"If you think the garden is noisy... what are you doing"

"Uh, there's a lot going on and I'm interrupting. I was actually supposed to go in a straight line to Cecilia's room, but for some reason I was in a situation like this..."

Seek and Quinn are still working together, and Fiora is taking a nap.

Happiness is going to pick up the bamboo that he should have put back in and started cleaning it, it's the dust and dust I'm dancing because of my teammates, sorry for the extra work.

And I'm sorry I pushed you so suddenly.

"In the first place, the kid who's working with Seek... and sleeping on the bench. Mr. Youki, both children are unfamiliar with each other, but what is the relationship?"

"No, the..."

Nothing nasty, neither does Cecilia seriously doubt it.

I wish I could say Clayman and Mr. Sophia's children, but why have I created a certain atmosphere?

Cecilia's eyes don't make me look suspicious......

"... that's as far as the jokes go. It must be the children of Mr. Sophia and Mr. Clayman. It's similar, so I see."

"Oh, good. Yeah, yeah, right, right. Clayman pushed me into something, or something."

"Did you inform Mr. Sophia?"

"... headed toward town like the wind"

We're on our way with a lunch break, so we'll be back in time.

By now, I don't know what kind of eye Clayman fits.

Seems like Cecilia thinks the same thing, the beginning and end of both of us worrying about the couple.

I don't know if it's okay to keep pace because there's love.

"Mm, smells good..."

Fiora is the one who's sleeping while hitting the turnaround.

Did you smell tea from Cecilia... Fiora was invited to tea and sweets.

As it is, I asked Cecilia for some tea and tea treats, as it is pathetic to come to the mansion but just end up sleeping.

I have a sense that you are making a very pleasant request to come on your own.

So I bowed my head deeply.

Cecilia serves tea and tea treats with a familiar hand that she doesn't mind at all.

Not many of them are used to it, and one of the factors I can give you is that they prepared it for me every time I came.

Originally, Cecilia could do anything Saint...... because she's a woman, I almost made a mistake, even though she didn't speak up.

Now, the table will have teapots in cups and cookies in cakes.

When I was ready, I could see Fiora sleeping with a sore nose moving.

The reaction to the scent is sharp, is it deliberate that it still doesn't happen?

When Cecilia said she was ready, she got up in a quick move.

It's not how fast you wake up, you were asking when you were going to wake up.

"You can eat it."

When Cecilia smiled at the goddess and invited her to the table she had prepared, Fiora sat in her chair with her eyes shining.

I thought you'd stay disappointed and say thank you to Cecilia and start eating.

... Is it because Sophia is the one educating you, or is she being tapped into manners?

But isn't it a violation of manners to come to someone else's house and sleep fast?

"I won't forget to thank you when it comes to food. Don't forget to thank me when it comes to food…"

"Fiora, you're great. Is it Sophia's teachings?"

"I think so. However, I think it seems to be very solid about other things."

"I'll never forget sloppiness"

"Damn, your father's influence is on you. Quinn said Sophia was struggling."

"I'm concerned about the kachusha I'm wearing to my head. Why did you get Cat Ear Katyusha?"


Cecilia stares at Cat Ear Katyusha with interest.

It all started with me joking around and putting it in Clayman's bag.

Where Clayman originally went to buy Mr. Sophia a a present, my whispering behavior, which raised tension, made the family place weird.

Mr. Sophia laughs bitterly, Quinn has cold eyes, and Fiora likes it, so... I'm wearing it.

I know what's going on, and I'm picking the chicks and treats, looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

"Fiora, is this Kathusha your favorite?"

"This is what my father bought me. I actually bought it for my mother, but she can't wear it. That's why I wear it."

"K, Mr. Clayman told Mr. Sophia, is that right?... Really?"

I wonder what Cecilia thinks when she sees Pippy and Moving Cat Ear Katyusha.

Sorry Clayman, it could be worse than every maid clothes lover case.

If you don't get the wrong idea straight, the next time you face to face, it's gonna be hard air, this.

"It was delicious"

"... eh, ah, yes!

"Nemu Nemu"

When I finished thanking Cecilia, Fiora fell asleep again.

He's a kid who likes to sleep... not.

"Cecilia, I'm talking about Cat Ear Katyusha."

"Mr. Yowki, I was wondering how close we are to Mr. Clayman's hobby. Um... there's a reason. That's what happened when I was a maid of honor, and I'm sure!

Cecilia's smile is a little dark, you wouldn't believe it.

I feel like I'm trying to force myself to believe it.

Regardless of the made-up clothes, what reason would Cecilia be convinced if she wanted me to wear cat ear kachusha?

"If I told you to wear this, why would you wear it?"

Ask Fiora, who sleeps easily, pointing to her cat ear Katyusha.

I don't mean you want me to wear it or anything, I just want to know if you'll wear it if there's a reason.

It's pure curiosity, I'm not really thinking about getting it on.

Cecilia is cute enough as it is.

If I could put it in my mouth, I could totally graduate from heckling... well, Cecilia's been glittering with Cat Ear Katyusha while I'm thinking about it.

I guess I don't know what to answer, not like I'm interested or something.

I told you, guilt, I just became a lover, but I made a statement in good shape,

But it's the kind goddess Cecilia who says exactly what she thinks, even if she's confused.

"Right. It's difficult even when we're alone...... I'm sorry."

He didn't look me in the eye and said no softly in a fine voice as he missed his gaze.

If it's just the two of us, can we ask for something acceptable?

If I think about this, they're going to say perverts or something sooner or later.

I need to have a healthy relationship with Cecilia.

"Oh, haha... just kidding. You don't have to be like that. You don't have to wear cat ears or anything, Cecilia, it's cute enough."

I meant it, that's all.

Both the person who said it and the person who said it rounded his eyes, opened his mouth and stunned...

I don't know because of the distance between my friend and my lover, could I have spoken words like this naturally when I liked them?

Am I just in good shape... it was Cecilia who moved first.

"Suddenly, I was surprised because they said it without any foreshadowing... Here's the thing, you're embarrassed. But I'm glad."

"I just put what I usually think... in my mouth."

The embarrassment sucks, you're definitely red on my face right now.

Also, you two get silent...... what do I do?

"Uh... Shall I call the Seeks? Because of this, Cecilia prepared tea and sweets. Tea's gonna be cold."

"Ah, yes. Right."

"Hey! Both of you..."

I stood up and Cecilia grabbed me by the arm in an attempt to go get the Seekers, who were a little further away.

"Um, Mr. Yowki. Are you free in a week? If so, why don't you go out? Instead of shopping around town, look forward to the nearby mountain nature. I'll make lunch."

"I'm free, I'm free, let's go! I'm in a little bit of a traveling mood."

I'm looking forward to a picnic with you two in the mountains.

Unlike tea time at the mansion or shopping in town, it wouldn't be a sleepover, but the imagination swells.

In the fresh air, lunch boxes that you and I would eat would be very tasty.

"Uh, Captain, we're running out. Shirui."

I was just wondering if it was starting to feel good and the two of them were coming over here playing hand in hand.

Seek asked me, this is very bad.

"No, what are you running through? I was just planning on going out with Cecilia."


"Don't waste it with your curly tongue. Who taught me to curl my tongue?"

I really want to know who is teaching Seek weird knowledge and moves.

You don't do curly tongues or maids... you don't, do you?

Mr. Sophia is the maid long servant of the Aqualein family...... all I can think of is the maid who finished cleaning and disappeared at some point.

or blindly stare as either a maid piercing love.

I can't say for sure because it's speculation, maybe Seek is just out of town and learning.

"I'm going too - Captain, you haven't played lately. Sister Happiness is going away for the holidays, and Teal hasn't changed her face."


It's a fact that I didn't get to do it Seek, I couldn't afford it myself.

I think Happiness also feels like he's flirting with Raven.

Teal... it's Teal, as usual.

How dare you stand in front of me with a swollen cheek.

This guy's like a family to me, too.

When I looked at Cecilia, she shook her neck vertically with a dust.

I gently stroke it on Seek's head and crouch so that my eyes fit.

"Okay, Seek. You're in. You love to move around, but don't get lost. And it's forbidden to make too much noise."

"Yay - it's a trip. I can play with the captain."

"Don't play with me. If you want to play with me, fine."

"Let's get ready."

Kumbun and Seek are shaking Quinn's hand.

"What, this? Mr. Yowki, he seems to be making some mistakes."

"Ah, oh. Seek, Quinn's not coming with you."

"Eh, let's go. It's fun to have a lot of people."

For Seek, we were just friends, and Teal was the only one nearing his age.

He seemed like a fun pair of hands, and he wanted to go with me.

All this will require the acceptance of the person's will and parents, that is, Sophia and Clayman.

"Quinn, here's what Seek says, and if you don't mind, why don't you go? I don't mind if you say no if you have plans. I just met him today, and I'm sorry."

"I'm good. It's a good opportunity to get Fiora out of here, which doesn't usually work. I'm asleep without hearing this conversation, so I'll tell my father and mother."

A picnic thus determined by a ton of clapping.

I haven't heard any plans, but is it okay?

Well, I'm more worried about the tense Seek doing the backwards and backwards on track than that.

Don't get hurt that day... I don't know.

And I don't even know what happened to Clayman who made me a favor.