Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to take the invitation of the brave.

The day after Caius left the inn with her in the coffin.

Someone came to my room.

Yoki, are you free today?

It was Yuga in an adult disguise who opened the door.

It feels like a rough outfit with an emphasis on ease of movement.

You must have come to invite me somewhere.

I was just about to go get a request yesterday if that happened and you're okay, and I'm not making any special promises or anything.

You just have to be careful what you say, and this is how you've come all the way to visit, no reason to say no or go.

"... ok, I'll be ready, just wait for me"

I made my move and left the room with Yuga.

Walking side by side, of course, they're different from different people, but they're not broken at all.

There's no sign of any trouble at all, so I clap it out.

"It's something you won't notice, really"

"Well, yeah, I guess so."

Although the conversation has finally begun, it is a topic that seems to show no signs of continuation.

... It's so awkward to walk in silence that I have to somehow stretch the conversation.

"I'm dressed. I mean, it's not like I'm in disguise, it's like I normally dress like I'm going out."

"Mikana chose this for me. Definitely suits you. Sometimes you can worry about fashion."


It stomps a landmine brilliantly, and my face freezes.

Yuga laughs and boasts that it's good, but I can't deny the feeling that I've done it.

If the topic of clothes continues like this, Mikana's appearance will be glitched.

I move into action to change the course of the conversation.

"Rice, it's not there yet. Here, let's eat..."

I thought about going into the diner and resetting the subject once.

The sign looks familiar, the store where Mikana and Raven came together for a food fight.

I've also been to Yuga at a Micah Na Recommended store, so it's a memorable one... but I did it again.

"This place is delicious. Good, let's go in."

I held my head out of sight of Yuga grinning.

Don't you think I'm deliberately smelling Mikana's shadow?

… it is now certain to enter the store, I can no longer turn back.

Yuga must have come to this store with Mikana too, if we had a conversation, the memories with Mikana would pop out.

Then you don't have to talk, my operation is settled.

"Yo, Youki-kun..."

"... what bu?"

Me, including in my mouth, has a good momentum for the dishes arranged in front of me in a fascinating way.

You can't talk during a nostalgic meal, so be quiet. It's an operation.

It's not like I don't want to talk to Yuga, just when I get out of this store, when I get out.

"You know, if you put a lot of that in your mouth at once, you'd clog your throat. Beverages...... ahhh, no!?"

"Hehe, hehe, hehe, hon."

I've been assumed to be told that.

All the drinks served before I sat in my seat and ordered them are drinkin 'up.

"Oh, already...... I don't know, I miss you. It's the first meal I've had, a specialty from a village. It was delicious and I cheeked it all over my mouth. So, I jammed my throat... and Mikana slapped me in the back once."


In the end, I wondered if it would lead to Mikana.

"Wow, you okay?"

"Hey... it's you. You didn't do it on purpose."


"Some parts of me are bad, but you're definitely doing it consciously. If you're unconscious... you're pretty bad."

"... eat fast. Oops. If the food gets cold, you won't be able to do it. We need to eat within the delicious."

Eating tons of food for two, what a normal...... just a big eater came to the store, now.

There was no conversation during the meal, so the operation was a success.

When you finish your meal and leave the store, again, you two walk side by side in Minerva.

I don't know what it's for because I haven't even heard of any invitations from Yuga, so I get anxiety.

You should hear it from me, though it probably has something to do with yesterday.

"... what's going on today"

"I thought about it, one night at a time. So, Yoki asked for a favor... and I want you to hit me again."

Yuga's voice is serious, and he doesn't seem to be kidding me.

Still, I couldn't shake my neck vertically because I was talking about why.

"I'm going to be able to find my own answer in a little while. So I was hoping I could grab something."

"Shock to the head, that kind of theory"


"Yeah, no!

Seriously looking straight at my problem, I know I'm thinking about it, but I'm still a little off.

I hit him before this, but if you think about it well, you don't deserve to hit Yuga on me.

Besides, I can't hit Yuga right now if he tells me to.

I'm trying to find an answer myself somehow, I can't hit him like that...


When I tried to reply that I couldn't, Yuga was down with a groan.

I hit him unconsciously...... that's not true.

Teng himself, who beat Yuga, apparently hit him with a run.

The face I glamorously set the turn and looked back was that of someone I knew.

"... heavenly"

"Come on, what are you doing, you!?"

It was Happiness who gave Yuga a blow.

I mean everyday wear, not made-up clothes......

"Ha, ha,... what are you doing, Happiness"

Looking back, I saw Raven running from behind.

You mean Happiness saw Yuga during the date and locked it on?

I don't know how much you suddenly hit me.

"Get out of the way, Raven."

"... I don't have that hobby"

"No, that's not what I meant"

I'm not going to say anything about your private lives.

Happiness tends to run a lot, so watch closely.

"Ugh, it worked, Youki-kun. Thank you, for asking me a lame favor."

Yuga, who recovered while talking to Raven, slowly rose up and thanked him.

"I'm not the one who hit him. This is him, this is him."

I point my finger at Yuga's hostile Happiness.

"Uh... Sure, the maid who works at Cecilia's mansion. There's Raven, too."

"... alert"

"... Happiness, hide behind me"

"Raven, that sounds like an enemy to me."

Raven turned Happiness behind himself because he didn't know what he would do if he was in front.

Last time, we had a bad time talking about Yuga.

I don't know what to do, this.

"Raven, no way...... the kid"

Looks like Yuga felt something from the two of them.


Raven turned his arms in silence and held Happiness.

Were you ashamed to put it into words...... no, you better hold it. It's embarrassing.

Happiness would have passed it on perfectly to Yuga because he also accepts it without showing a reluctant bare gesture.

... I also feel like the only couple I know in Yuga right now is poison.

"Oh well. Congratulations, Raven.... Happily."

That's all Yuga says and leaves with his back turned.

... grab my arm tightly.

They didn't seem convinced by Yuga's reaction, but I left them a backhanded bye, so they'll be fine.