Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've seen the end of the brave and the girl wizard.

"Cecilia, I'm not going to chase you in the carriage.... whether you can stop that brave man, even if you chase him"

I'm surprised they're letting me go instead of riding the carriage to Cortia Women's School but chasing me.

The power of the hidden holy sword… I can tell it's exactly what the brave men and protagonists of the story are likely to use.

... I really don't know why they let me go now.

"... but it shouldn't have even been if I was adding my fingers like that"

"After all, do you want me to be the Demon Clan and get ahead of you? And a hand that stops directly..."

"That's absolutely no good. … please."

He held both hands and was begged with his upper hand.

If my lover asks me to do this in a situation where I'm alone in a narrow carriage.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Okay."

You just have to ask, if you're a man.

Cecilia doesn't seem to like me much when I demonize her.

I don't want to be as good as I can because I have to have horns and wings eventually, too.

That's why I'm chasing Yuga in the carriage, but Yuga doesn't stall at all.

If you were flying at that speed, you'd be pretty tired.

Even if I keep flying for a long time, my shoulders get rubbed and my body gets weak.

Yuga has been flying for nearly three hours without a break or hydration.

... that power, you have more use for it.

"Cecilia, has Yuga had so much strength?"

"... if the brave man decides to do it, he won't stop"

"It was..."

The stamina is not going to run out.

Looks like we're going to have to hang out to Cortia Women's School, damn it.

My bad feeling was that Yuga kept flying without taking a break.

I wonder if it took me about six hours to get to Cortia Women's School, during which time Yuga has no rest...... I feel terrible about the brave man's ability to act.

"If we keep this up, it's havoc breaking into the women's school and screaming Mikana's name all over again. That's how Yuga behaves."

"If you are calmly analyzing…"

"Um, I also feel like when we get here, we'll just have to let them like it. Look, the light's going to subside."

Yuga, who kept flying by the gates of the women's school, stalled and stopped.

And he left his back at the gate, he doesn't want to go in there.

Are you waiting for Mikana to come out?

Me and Cecilia decided to get off the carriage, hide behind a tree and ask how it was going.

"Why do you need to hide..."

"The one who sees how it goes. There's no sign that Yuga is going to cause any problems right now."

Sneaking up on Yuga, several female students from Cortia Women's School came out.

A female student noticed Yuga approaching, because she's not disguised, so you know the whole story.

If he's just a handsome guy, he still seems to think he's a brave Yuga.

You're being questioned, and if you're surrounded by women, you're going to have some trouble.

"Um, how about a meal or something?"

They're inviting me to dinner.

There are other female students out there who are going to show them shopping and around here.

This brings Yuga to the students and into a pattern where something happens and Mikana converges......

"I'm sorry, there's someone waiting for me"

Yuga refused to invite everyone.

That's why the girls are speaking up.

I can see the waiter is thrilled with someone.

Yuga, you said no.

"... I will begin to see where the brave man took the invitation and said no so lightly"

Cecilia, who is hiding with me, also dots her eyes, surprised.

You don't have to worry about Yuga.

Dangerously, turning down the invitation of the female students, the person you were looking for in Yuga walked in.

Still, I haven't noticed that Yuga is here, and it would be recognition to the extent that people are gathering.

"Mikana, you haven't noticed."

"You must be as noisy as you think. I never thought Yuga would be at the center."

"I agree. Because I have a special lecturer's job tomorrow. I was just wondering if you were thinking about preparation, etc."

I look a little tired after a good look at Mikana's face.

In my head, thinking about tomorrow... that's where Yuga goes in.

"Yuga noticed Mikana came out. I'm scratching my students."

The circle of students, which was formed around Yuga, gradually began to collapse.

Micah also seems to have noticed someone coming at her, stopping, leaning her neck.

"Hey... let me through, please!


"Mikana reacted to Yuga's voice."


Mikana must be lying, or something.

When Yuga finally came out of the students, he stormed into Micana in a straight line.

Sounds good when it comes to passion...... Mikana said why she's here.

"I've got something to talk to you about!

"What I want to talk about... that's why I'm here!? From Minerva on purpose"

"It flew in. The Holy Sword has power... and more than that, I want you to listen."

Yuga grabs Mikana's shoulders just saying she won't let him get away with it.

Yellow cheers are flying from the female students, these occasions of love... I guess I can.

It's a women's school, so it might be more complicated.

"You say it here, Yuga is"

"Dear brave man, what will you do?"


An apology for what's happened... or a confession.

Yuga's heart is suited to Mikana, and he seems ready enough for the Holy Sword to awaken.

It shouldn't be a half-breed thing.

"I've been annoying Mikana ever since.... I may still be bothering you... sorry"

"Oh, you've said too much before... I'm sorry."

The air is soggy, but it looks like we can make up for this, and we can work it out.

The female students are disappointed.

Don't worry, my prediction is that Yuga won't end up here.

"I think I will continue to bother Mikana a lot. I don't know the exact number of times, but sure."

"... I wonder if you're reflecting. I haven't reopened it."

"I looked back at myself, but I can't seem to do it alone. So I want Mikana to help me. If I cause trouble ninety-nine times, I want you to scold me a hundred times. If it's nine hundred and ninety-nine times, a thousand times..."

"Hey Atashi, how long should I hang out with Yuga!?"

"Always... Always, on the side"

After Yuga's serious glance, Mikana seems to have finally noticed.

He said he was haunting an atmosphere never served by a childhood brave man.

Whatever the content, that looks like a confession...

"On the side...... yuga"


Micana also seems to have guessed, and Yuga seems determined to say exactly how she feels.

Swallow the sawdust, the female students in the gallery nailed it to the two of them too.

Me and Cecilia can be calm there.

Because I assumed, Cecilia also gave a soothing look.

I guess I was worried about Yuga and Mikana.

I was running for Yuga too, so I was glad it turned out good.

Raven, who's not here, should be blessing you if you listen to the two of us.

Well, the rest is Yuga and Mikana's problem and you want to walk away...

"Marry me."

Shit, and I heard screams from the girls.

"Cecilia... Yuga's gone over the process"

"Marriage, it is not uncommon to take the form of However, if it's between the brave and Mikana, I think it would be better if we got closer together."

"Well, he said he didn't speak so wrong as to say,"

But this is where Yuga's turn began.

Because Mikana hasn't responded yet, or Yuga attacked him with cancer.

"I've settled with the girls who were so fond of me."

The female students bothered.

"I asked the King about the diplomatic problems that arise in our marriage."

The female students bothered further.

"I've bowed my head to Mikana's parents, too."

The female students bothered again.

"Not yet if you want to decide with a ceremony or Mikana... this"

What Yuga put out of his nostalgia was a small box.

If I didn't think so... if I opened it, the ring would fit.

What Yuga said goes hand in hand, and me and Cecilia are stubborn.

Now I know why I haven't moved on to action in half a month.

Yuga was... burying the outer moat, perfectly.

"Of course, I mean maybe not yet... all I have to do is respond to Mikana"

Maybe, he said he was stuck within the bounds of being Yuga and taking it back.

... Let's hear Cecilia's opinion.

"Cecilia...... what do you think"

"When it comes to going that far... among the brave"

"I guess you're thinking you can go back critical. As a matter of fact, what happens if Mikana refuses?"

I also feel like that king would forgive me.

"... You had a lot of daughters who admired the brave, so you're afraid of retaliation. Now, I'm sure it'll be a rumor."

"What's up, this?"

It depends on Mikana's reply, but the person remains annoyed.

I don't see the look on your face, you're just saying something about bumps.

Yuga is waiting quietly for a response, but there are limits to waiting.