Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went out with my girlfriend and the kids.

It's a picnic day with Cecilia and the Seeks.

The weather is clear, it doesn't look like it's going to rain, but let's take an umbrella for once.

Cecilia arranged a carriage for us in front of the town gate.

When you get near the mountain, they climb the mountain on foot and have a scenic spot, so go for it.

I plan on coming home for lunch while I enjoy the view.

Cecilia will make lunches for me too, but how about not relying on anything from what...

Thought I'd carry a slightly larger backpack with drinkable water, sheets, handkerchiefs, towels, special muscle pastry treats, and more.

We're ready, so we headed to the rendezvous point.

There was no one at the rendezvous point to wait for me too soon.

Lean back against the gate wall and wait for Cecilia and the others.

A familiar carriage entered my sight as I blurred at the passers-by passing in front of the gate.

The carriage stops in front of me and Cecilia comes down from inside.

You can't help but smile naturally...... ran over without deception.

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. You were already here, weren't you? Excuse me, have you waited?"

"No, I just came. Perfect assembly time."

"Really? Well, let's go.... I've been making lunches, so stay tuned."

I tried to get in the carriage, and Cecilia told me with a grin, and I'm thrilled.

Oh, I wish I was a lover.

"Ah, captain."

"Good morning. Thank you for your day."

Quinn sits in a chair and reads quietly with a tense seek when riding a carriage.

And there was Fiora sleeping as she sat down.

Yeah, we're not alone, we're with the kids.

"... Regards"

Safely the carriage set off for its destination with all the members of the picnic.

"But Fiora sleeps a lot. Has it always been like this at home?"

Ask Quinn about Fiora sleeping comfortably with her cat ears on her ass.

"Yes, I often sleep at home."

Although the carriage owned by the Aqualein family, it also shakes somewhat, but it doesn't seem to be an obstacle to sleep.

This girl, she could be more powerful than Clayman, in many ways.

"I'd be willing to if I could get obsessed.... Oh, and you'll wake up when you feel signs of my mother coming home"

"What, the sharpness of that wild feeling? What about Clayman, by the way?"

"Keep going, keep going to sleep"

Isn't she being tasted by her daughter, Clayman?

Cecilia also has a subtle expression listening to the conversation next door.

Doesn't the majesty and doings of my father in the family exist?

"But Fiora wakes up when my father returns and starts to slow down. And I'm going to have to play with it."

"Clayman, you're loved."

Imagine Clayman being invited to play by Fiora where she fell asleep on the couch, what a smile.

The sight of a common household temp comes to my attention.

"I also see occasions where we are letting Ceremony God deal with us."

"What's he doing?"

If I suck, I give up parenting...... no, is it a way to take a skinship with a Clayman style child?

"Fiora still seems good. And it's not like my father doesn't mind at all. However, sometimes my mother intervenes there. If I didn't come by when I called for dinner, the first round would start... because sometimes me and Fiora would start eating first while my father and mother were interacting."

"... Quinn's in trouble too"

You could learn that people's family situations are complicated.

... so it's creepy to be quiet when Seek does it, even though I remember making a lot of noise in the carriage before.

"Cecilia, what happened to Seek? Are you asleep or sick?"

"Looks like Teal came yesterday where I was conditioning my medication and I'm late for work and I'm late for bed"


How long have you been listening to me, you're totally asleep because I'm synchronized to the wagon shake and my neck is shaking.

Guy also works as an adventurer and lives on his own renting accommodation, so I don't hesitate to snuggle around.

I don't think he was reluctant when he lived in my room either... well, it totally distracts him.

Because Seek has been Teal's attending physician and talker for a long time.

When I wake up, I'll even call you in words of labor, no, I'll buy you something next time.

Brother, I'm excited -... no, I'm not a character.

I'm the one throwing it all round Duke...... you suck.

Well, it would be nice to invite Duke and Happiness in like a surprise, or we could get together for a while.

"Mr. Yowki. You look like you're having some fun."

"Yeah, yeah, I was just thinking. I guess it's because I think I can relax today. There's room in my heart."

"I've been out lately for some purpose, so I thought it was a request or an intermediary. As Yoki said this time, I think I can relax... I'm groaning, too?"

Cecilia smiling and looking at the window view, I think the wind makes my hair feel numb and beautiful.

Even for me, I looked forward to today, so I feel the same.

If it weren't for the Seeks, they could have gone handshaking or something.

I arrived at my destination as I was feeling slightly more agitated, but watching the scenery, hearing from Quinn about his stupidity in the home, and talking to Cecilia.

Leave the carriage at the resting place at the foot of the mountain, where your mistress will leave a message.

Now, the mountain climb begins as we are ready...

"In the end, the Seek one doesn't wake up!

Even if I shake it, I just repeat five more minutes and there's no sign of it actually happening.

And Suzuke isn't just Seek.

"Fiora, wake up."


"It's not like a ghoul. Look, stand up, I'll walk."

Fiora is also in a blast sleep, and what am I going to do, this situation.

It's a day trip, so when time presses, you'll have less time to enjoy the mountain view for that matter.

It's not a good idea to spoil it... but I can't help it.

"I'll carry it."

Lift the seek in such a way that it bears the rice mound.

That would be a nice idea to be able to take on the two of us and go up the mountain.

"Mr. Yowki, if you do, you'll be mistaken for kidnapping. … suspicious."

"Seriously, do you want me to hug you? Pretty tough posture...... no, I can't because I have a backpack. We'll just have to go with the kidnapping style. Either that or I'll do something to wake you up. Seek can do whatever it takes to wake you up."

"Please stop. What are you going to do to Seek!?"

I was impotent when I wasn't listening well at Demon King Castle, but not only me, but Duke.

Even though I said it was impotent, half the Seek ones were happy with it.

"This time it's the intermediate magic of the wind, the intermediate magic of the Tornado and the water, Aqua Pressure to generate a tornado of water and wash your body until the Seek occurs."


When I did this back in the day, Seek was happy, but I imagined something like an attraction and used magic too.

If Happiness had joined us and played, it would be a nostalgic memory that the interior of the room was flooded and we got a sermon from Duke amicably.

"... oh, too! Fiora, at least use your power."

"Munyamunya...... sounds"

It's a familiar piece of paper that Fiora took out of her clothes pocket.

It's the ceremonial god Clayman uses.

I was thrown away in a sleepy mood. That raises the sound and smoke of a bohun.

There was a stone martial bone golem.

I don't have a face, it's a simple golem... but I have cat ears.

It hardened me and Cecilia because I didn't know what it meant.