"Oh, Cecilia, I wonder if you're okay today"

Wouldn't it be annoying to push him over all of a sudden...... take two children with you.

Quinn and Fiora don't seem like a tough kid.

I guess Mr. Sophia is well educated around there.

"Mr. Yowki, I look forward to working with you"

"Oh, I'll go with you to the point where you won't get hurt."

Quinn is nagging because he wants me to work out.

I thought it was calm and faceless a lot, but I was relieved that it responded to me the year after year.

"Nemu Nemu"

It's Fiora, but the look on her face is enough to think she's asleep even though she's walking.

The mouth is unconstructively open and the eyes just seem to be closed.

But he's getting to me and Quinn right, and if you talk to him, he'll get back to you, what do you mean?

"Never mind Fiora"

"I don't care if you say so."

"Because my mother is now making a trial and error in trying to fix this habit"

"Well, Mr. Sophia would do something about it."

Sophia, who educates not only maids, but also soldiers of the mansion, would have just educated the children.

"Mr. Yowki knows his mother, doesn't he? Fiora loved to play with her father, and she said that she was a lifetime of unconsciousness that even though she was careful, she was in her current situation."

"... well, I suppose it's okay to let you go free inside the child"

A lifetime of unconsciousness is... too much, Mr. Sophia.

Quinn and Fiora still have potential for the future.

Both of us, the years don't seem the same as Seek.

... I feel Seek is letting him go too free.

But Cecilia said before that the training is decent, and I'm familiar with drugs.

If you're reading a herbal book and you understand it, you must be smart too.

Looks like Teal's Guy is proud of something to hang out with, and he's kind.

Yeah...... but Seek is still a child.

It was us who made it to Cecilia's mansion while we talked to Quinn, but of course the first gate was...

"Dear Youki, I was wondering if you were planning on seeing your daughter today. And why is my son and daughter together?"

"It's a request from your husband."

"Really?... a little, I have an errand to do, please excuse me. The lady is in her own room... just around the time Happiness is out cleaning the garden, I'd like some guidance"

"Um... errands"

"A little to town at the end of the lunch break. I'll be right back."

I thought it would be better not to ask any more, so I shut up and dropped Mr. Sophia off.

Quinn and Fiora are both very important things.

Mr. Sophia wasn't too flustered by either.

"I'm glad my father and mother are close... but sometimes I want them to be as good as they are"

"... Quinn, that's tough, you too"

I had a feeling I was going to be a hard worker in the future, and it was me who accidentally slapped him on the shoulder.

Not so much, Mr. Sophia walked out of the mansion at a windy speed.

At the same time came the maid Happiness.

"... children of maid length"

"Ooh, Happiness. The boy's Quinn, the girl's Fiora."

It takes a little getting used to talking to Happiness, so I finished introducing the two of you.

If we talk while walking, we can get used to it... Is there anything?

"Nice to meet you, Quinn."

"It's Fiora... Gu Gu"

"...... Ro"

Three light greetings end and we get behind Happiness.

The aim was Cecilia's room...... it was supposed to be.

"Why, garden?"

"... Xu"

Apparently, he forgot to clean up the rice cake he used to clean it.

You mean you came to clean up because you didn't think it was a good idea to leave it?

Happiness ran to the storeroom early enough with a tweezer.

"Mr. Happiness, you have a strange appeal."

Looking behind Happiness, Pompous and Quinn muttered.

Still, you feel that way even though it hasn't been a few minutes since I met you?

... you mean the atmosphere and the way you talk, it just makes me a little nervous.

For once, when I looked Quinn in the eye chasing Happiness, there was no suspicion.

I wonder what...... the boy who admires his neighbor's sister, I guess.

Maybe there's a hot phase coming to Happiness, and I've heard that falling in love makes you beautiful.

Raven, it's dangerous, no, in case it can't be.

In the meantime, let's break the flag early that seems to stand on Quinn, pathetic though.

"Quinn, Happiness. Enough power to blow adult men like me away easily... ghhhh!?"

There's a blow in the flank, Happiness must have gone off the hook, who?

"Captain, there's a gap."

He looked at me with a look like Seek did or something.

I'm telling you, who's Quinn?

Fiora's not interested, she's lacking, you're my paced daughter.

But being hit doesn't suit your sexuality.

Cecilia said you were working out recently, let's see how far you got.

I paid my arm with my flank and got beaten up by Seek.

"Wah. The captain got angry."

"I'm not mad at you. I've been meaning to hang out with you for a while. Customers are with us today, so it's a spare time course."

Begin the group of hands at a rate that you couldn't react too fast if you were a previous Seek.

I can't even afford it, but it's following me, you're getting stronger.

From there, I gradually increased my speed and stopped raising it where it seemed like a level.

Well, I wonder how far we can keep the speed of the limit.

"Look, ha, take. Come on, you're a kid who can. More, more."


Seek's breath is rising, that sounds like a limit.

Put on a foot payment, lift one leg of the disfigured Seek and finish.

"Get off me!"

"I see you've practiced a lot. Good luck with that. I'll buy you something next time."

"Really! Captain, chubby ~"

Lower your mood for rewards.

Quinn and Fiora seemed to be watching our handsets.

There, I think I had a good feeling about the handset, but I wonder how you felt about it.

"Mr. Yowki, who the hell is he? At first I had a relaxed impression similar to Fiora.... Surprised. I can't believe I can move this far in my age. No, I shouldn't have lost either."

Quinn watches as he eats Seek in.

He said he made more arrangements with Seek than I did.

Fiora was watching the pair of hands, but, after all, she doesn't have that much interest.

I sat in a chair installed in the garden and stuck it at the table.

Captain, who are these kids?

"Oh, it's Mr. Sophia's kid, the made-up of the mansion."


Listen, Seek, I don't seem very interested in responding.

You, I know it's a habit, but that attitude is rude to the first person you meet.

Quinn doesn't look very funny, either, but there's Mr. Sophia's son.

I immediately cut back and started introducing myself.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Quinn. Seek, was it? I had a great time with Mr. Yowki earlier. So, please, can you and I have a fight?"

I knew it, it would.

Seek asked me to work with him said......

"It's good."

I accepted it lightly.

Seek may also have been indigested just by the way he paired up earlier.

Moving to such a wide place as could be rampaged, the two jumped lightly or turned their arms before starting the conversation with their fists.

"... what is it?"

Happiness came back, who had gone for a while.

Well, you will.

If I keep my eyes open for a moment, the battle is breaking out for some reason, so I can't read the situation.

"Quinn told me you wanted to work with Seek. Seek also accepted at his usual rate. So, that's what's going on."

"… Understanding"

"Seek is much stronger, too. I worked with him, but he's not what he used to be. You've got a lot of practice at the mansion."

"... me, occasionally, going out"

Happiness also seems to be playing Seek's opponent.

It's not a maid's job, but Happiness is like Seek's sister.

I guess I'm hanging out to the extent that I don't interfere with my job.

"... injured, torn"

"That's Raven...... so"

"... instead of me, I'm going out with you, next time"

Good for you, Seek, I hear the Knights Commander will be working out straight away.

Let me tell you something from Raven, he wants to be very strong, so I'm gonna ask him for a Spartan course.

"Hey, what are you doing!

"Ah, Cecilia"

Did it happen or did someone report it?

Cecilia with a troubled face came running.