuga left to say, he fell on his back to the ground.

I dived into a blister made of rain, so the blister rises.

At the end of the day, I'm having trouble falling for you by leaving a brave comment.

If I let it go, they're going to take me to the Knights, so I carried Yuga to the inn for now.