A month after Yuga's proposal to Mikana, it was awesome, it was already, awesome.

Minerva is all about the two of us.

The woman Yuga was favoring to draw Mikana's heart, she held that shaking them all was an admiration among women.

The shaken woman will not be a hoarding one.

There are also black rumors going around about Mikana.

Until now, it was mild, but behind it, I sold the charm to the brave.

He held the weakness of a brave man, and instructed him to propose to keep the brave man to himself, etc.

Yuga was furious at this rumor, and had he sidelined to see what he would do, he would have extended his love for Mikana in the heart of Minerva.

I thought it would be counterproductive, but Yuga talks about what she overlooked at the same time.

Caius... I also brought up the Cupid thing about Brying's love... and about me.

He didn't give me his name, but he said I didn't realize how I really felt without his help.

Coincidentally, I was listening to Yuga's speech on the spot, and I can't block my open mouth.

I was an irreplaceable friend in Yuga.

Ultimately Raven flew in and converged... but that's brave, doing things differently.

Confirming that there was another increase in Yuga legends, I headed to the Alliance.

When I go to Clayman to apply for an order for a request, rarely is someone sitting at Clayman's counter, plus the two of them.

I was surprised that an adventurer other than me was getting a reception from Clayman.

The general adventurer goes to the beautiful official, Mr. Sierra.

I can't believe I'm at Clayman's counter... but I'm not an adventurer, I have a child sitting there.

"Clayman has a child guest... let me let Sophia know. Maybe he's trying to give you a penny to help you with your job"

"What are you going to tell me? It would be misleading."

Clayman stopped me, though I wasn't really going to go report it.

But what the hell are these two kids... clayman, a request for nomination or something?

"Hello, my father and mother are taking care of you"


One of the children sitting in the chair turned to me and greeted me with a beautiful bow.

The bow is beautiful for a child... because he called me Father about Clayman.

"I'm Quinn. Best regards,"

Quinn, a boy like Sophia.

So, so is the kid next door?

But Quinn has been saying hello... the other kid is stuck on the counter.

Are you asleep, Quinn is waking you up by rubbing your back.

Eventually, he wakes up in a relaxed motion and turns his sleepy expression to this one.

You look like a clayman, because you're awake, or you look like an unmotivated bastard with eyes.

And Cat Ear Katyusha, who can't hide her presence.

That's the one I planted in Clayman's shopping bag for a joke.

I'm so sorry I froze my family.

Sometimes that time of year, it was full cook two, and I did a lot of things.

I heard you liked it, but you're really wearing it.

"I'm Fiora. It's my hobby to get sloppy with my father."

"I'm not calling that a hobby. Fiora should be firmer."

"Quinn's got a good head, so I can relax and get sloppy."

"I'm me, Fiora is Fiora. Because I'm solid, there's no such thing as Fiora being sloppy."

"I can't hear you."

It's a childish argument...... did you break up with the two of us and resemble each other?

Clayman has no sign of stopping even though his own son, daughter, is upset.

Looks like he's doing his job, sorting through the paperwork.

"Quinn, Fiora. This isn't a playground. I appreciate you coming to deliver my lunch, but go home when you're done with your errands. I'm a deputy guild master, too."

"... Phew."

I laughed small as I leaned my neck.

Because for Clayman, it's rare to have a full sense of being able to work.

Besides, he also said that if you were sitting at the counter, you wouldn't have a problem with the two of them.

Mr. Sierra answered my small question with a punch in the ear.

"It's strange, isn't it, about the Deputy Alliance Master"

"Ah, yes. Something feels like I want you home soon. If it was me, I'd sit down and say it's easy for other guests not to come."

"He said he had previously questioned that the deputy guild master was taking a lot of breaks when Quinn came to the guild and told his wife. And then... I'll leave it to you to imagine"

"You know what?"

At that time, I can easily imagine how much I was scolded by Mr. Sophia.

Is it because I can't get distracted if I'm in front of Quinn?

With a bitter smile, I turn to Clayman, who quickly clears the paperwork.

The guild folks would be very helpful if they usually worked that fast.

"Quinn, Fiora, you got a throat. I'll give you a drink now."

"I'll have it."


"Oh, hey, Sierra..."

Since Clayman will work well, I suppose you'd like Quinn and the others to stay if you tried from Sierra.

Operation to give him a drink and extend his time, the Alliance officials are praised for doing well to Sierra.

Unfortunately, Clayman, they don't have any allies.

"Shit...... hey yowki. You're free today, you're free, you're free."

"No, take the request today"

"Then it's a request from me. I need you to train these guys."

He leans out of the counter, grabs my son, my daughter's head disappointingly, and forcefully meets me in the eye.

Oh, come on, you can't do it again for long.

"Dad, anything is too abrupt. Mr. Yowki's in trouble, too."

Quinn hits Clayman with the best opinion.

"It's good to go home"

Fiora doesn't seem to be on board either, now Clayman has to give up too.

"Quinn, this guy is a B-rank adventurer. Good enough for me to admit it. You're right what I say. There's no harm in having them work together."

Quinn's gaze, who moved one eyebrow, pierces me.

Come on, is Quinn the type of child who likes to fight?

The interest is for this one, because you also said the Clayman one is purposefully acknowledging his strength, which is superfluous.


"Nah, Dad."

Fiora feels like she saw it and doesn't seem interested in fighting or anything.

Unfortunately, I don't have the charm to catch her.

"If we get to this guy, we can have good tea and sweets"

"Bye, I'll go."

"Clayman, come on!

This guy even got into the calculations about Cecilia.

"Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Yowki"



I can't even treat a riding child in an evil way.

I had no choice, I didn't plan to, but do you want to go to Cecilia's?

"Well, then, I ordered Quinn and Fiora."

"Yes, sir. … you'll get paid exactly."