Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

of a brave man and a girl wizard. I asked...

"… let's move the place"

A fine voice was emitted from Mikana.

The volume is audible to female students who were in the front.

I have enhanced hearing, so I can hear you all the time.

Micah's mood is that she doesn't want to be asked about such an important decision in front of a large crowd?

"Okay, let's go!

"Huh... hey"

Yuga unleashes the power of the Holy Sword when she holds up Mikana.

Seeing the two surfacing in divine light, the tension of the female students jumped to the highest value.

Mikana doesn't know Yuga's holy sword awakening, so she's confused about what's going on.

But Yuga took Mikana, who had not waited and had not been able to organize the situation, and flew away for an unpopular place.

"Hmm, should I leave this place alone? Sounds like an area you shouldn't step into any more."

"Now as I was flying, it was like I had eyes with Mikana"

He said he saw us.

"Yes.... no matter what the outcome, you will be asked to explain later"

Later, it is certain that we will meet and be questioned about something.

... softly, let's get close enough to get out of the way for the two of us.

The girls are running in the direction Yuga and Mikana flew.

... because that light stands out, how can we be alone?

I think we'd better work together and be alone soon.

I'll talk to Cecilia and run the carriage.

The goal, of course, is Yuga and Mikana.

You won't lose sight of it, if you look up at the sky, there's a light wrapped yuga.

Then you can't sprinkle the female students you chase.

The battle begins when Yuga enters the woods.

The light keeps falling, I guess you're willing to run down to the ground and look for a place where you can be alone.

Anticipating the timing, I asked Yuga to come over and jumped into the carriage without hesitation.

They tried to shelter me, Mikana, who gets crushed by Yuga's back.


That's a good heart, but why should I be the cushion instead?

"Mikana, no injuries!?"

"First, get out of my way!

It would be good to love it later.

Cecilia pulled Micana's hand, Yuga got up, and I was released.

"You'll be fine here."

"We're... you're leaving the room"

I jumped off the carriage with Cecilia.

Lose to Yuga and hold the princess.

Run down to the ground... slowing down a bit.

I'm fine because I'm talking to you, and I know where you're going.

... Cecilia says to put it down, but let's keep going.


"Watch out for branches and trees, Mr. Yowki..."

"Leave it to me..."

"It smells dangerous."

It's an unfamiliar forest I've never been through, so I can't take a closer look.

I'm not even willing to let Cecilia get hurt.

They were just staring as they slowly approached the carriage.

Looks like we got off the carriage, maybe we'll hear back from the proposal in the narrow carriage, naturally.

"Not me..."

Yuga took full advantage of the handsome voice and smashed a dialogue that could spit blood.

It's flat... that's brave.

"Maybe... did you really hate me?"

Yuga's further pursuit, he's not going for it, so you're asking in vegetables, amazing.

I think I got a glimpse of Yuga's brave.

"It's not like that, it's not like I hate you...... uh, already!

I shake my arms up loud to see if Mikana has elevated her emotions.

The usual pattern between the two of you, you get beaten up and you fly.

But Yuga was not in any hurry and closed her eyes quietly, seemingly willing to be beaten.

Mikana's intense fist... never hit Yuga, her arms gently lowered as she let her hands hang out.

"... Ha, not at all anymore"

"Mi, mikana?"

"I was going to get mad... I don't know why I'm mad at myself anymore"


"Because it's not. I've liked this one since I was a little girl, and they didn't notice.... knowing you liked your daughter, not yourself... and still like her. I've made a proposal six months after such an opponent refused.... and bury the outer moat."

"... Mikana, are you mad after all?"

"So I said I wasn't angry!... It's really good to hear from noble ladies and princesses, right?"

"Mikana is good. It has to be Mikana."

"What is Atashi to you..."

Mikana is thinking about keeping her head down.

I think Yuga has talked about why Mikana is good, but when I hear it again from Yuga's mouth.

"My precious childhood friend."

"... you did"

"But as far as I'm concerned, I want you to be my wife."

Yuga took the ring out of his nose just because he was here.

You didn't do it for him, really.

Cecilia keeps her mouth shut and looks at the two of them like they're blushing and eating in.

You care, I know how Cecilia feels, too.

Word choices and timing are so perfect that I don't think it's Yuga.

Mikana chewed off her soft-facing lower lip without saying anything... and shook her head slightly and vertically.

I did it unintentionally - and I raised my hands and almost rejoiced, but I can remember all the time that I was hiding.


"Well, I can't say no if they're ready that far, and the ring isn't the one that seems to like Atashi. There are parts of the ceremony that you cared about... because Atashi likes yuga"

Suddenly Mikana rapped, exposing herself to her true intentions with excuses.

He's turning his face bright red, he seems to be talking without knowing what he's talking about.

When you calm down, you'll make your face even more red.

There's no way Yuga would shut up after seeing Mikana that doesn't show much.

Open your hands and hug...... yeah?

"Cecilia, those two......"

"Let's go, Mr. Yowki. From here on out is something we shouldn't see."

Cecilia pulled my hand, and it is there and leaving this place.

Well, you can't watch.

Gently look back before you walk away.

Don't let him get away with it, or hold Mikana's face down with both hands... Yuga kissed him.

The two of them are still in the middle of it... and I'm going forward.

I guess it's impeccable to have me and Cecilia in the two worlds.

I just can't help but hear a shout from behind.

"Mikana, let's go see the ceremony and the dress!

"Atashi, I still have a job as a lecturer tomorrow..."

"Well, I'll help, too."

"It's forbidden for men, idiot!

"Well... I'll take you to the inn."

"No, because it stands out...... hey, Yuga!

Divine light passes over me and Cecilia's head as they create a trajectory.

Micana's struggles are going to continue.

"You look happy. Is that okay?"

"I just wanted to say that there is a big... Right"

Me and Cecilia laugh face-to-face.

What would I say if Micana and Yuga were here?

Of course Yuga is going to say, but Mikana...

"Dai Ariya!!

I heard Mikana's anger.

You said something Yuga... occasionally synchronized with what we're thinking.

"It's going to be tough, and so is Mikana."

"Seems so"

Me and Cecilia laughed again.