Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

The brave man tried to get back on track.

"You changed a lot before I knew it."

"Raven was distressed, too."

I was nagging, too, and I never really went ahead with a clap.

I still know I have an impudent part... and I need to grow up.

"Oh, I can't believe Raven told me to do it and hide behind it.... Speaking of which, you haven't heard Raven in a very long time. Maybe because of that girl."

"It was Raven himself who broke his own shell. Not that Happiness has anything to do with it."

He changed himself first, and Happiness braved himself to such a raven to reveal who he was.

Raven embraces Happiness...... to a loving present.

"... I envy you"


Did Yuga leave before the Ravens because he was jealous?

Turn around and sigh, but there's no Raven and Happiness.

Because you've come a long way, you're either flirting by now or Raven's preaching to you for suddenly beating up Yuga.

"No, because I've never seen Raven do it that way. When we were traveling together... it made a difference."

"It's not a difference or anything. Raven just found his own happiness."

"I hope I find my happiness, too."

All right, Yuga I'm intent on next door, but will it be all right?

I could have mentioned people, too. Though not my in-laws.

"Youki, that!

"Hmm... Wow, that's not good!

Ahead of where Yuga pointed, a horse runs wild, a carriage running down the road at a fierce speed.

Your merchant is desperately trying to stop the horse, but he can't seem to control it.

The knight on patrol is in a stop, but the horse's momentum has not been stopped very much.

Those on the carriage's way are rushing away, but the girl has fallen over.

When things got tough as they were, me and Yuga ran out, but we couldn't make it.

A tragic accident happened...... I didn't.

It wasn't the patrol knight or me or Yuga who stopped it.

A ghost dressed in a cold gear took the horse directly.

He stepped on it at his mid back, and though he backed off, the ghost, who never fell, let him stop the runaway carriage brilliantly.

The people who were running around, the knights who were trying to stop me, me and Yuga all open their mouths and harden.

"Mm... what, why, they're all solidified. I stopped the carriage."

It was Guy who stepped out in front of the girl who fell over and stopped the carriage.

Everyone's idea was that the ghost stopped the carriage, that would be the case.

"Thank you, Patronus"

"Um... are you hurt? I would have fallen."

"It's okay. Guardian God, are you hurt? It would be hard if something happened to your guardian god's body. Let's go home as soon as possible to make sure. Come on, come on!

The girl who fell was Teal.

I prioritize Guy over my own injury...... you haven't changed these two.

"Yo, long time no see"

"Mmm, aren't you a kid"

"Oh.... you've been stopped well"

"That's about it. If I were you, I wouldn't have to use that much effort to stop it."

Although Gargoyle, can you easily stop that carriage... it seems to be growing without my knowledge.

Next time, I'd like to take a request with you and see your strength.

"Shh, I'm sorry. We had to stop it."

Two knights, who were on patrol, approach with regret.

... That's not like the two knights can handle it, and I don't think they have a choice.

Teal, who remains attached to Guy, says please hold on a little longer.

Well, yes... I guess it's because Guy was in danger.

I can tell because there's no light in my eyes, this is a long time...

"Yoki, I know you. With this, big guy."

"Mmm, sort of."

"... it's amazing how many people I know gathered at Yoki."

Including you.

Aren't the common sense people around me like Cecilia and Duke?

I'm not in the common sense, by the way, conscious, sadly.

"I'm surprised you stopped the carriage with one of them."

Yuga looks up at Guy who is taller than he is.

I can't say I'm a demon or not, but Guy is grand and doesn't look like he's panicking at all.

"Do you know the kid? I'm a guy."


Yuga's turning a blind eye to me, and I honestly don't know if I can reveal my name.

Guy won't make a scene with the brave guys here.

I'll give you a thumbs up and send you an autograph saying you're okay.

"I'm Yuga. Greetings."

"Um, well. Kid's opponent will be in trouble. My whole life has experienced it several times. You should be careful at best."

"You can't talk about people, either. Okay, Yuga. This guy hangs out with a girl who's not even old enough..."

"Stop it!"

Me and Guy broke into a mix-up with a gagger and a call.

Yuga was just sidelined with a thirsty grin.

The battle, which began with shame, ended easily by Teal.

It's been a while since I tasted Teal's fear.

Because that yuga had a tight face, too, you'd have known one side of a woman you'd never experienced.

I'm glad you learned your life.

"... You said it was your first look, but you showed me something ugly. Sorry."

"Oh, haha... you don't have to worry about it"

Teal would have been more shocked than a fight between me and Guy if I had tried from Yuga.

"Come on, let's go, patron god. We still have plenty of time. Or do you want to go home and take your time? Because I can be anywhere with the god of guardianship!

"... excuse me"

He took Teal, who had entered his world, and Guy left.

I'm going to drop off Teal, who won't budge anywhere, as I wish she were.

I had just lost sight of him, and I had also punctuated the question that Yuga would have accumulated but could not have said.

"Youki-kun, by the way, that kid's a maid who works at Cecilia's mansion, too, right?"

"... right"

"Why did she call Mr. Guy a god of protection?"

"... nicknamed him."

"It is. And then I shook Guy's hand when we broke up. It was like a rock under a glove. How can I work out like that..."

"... a testament to your efforts."

"I wonder if those two are dating"

"... I don't know how to describe those two relationships"

"And that outfit..."

"... people have taste, too. Or a hobby."

"... I don't think my question is clear."

Yuga seems uninterrupted, but often he can't talk about Guy.

Some deceptive parts, some I don't know either.

Those two are best left alone, when you put in the exploration... it can fit the horrible eye.

It was a yuga that didn't seem to fall, but my eyes sharpened when I changed my mind.

... Did something flash, at this time?

"Actually, I pushed to talk to Yoki. That's the same as before. You shouldn't be sweet on someone. In the end, I couldn't say anything to Yoki and it took the form of swinging"

"So, did you get an answer?"

"Yeah, look at Raven and Mr. Guy"

"... with those two?"

I couldn't tell if I met Raven. My lover beat me up, and if I met Guy, the mystery just remained a mystery.

... I wonder if there was any hint that I could find a way to live.

"We both cared about her. I was trying to protect you. It was the opposite of me, not me just being protected. We need to change, quickly. 'Cause if you don't, you're gonna annoy me."

"People can't change that easily. Me, too, because Raven and Guy were distressed."

I won't change as soon as I say it will change.

I've been frustrated so many times, I can't go inside when I'm ready... because I once took the stage.

"No... no, I can't be discouraged. Even if you can't change, I'll try my best."

"It's good to give it all away... but we should make it as far as we can take it back. If I save my own good. That's why I regret it."

"Okay. I run, but for a step, I try to move in a stopping image.... Thanks, Youki-kun. I got an answer."

"Hmm. Right."

Okay, well, I don't ask that much about what answers you gave.

If you say you still like Cecilia, hit it with all your might.

There will be no rampage...... Yuga now has eyes full of determination.

Never act recklessly and move within the bounds of retrieval.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I could do it. Thanks for hanging out with me today."

Yuga grabs his fist and runs.

Things to do... what?

I knew it only made me a little nervous.