Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to encourage the brave to get back on track.

"Mine, dear..."

"I've been listening. I felt strangely uncomfortable."

I've been behaving with Yuga before about what Kaius calls discomfort, but would there have been any parts of it that felt weird?

I don't know, even if I'm twisting my head, I can't even float, and I don't seem to know the yuga in the vortex and I'm tilting my neck.

"I don't bend what you decide, I don't give up until the end... I have that impression that it's information"

Because I told Caius I was self-centered and hated to lose, and I'm the source.

"I think you're right from me. I honestly don't think the woman you had in mind told me that you had a lover."

"I'm sorry to hear you pinch your mouth, but Yuga said that... you couldn't accept that me and Cecilia had become lovers, so you ran away"

That's why I think I walked out of the mansion with all my strength in the heavy rain.

"Still, there should be some pursuit. If you can't accept it, don't worry.... I guess you depend very much on that monk girl. I had a girlfriend like that, and you were quite shocked. But the woman who always healed me was in the arms of a man who wasn't himself."

"Stop saying that."

It's like I was forced to take Cecilia from Yuga.

... No, from Yuga, maybe it's no different than what I took.

"You turned beneath a child who was unconsciously counting on you. That's the girl you're familiar with."

Whatever Yuga is told, he remains silent and does nothing against it.

It just looks like you're accepting Caius' words.

This makes Yuga hypnotized that what Caius says is true...

I don't wake up badly when that happens, and I don't want a solution like this, so I protest against Caius.

"Hey, I'm forced to do whatever it takes. Bye."

"Don't you feel any discomfort? [M] Why did the familiar girl expose her anger against him"

"That's... that. Because Yuga confessed to Mikana?"

"What's there, too, what I'm hooked on?"

Caius wraps his arms around the subtle entrance wall to seal the escape, rather than walking to Yuga once.

"Didn't you... confess to a young girl?"

"... to?"

My dumb voice echoed into the room, but it didn't end up breaking the mysterious atmosphere created by Caius.

If I pinch anything here, this time I'll shut my mouth tight because it's going to get in the way.

Hunted down, Yuga was shut on the escape route, only to bite her lips and remain silent.

Caius goes on to say the words without worrying about the state of Yuga.

"I feel like you just relied on her. She would always help herself, comfort me, be on my side.... So I broke my heart again this time and tried to sweeten it on her from the grief I received. Different?"

"I'm not such a weak person..."

"Oh, heartbreak...... I wonder if there's a saying. I don't care who you are, he's going to pull the trouble into his own eyes..."

I don't think it matters at all this time to come up with the topic of Yuga's troublemaker physique here.

It's strictly forbidden to speak, Caius' turn isn't going to be over yet.

"I think you instinctively like to be nice to someone, to help. I can't face the difficulties without asking for something in return, and I don't care about my situation, because I can't do it without a reason."


When I heard Caius speculate, I couldn't keep quiet.

I think it's a lie, and it makes me look like I ate bitter things.

I can't believe that the troublemaker physique had something to do with the instinctive part of wanting to help Yuga people...

... I am, but I don't see myself denying it at all.

Well, depending on how you perceive it, it's like being praised.

"You like that the other way around. You can count on me to help you.... so the monk girl, undivided and wielding kindness, looked very attractive"

"... Cecilia's kindness was very dazzling. I'm attracted to her like that."

"That would be something close to admiration. Said the deeds of you and the monk girl as far as I've heard... unfortunately there's a difference. I don't care who he is, I can't believe he helped everyone in his eyes... do you really think he could have done it alone?"

"Oh, that's..."

"I wonder who might have done the end of the act of not looking around you."

Caius approached Yuga with a mean grin.

Speaking of which, I've heard similar stories from Mikana and Raven.

You think it was tough because you're pulling trouble in the village you're going to, the town you're going to?

I think the three of us were sharing and following.

"You've been like that since you were a child. Strong fixed concepts are easier to follow at those times. I mean, he's been there for you ever since childhood. The girl you're familiar with."

"Surely Mikana has always been on my side. I'm trying to be next door."

"Why don't you notice while you know so much!

Suddenly, both Yuga and I were surprised because Caius barked his voice, and his shoulders shrugged.

She must have been surprised because the coffin also swayed heavily in the gutter.

The fact that she's been dating a lot longer than we have surprised Caius rarely makes her voice absurd.

It was a gentleman's image with no grasp, but you have these aspects.

"I guess I felt it was natural for a childhood girl to do what she did to herself because of the kindness she had been treated to from an early age. You only saw the girl's behavior, and I see that you didn't see the thoughts that were in it."


Yuga doesn't argue with anything, that's not true, that what Caius says is rampant, even though they say enough to grab it if you do poorly, you remain silent.

"From the kindness I've been receiving since I was a young girl, I'm used to seeing, let alone the kindness I've received from monk girls, you must have felt fresh.... I told you the first time you visited... look behind you. Either way, it's gonna be hard to love one woman to you, sweet in a good or a bad way."

The Cupid of Love, Yuga in a storm of relentless words from Caius... remains silent.

Say back to the good news, is there any part of it that's different, that you'll admit it all?

"Well, I'm sorry to hear my reasoning for so long.... If you're offended by listening to me, don't hesitate to hit me. I'm not sure, but I told you so."

Come on, and Caius appeals to you that you're not willing to spread your hands and guard anything

Should I stop Yuga when he starts hitting Caius?

Is she worried about Caius, too, with a coffin shaking in her snails and small chops?

Yuga seemed to have decided to be ready for something, eating and tying her teeth, waving her arms wide...... letting her fist stick in her own cheek.

Normally, when you hit yourself, you lose nature and strength... but Yuga's fist was totally serious about it.

It's not easy to beat yourself up without any help.

My face looks so swollen at what level I hit him.

"It's neat. Thanks........."

"Is that good for me?"

"... because you don't have to"

Yuga stood up and put her hand on the door next time she returned.

It's still raining outside, I lent you a change of clothes because of it, and it doesn't make sense to get wet again.

I offered Yuga the umbrella I borrowed from Cecilia.

"Look, I'll lend it to you."

"Thanks, but it's good. I'm sorry to ask you to lend me a change of clothes. Now I want to chill my head.... because I feel like I want to get wet alone"

See you later, I didn't see Yuga's face I said.

... I don't know how Yuga feels right now.

The lumps appear to have lingered subtly.

This is what I was asking, Caius... sitting in a chair and starting to read.

"What, you're already like that"

"... What's wrong?"

"No, soaking up more sentimentality... there will be"

Wouldn't it be quiet for a while after we talked about this and the aftermath or something?

"I've already done my part. After that, it's his own problem. He's the only one who can decide what path we're going to take. I'm not going to push my thoughts and force them."

"But what Caius said earlier... Yuga will follow what Caius said"

"I asked him what he wanted to do now, but I don't remember showing him how to do it. That's for him to decide. It's not me."


I mean, it's up to Yuga to decide what she's going to do, so she said it's better not to speak out in the field.

"Well, my role is over, and I guess I'll take a sightseeing before I go home"

Caius closes the book and carries the coffin.

I know you want to flirt with her quickly, but I also feel a lot steeper.

"You just started reading now. Why don't you just slow down a little bit?"

Oh, this is it.

Caius puts out the book he was reading and shows it to me.

There...... the schedule at Minerva to spend time with her was closely detailed.

It lists where she wants to go, what she wants to do, what she wants to eat, and it also says about her priority as a supplement.

She always goes because she likes these atmospheric places, or she can be alone with nature on this street, etc.

I feel afraid because my visions are too full.

I desperately suppressed my almost leaking voice.

I must have been looking forward to a date with her, quite, to perfect my preparation so far.

If she feels it in the coffin, it'll ruin it, and let's just relax.

"... I'll see you later"

"Oh. Speaking of which, you seem to have put it right. Congratulations."

"Well, yeah"

"Because you confessed and succeeded, don't you think you invited this case? That's a mistake.... If you look like that, you'll be rude to her for responding to your thoughts."

"Oh well. Right, if you regret confessing, I..."

"Ha ha. Also, you can visit whenever you get lost in love. Goodbye, then."

And just like when I came, it was Caius, whose coffin was hooked.